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Daniel BURLAN, Emil HUIDU, Ion BACALU, Adrian ŞIŞU cercetări privind posibilitatea exploatării lignitului din Oltenia cu utilaje de tip Continuous Surface Miner Researches Concerning The Possibility of Lignite Exploitation of Oltenia using Continuous Surface Miner Type Equipment This article is an overview of the most important types of machines in class “Continuous Surface Miner” that could be applied to the operation of Oltenia lignite layers.

Ioan GÂF-DEAC, Andreea Ioana MARINESCU, Bogdan Peter TĂNASE Evaluarea cumulativă a impactului de mediu şi expunerea disponibilităţii critice a afectării terenurilor miniere Cumulative Assessment of The environmental Impact and Critical Exposure Availability of The Impacted Mining Lands In case of Oltenia coal basin there was drawn up a generic initial method containing a general contents fpr the critical strict assesment of the impacts on the mining lands further to the development of mining exploitation of the lignite layers in mines, micro-open casts, open casts and large complex mechanized open casts.

Doru CIOCLEA, Constantin LUPU, Ion TOTH, Ion GHERGHE, Cornel BOANTĂ, Nelu MIJA Rezolvarea unei reţele de ventilaţie de mărime medie dotată cu o staţie principală de ventilaţie vod 3.0 Settling The Middle - sized Ventilation Network with a VOD 3.0 Fan Station Worldwide, the mining industry faces an ever increasing demand of raw materials. Nevertheless, the European coal output suffers a diminution. Consequently, the economic independence of the member states of Europe becomes a top priority. So, the sustainable development of the mining industry represents both a milestone and a need. For providing the primary protection of the underground workings, the ventilation systems have to be updated. INSEMEX Petrosani has gained the experience and the means necessary to accomplish this purpose. To this idea, we use the IT and an expert Canadian software for modelling, simulation and construction of complex ventilation networks. The paper describes the means used to update the ventilation network that belongs to Paroseni mine - Jiu Valley

Tiberiu CSASZAR, Sorin BURIAN, Emilian GHICIOI, Lucian MOLDOVAN Cerinţe tehnice şi metrologice actuale privind instalarea şi exploatarea sistemelor de monitorizare continuă, a atmosferei din subteranul minelor grizutoase Current technical and metrology requirements on the installation and operation of continuous monitoring systems of the underground firedamp mines A continuous monitoring system of the firedamp underground mines atmosphere enforces from the technical and metrological point of view certain specific requirements, both in the terms of the hard environmental conditions and those enforced by the European legislation, through the Romanian harmonized standards according European standards.

Lorand TOTH Experimentarea în faza de laborator şi proiectarea unei instalaţii hipobarice de epurare a apelor uzate Experimentation in Laboratory Phasys and The Design of a Waste Water Cleaning Equipment based on Hypobaric Flotation

The explosive increasing of the world population, the high urbanization, as well the development of certain industries that use large amounts of water during the engineering processes have triggered the depletion and the pollution of water resources [5]. With the view to protecting people’s health and the surrounding environment, the discharge of waste/polluted waters into the sewerage system and into the natural flowing waters shall be in accordance with the legislation in force [8,9]. In order to diminish the pollution level of emissaries due to the uncontrolled discharged of waste waters, these polluted waters shall have to be cleaned. There has been developed a pilot installation for hypobaric flotation cleaning. Optimizing the cleaning of waste waters has been performed with the help of a transformation matrix for a three-factor test in a semireplica. Taking into consideration the parameters of the component elements of the pilot installation, there has been designed an industrial installation for the cleaning of waste waters with a supply flow rate of 100 m 3/h with the help of hydrodynamic modeling and similitude criteria. It was possible to settle the aeration device the hydro-aerator and the flotation cell with the fllowing component parts: the adhesion tube, chamber acceleration and the body of the flotation cell.

Ion Iulian HURLOIU Controlul multilateral, instrument de detectare a fraudei fiscale în entităţile economice din industria minieră The Multilateral Control, an Instrument for The Detection of The Fiscal Fraud in The Economic Entities from Mining Industry Multilateral Control (MLC) in the mining industry is the convention whereby Member States agree to conduct a coordinated control over one or more taxpayers (both individuals and corporations), which develop a certain relationship; through that control, states are pursuing a common or complementary interest. MLC includes at least two countries, one of which (one at least) is a Member State. Multilateral control in the mining industry is needed when a national control policy is not enough to get the big picture on the tax liability of a taxpayer, thus the control over the taxpayer’s activity is also required, developed in branches established in other Member States. This is required when there is the suspicion that the taxpayer applies transnational schemes or techniques of tax evasion.

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