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Cuprins RM12/2009 Summary RM12/2009. Mircea BARON 60 de ani de Învăţământ Superior la Petroşani Sixty Years of Academic Education in Petrosani University of Petrosani has celebrated 60 years of existence, aspect that situates it among the Romanian institutes of academic education with a long tradition. The academic school of Petrosani, under the name of the Institute of Coal, represents a consequence of the reforms registered in the educational domain occurred in August 1948. Due to the importance of specializations and to the educational efforts made by a group of dedicated professors, this university succeeded to form tens of thousands of specialists that involved subsequently in the production process, research, education in public institutions.

Dumitru FODOR, Vasile POP Evaluarea ecologică a schemelor tehnologice aplicate la extragerea rocilor tari la suprafaţă Ecological Assessment of The Technological Flow-Sheet used to Mine Out The Hard Rocks of The Open Pit In Romania, there are running almost fifty big mining exploitations of coal, ferrous and non-ferrous ores, nonmetal useful minerals and the construction materials and useful rocks which are extracted exclusively in quarries and which number amounts to several hundreds enterprises running by themselves. The sustained development of the working methodologies and technologies applied in the open pits and quarries achieving good technical and economic indicators is mostly based on the improvment of the working technologies , the modernization of the equipments and the reasonable planning and organization of the production processes.

Mihaela TODERAS De la reologie la criteriile de plasticitate şi vâscoplasticitate From Rheology to Plasticity and Viscoplasticity Criterias Obtaining some models of non-linear behaviour of the materials have 2 directions: the study of rheological properties and define of the form of the equations for a three-dimensional solicitation. The rheology, the science that study the matter in time, from the point of view of the flow, of the deformations, allows obtaining some correlations between stress, deformations and their derivates, and characterize the nature of the components. We will introduce in this paper the most complex behaviour, starting from elementary notions and the description of the different criterias which allow the generalization of the obtained equations in three-dimensional cases.

Gabriel PRAPORGESCU, Sorin MIHéILESCU, Marin-Silviu NAN Analiza sistemelor de transport continuu utilizate în exploatările miniere din Valea Jiului Continuous Transportation Systems Analysis Used in The Mines of The Jiu Valley This paper analyses the operating condition for the transportation system used in the National Hard Coal Company in Petrosani. This analysis is made for each mine apart and underlines the directions that have to be followed so as to achieve a well-structured revamping that is going to be efficient from an economic point of view. The study of the structure of the transportation systems of mines and their behaviour in time shows an intricate construction of strong arborescent trend. One can conclude that the ratio between the lengths of the transportation routes covered by belt conveyors and the ones covered by scraper conveyors shall have to increase in favor of the former ones.

Vilhelm ITU, Mihai-Carmelo RIDZI Determinarea sarcinilor transmise turnului metalic al instalaţiei de extracţie "Puţ auxiliar nr.2" E.M. Lonea în cazul aplicării frânei de siguranţă

Determination of Loads Transmitted to The Metallic Tower of The Extracting Installations “Auxiliary Well No.2" from Lonea Mining Plant in The Case of The Application of The Safety Brake In the paper there are presented certain aspects concerning the determination of loads transmitted through the bearings of the extracting pulleys of the structure of the metallic towers of the extracting installations In the case of the application of the safety brake The exemplification of the determination of the loads transmitted to the metallic tower in the case of the application of the emergency brake has been done by taking into study the extracting installation ,, Auxiliary well no.2 ², from Lonea Mining Plant. The extracting installation is unbalanced. The wrapping organ of the installation machine is a double wheel with the wrapping of the extracting cable in one layer. The extracting vessels are untipping cages with two levels, with two trolleys per level. The drive of the installation’s machine is asynchronous, the machine’s reducer having two drives

Lucian MOLDOVAN, Carol L. ZOLLER Posibilităţi de perfecţionare a metodelor de încercare pentru echipamentele utilizate în zone cu pericol de explozie Possibilities to Improve The Test Methods for Equipments Used in Explosive Areas This paper presents a new possibility to run the tests in explosive mixtures for flameproof equipments by integrating the Data Translation DT VPI component together with Data Translation acquisition systems, in HP VEE Pro 8.5 environment.

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