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FEATURE Clinically proven to reduce stress and anxiety Published evidence proving the device works. Clinically proven to reduce treatment times Published results show reduced treatment times. Specially designed for use in a clinical setting Device can be used anywhere in the hospital. Procedure-specific software Software designed to provide a lasting message. Clinically proven to reduce costs Reduces costs by improving clinical efficiency. Resistive Technology Touchscreen works through bandages & gloves. Swap-in swap-out warranty Any issues, the device is exchanged the next day. Waterproof Fully submersible, device can be used when wet. Ruggedized Device can be dropped, will not break or damage. No requirement for IT support Device doesn’t need support from your IT team. Software preloaded Use the device right from the box. Intuitive Child using device & software requires no help. Reduced street value No street appeal, lower chance of theft. Ability to be secured Device can be secured with a Kensington lock. Developed by clinical techs & child specialists Provides max education, immersion & distraction. Interactive Fully interactive, providing maximum immersion. Not familiar Encourages curiosity and novelty. Games developed to reduce stress Unlike other games, which can increase stress. Branded Hospital logo can be included on the device. Theft insurance plan Device can be insured for a very low premium.




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DTT ditto™ and ditto™ lite are portable medical devices that provide support to healthcare teams, their patients and families in hospitals a...