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Underground New York


A Ticket Home 1982, color, 11’ I’d Rather Be In Paris 1982, color/b&w, 17’ Honeymoon In Reno 1984, color, 8’ Continuum 1987, b&w, Silent 15’ Deconstruction Sight 1990, b&w, 12’ Premonition 1995, b&w, 10’ Line Of Fire 1997, b&w, 8’ In The Course Of Human Events 1997, b&w, 23’ The Soul Of Things 2010, silent, b&w, 15’

“It was amazing to me how little evidence there was in the film of the Time in which it was made, or even the location. I found myself tending to forget that these were City-chores, that this was rooftop work, so forth: just the labor, the continuity of labor, timeless, and ongoing, withOUT inexorable. Bravo.” Stan Brakhage

« J’étais stupéfait par le peu d’indications que donnait le film quant au moment, et même quant au lieu de sa création. J’oubliais presque que c’étaient des choeurs urbains, des travaux sur les toits, etc. : juste le travail, la continuité du travail, intemporel, incessant, inexorable. Bravo. » Stan Brakhage

Underground New York by Gideon Bachmann 16mm, b&w, 1968, 51’ Jonas by Gideon Bachmann 16mm, b&w, 1968, 31’ Walden (excerpt) by Jonas Mekas 16mm, color, 1969, 6’

Filmed for German television ZDF, with Shirley Clarke, Jonas Mekas, Andy Warhol, George Kuchar, Bruce Conner and others, a documentary on engaged cinema.

Tourné pour la télévision allemande ZDF, avec Shirley Clarke, Jonas Mekas, Andy Warhol, George Kuchar, Bruce Conner et d’autres,Underground New York est un documentaire sur le cinéma engagé.

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