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Cuprins SUMMARY Dumitru FODOR Industria minieră şi mediul înconjurător Mining Industry and Environment Romania has its territory for many and varied deposits of useful minerals. This paper presents the main influences of mining activity on environmental factors such as: soil, water, air

Valeriu PLESEA, Gabriel-Dragoş VASILESCU, Marius-Eremia VLAICU POPA Sistem de prognozare a parametrilor de securitate şi evaluarea riscurilor la închiderea minelor System to Forecast The Safety Parameters and to Evaluate The Risks During Mine Closure In accordance with the occupational health and safety standards curently in force, the safety parameters that define the undergound atmosphere (mainly temperature and gases) shall be monitored during the closing of mines, both during the proper closing and the preservation stage, as well during temporary or permanent closing of mine areas damaged during mining period. The solution intends to warn against the hazards of undergrounds fires and gas and powders explosions; it consists in the automatic sampling and processing of information on the evolution of temperature and gases inside goofs and closed underground areas.

Ioan GÂF-DEAC, Cicerone Nicolaie MARINESCU, Bogdan Peter TĂNASE Afectări ale terenurilor sub influenţa scufundărilor discontinue în urma exploatării zăcămintelor de lignit în Oltenia Impacts on The Lands Unter The Discontinuous Sinking of Lignite Deposits of Oltenia The types of discontinous disturbance of the Oltenia mining basin caused by the open cast operations sre generated by the geometrization of the extraction units. The paper deals with the formalization of the model corresponding to the improvment of the anthropic mining landscape incurred by the open cast of lignite in Oltenia coal basin through a system of equations of equal/ unequal type.

Raul Adrian DIOANE, Victor ARAD Posibilităţi de valorificare a gazului metan din Bazinul Petroşani Possibilities for Using The Methane Gas from Petrosani Basin The paper presents solutions for methane gas recovery from the current ventilation systems and methane gas captured by the central degassing stations of Petrosani Basin mining units. Using methane from the ventilation system with flow reversal reactors Vocsidiezer is a viable solution for recovery of methane released from the central fan stations. Cogeneration systems that produce both electricity and heat can be used successfully for the recovery of methane gas produced from central degassing stations.

Maria GÂF-DEAC, Ioan Petre SCUTELNICU Consolidarea potenţialului tehnologic în întreprinderile de resurse minerale în economia competitivă Consolidation of The Technological Flowsheet in Mineral Resource Industry in The Competitive Economy In the mining companies of the market economy, the type structure of the technologies is organzied and managed. At present, this issue constitutes the most refined expression of the technological domination in the general extraction economic and production field. The relation between information ( data) of technological type and the mining managing acts constitute the main support of the productive actions covering all the oeprational, tactic and strategic components of the extractive industry.

Organization of the technological potential has already been assigned to trans-boundary companies. The consolidation of the technological potential is carried out when the basic deve-lopment elements including the final method and configuration of the retechnologization have been defined.

Grigore Iustin POPESCU, Daniel ANTONIE, Petre DIACONESCU Consideraţii privind modernizarea echipamentelor tehnologice la Exploatarea Minieră ROVINARI Considerations for Improving The Technological Equipment at Mining Rovinari Rovinari open cast is mining unit with the largest representation in the country, as for more than 60 years of activity there have beeen mined out there more than 1,200 million m3 tailings with an overburden average of 4,3:1. Mining Rovinari from the S.C. Rovinari E-nergy Complex S.A. principal activity is extracting energy lignite through surface mining. E.M. Rovinari operates in three careers: Rovinari Tismana and Pinoasa and has an area of transport and storage of coal. Operating ranges of the E.M. Rovinari are Garla, Rovinari - East Tismana I, Tismana II and Pinoasa and are located in the northwest of the coalfield Rovinari adjacent to the Rogojelu thermal perimeter. Since May 2006 for extraction of lignite, unit EM Rovinari was certified on the implementation of Quality Management System according to SR EN ISO 9001:2001 by Lloyd’s Register Qua-lity Assurance and recertified in February 2010, according to SR EN ISO 9001:2008.

Ioan I. GÂF-DEAC, Petre SCUTELNICU Problemele de securitate şi mediu pentru asigurarea consumului de energie în noua economie Issues Related to The Security and Environment for Ensuring The Consumption of Energy Within The New Economy It is estimated that within the following decade (2010-2020) it is very possible and highly probably - to occur a new shock of oil. The premises of such an estimation is identified further to the more and more visible since 2007, energetic crisis elements as central part of the overall malfunction is always the oil. According to the opinion of the paper authors çonceptual quietness”of the last four decades of the world economy existence represent an error of strategic approach, and the objective cycle of the quasi-entirety of the economic processes and events being ignored.

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