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Revista Minelor n.10/2010. Cuprins Summary Victor A. KHARCHENKO Justificarea ecologică şi economică a alegerii măsurilor eficiente pentru protecţia mediului la exploatările de cărbune Ecological and Economic Justification of The Choice of Effective Environmental Protection Measures at Coal Mines In order to reduce the impact of coal mining on the environment, various measures should be applied. The environment is affected in many ways and directions: all water, land and air are polluted, violated or contaminated. A methodical approach to solution these problems is possible with the application of factor analysis and economic-mathematical modeling.

Dumitru FODOR, Gavril BAICAN Detensionarea orizontului acvifer captiv prin aplicarea forajelor cu erupţie liberă în Bazinul minier Rovinari Removal of Stress of The Aquiferous Horizon by Applying The Free Flow Drilling in Rovinari Basin In the paper there are described the geology and hydro-geological conditions of the lignite deposits of Oltenia zone, the methods used for the dewatering of the aquiferous horizons, techno-logy for the drill hole completion without filter for the tension release of the collecting aquiferous horizon, the open casts where they have been used and the results obtained throughout the time.

I. ROTUNJANU, D. ANTONIE, L. RENTA Condiţii de stabilitate àn varianta de extindere a perimetrelor miniere Tismana I şi II ale E.M.C. Rovinari Conditions for Stability in a Type of Enlargement of Mining Perimeters Tismana I and II from E.M.C. Rovinari Lignite coal pits in hilly areas from Oltenia arise geotechnical data and economic issues. Geotechnical problems are related to sizing the face, slope wall stability, pit’s geometry design for safe operation and final phase of the works. The economic concerns apply to mining economical insurance and more complete recovery of reserves considering that between economical and safe operation of mining works, there is a contradiction in that inexpensive decreases with increasing operating safety. Based on these issues, the paper aims to solve these problems for terms of two coal pits (Tismana I and II) which extend their exploitation perimeters in hilly area.

Nicolae IANC, Victor ARAD Reducerea impactului produs asupra mediului de gazul metan degajat din stratele de cărbuni din Valea Jiului Mitigating The Adverse Impact Played by Methane Released by Coal Beds in The Jiu Valley over The Surrounding Environment Based on the analysis of the two vectors describing the environmental effects of mine methane, namely the risk induced to the occupational health and safety of underground workers and the impact on the atmospheric environment, the paper, develops a synthesis regarding the basic feasible solutions and methods directed towards the impact reduction. There are synthesized the technologies available worldwide for mine methane reduction in the case of collieries within Jiu Valley coal basin.

Dumitru FODOR Studiul masivelor de roci în vederea extragerii acestora cu ajutorul explozivilor Study of The Rock Massifs for their Extraction with Explosives The design and completion of the drilling - blasting operations are largely impacted by the rock massif structure. As a result, the present paper describes the rock massif including its discontinuity and he-terogenous features, the quantification method and the description of the methods currently used for the investigation and determination of the structure of the rock massif to be extracted by drilling - blasting operations. The paper carefully describes the geo-physical surface methods and the investigation of the drill holes to determine the massif discontinuity and heterogeneous features. The final part of the paper describes the impact of the massif structure on the blasting o-perations

Irina NĂLBOC, Andrei SZÖLÖSI-MOŢA, Maria PRODAN Creşterea gradului de securitate àn minele grizutoase prin monitorizarea atmosferei din spatele digurilor, folosind metoda de analiză gaz-cromatografică Increasing Safety in Firedamp Mines by Monitoring The Atmosphere Behind Stoppings with The Help of Gas-Chromatographic Method The paper addresses the issues related to the fight against spontaneous combustion and mine fires which are ignition source for the flammable atmosphere in underground coal mines. Flammable gases emitted during spontaneous combustion of coal and during mine fires comprise methane, and other saturated and nesaturated hydrocrabons, hydrogen and carbon oxide, the last ones resulted from coal pyrolysis / burning, as well from the secondary reactions (reduction of carbon dioxide to carbon oxide; reaction between water and gas that occurs when water or water vapours reach the incandescent coal). When hydrogen is involved in the formation of the explosive mixture generated by spontaneous combustion and mine fires, the violance of underground explosions shall increase, with strong dynamic results compared to me-thane explosion. For fighting against spontaneous combustion and mine fires, the working face in question shall be sealed with stoppings (dams) and there shall be performed inertisations with nitrogen and for monitoring the chemical composition of the mine atmosphere from both working face and behind dams, there shall be used gaschromatographic method with a Clarus 500 type gas-chromatograph specially set for this purpose. It is very important to know and to keep under monitoring the chemical composition of the mine atmosphere and of the air behind dams in order to be able to provide safety both of workers and of coal deposits, and to be able to put back in service the isolated working face.

Nicolae IANC, Victor ARAD Cercetarea regimului gazodinamic al stratelor de cărbuni din Valea Jiului Analyzing The Gasodynamic Regime and Tracing Methane Isolines of The Jiu Valley Coal Beds The observations and measurements carried out along a large period of time in the Jiu Valley mines have showed that methane emissions increase with the increment of the mining depth, of the working faces, of the newly outcropped surfaces and when mechanized equipment has been introduced for the mining of coal layers. Consequently, the researchers intend to study this phenomenon so as to be able to settle certain measures to prevent the occurence of gaseous releases.

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