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Copăescu S., Răducă V., Matei V. Situaţia staţiilor de colectare, tratare şi epurare a apelor de mină construite/retehnologizate prin procesul naţional de reconstrucţie ecologică a siturilor miniere The Situation of Collection, Treatment and Mining Water Damp Stations Built / Reengineered through The National Process of Ecological Reconstruction of Mining System The article presents the stage of mine water epuration plants, resulted from the implementation of the national process of ecological reconstruction of the affected sites (PERAS) due to the reorganization of the Romanian mining sector, under SC CONVERSMIN S.A. administration as a specialized authority in the management of specific activities and issues relating to improving their efficiency.

Semen C. Studiul cauzelor care au determinat apariţia supralărgirilor la executarea aducţiunii principale din cadrul AHE a râului Jiu Study of Causes which led to The Appearance of Overextension at The Execution of Main Aduction from AHE of The Jiu River The objective of this study is to identify end evaluate different causes that leaded to the apparition of superwidening when we finish the subways excavations at Hidro Power to realise our objective we adopted specific ways of resurch like the analysis of geology structure of the area, the blasting patten, the surfaces that have been superdislocked where evaluate with the prelucration of topographic measurament in corelation with the rocks characteristic.

Rebrişoreanu M., Lorinţ Cs. Studiu geotehnic asupra corpului de granitoide dezvoltat ŕn perimetrul Cernădia localitatea Novaci judeţul Gorj Geotechnical Study on The Body of Granitoide Developed in Cernadia Perimeter Novaci Settlement Gorj County Useful rocks have spread widely in Romania. Thus in addition to their use as raw construction, roads and other engineering works, they can be used in other areas, depending on the physical-mechanical characteristics and specific economic criteria

Fodor D., Ivancu I. Dimensionarea fronturilor de lucru şi a producţiilor posibile de obţinut ŕn carierele de lignit din Oltenia Sizing of Working Fronts and a Possible Productions Obtained from The Lignite Pits from Oltenia. To determine production capacity in lignite careers in continuous flow technics, classic and modern methods applies, using informations coming from done evidences at the mining units level.

Balosin N., Magyari A., Jula D. Cercetări privind fiabilitatea transmisiei autovehicolelor grele utilizate în carierele de calcar din România Research on Transmission Reliability of Heavy Vehicles used in The Limestone Pits of Romania Considering the complexity and the length of the transportation tracks in the lime and trimmed stone mines, and also the advantages that it holds, auto vehicle transportation is predominant over other forms of transportation.

Toth. Sz. K. Model privind tipurile de solicitări asupra rocilor Model of The types of Requests on Rocks This paper deals with the deformability of bodies triggered by forces of by force systems (strains). The strain parameters include: tension (unitary effort), deformation and deformation velocity. The mathematical model on deformability has been included in a certain coordinate system.

Lupescu M. Transportul aerian şi manipularea bunurilor periculoase Air Transport and Handling of Dangerous Goods Packaging is an essential component in the safe transportation of dangerous goods by air. IATA regulations for transporting dangerous goods provides instructions on the packaging of dangerous goods acceptable for air transport.

Divin M., Didac B., Ochiş M., Fodor D. Apariţia bancnotelor şi reflectarea activităţii miniere pe acestea Occurrence of Banknotes and Reflection on The Mining Activity The authors make a review of banknotes with mining pictures illustrating the mining development.

Ghiţă Gh. Posibilităţi de extindere a carierelor de lignit din Oltenia Possibilities for Extending The Pits of Lignite from Oltenia In surrounding areas, mining perimeters from Oltenia are important resources of lignite which can be exploited by extending pits.

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