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It has been ten years since September 11, 2001, the day that terrorists carried out an attack on our nation. The events of that day changed us in many ways. We saw the worst in people, but were also reminded of the best we have as well. To commemorate this event in our history, there will surely be plenty of special reports on television and online. Our church is looking to remember as well. Sunday, September 11th we are having a special time of remembrance and healing. Join us that day as we not only remember that day, but also consider God’s voice during

Join us Sunday, Sept. 11th for a special worship service.

our times of turmoil. Also, to give everyone an opportunity to reflect upon this experience, we are hosting a special presentation of the short film The Cross and the Towers. You can watch a preview of the video on our website. The presentation will begin at 9:30 am on Sunday, Sep-

Earning cash is easy! We have discovered another easy way we can help our friends at Gilbert Elementary. The Box Tops for Education program has helped raise funds for schools since 1996, more than $400 million. Students and families are encouraged to look for the Box Tops logo on many of the products found in the grocery story, many you probably use. Each box top is worth 10¢ for the school. So, keep an eye out for the logo, clip it and turn it into our church office, or any parent. We will make sure they get to Gilbert, our partner in education. They will appreciate it.

tember 11th. We are asking all of our Sunday School classes to forego their usual class time and join together for this presentation. Our classes usually begin at 9:45, but we will need the extra time to ensure discussion time after the video. So, make sure to arrive on time. We are meeting in our fellowship area We hope you will join us for this special time, and be sure to invite someone as well. This is an easy invitation to give to someone; this will be a day when many of us will be thinking about many of the same things. Together we can remember where we, as a nation, have been, and affirm how God has always been with us.


Something worth waiting for


Everyone is invited to our monthly Chips, Dips and Discussion time. We will gather in the church meeting room. Paul Perrin will lead our discussion. Join us Friday Sept. 16th at 7:00 pm.

I read once that God’s timing is on emergency room time. You know the routine. “If I show up early,” you think, “I’ll get out early.” How does that usually work? Chances are you know something about waiting, and waiting….and waiting. You could leave and come back some other time, but you still only end up waiting, and wasting another day? So, you wait. And you wait. Now, I am not suggesting

Mammon From the Aramaic word meaning “riches.” It can also mean possessions. In the KJV, it is the term used in Matthew 6:24. From the Westminster Dictionary of Theological Terms

physician ultimately brings healing. Waiting on God—The Great Physician—does the same. Healing and wholeness have always been God’s plan for us. Friends, I am not sure what you are waiting for, but I pray you find what God wants for you. I am confident it is something worth waiting for.

Blessed Beyond Belief,

Discipleship Opportunities We have three new Bible studies we want you to consider being a part of. Take a look at the list below and decide which would be the best fit for you. •

Theological Word To Know

waiting on God is like waiting in an emergency room or any other waiting place. It is worth noting, though, that waiting on God can be discouraging. Maybe you upped your prayers or made some pact with God, and nothing happened. That preacher said to pray, and Jesus said to ask. So, what happened? Yes, God seems to be in the business of trying our patience (Yes, pun intended). No, we do not always appreciate it. Waiting on the

• •

Disciple I: Karen Gebert is leading this 34-week in-depth study. Participants read through the Bible and discover and discuss important biblical themes. The study group will meet each week on Tuesday evenings. Contact Karen for more info. Disciple II: John Fletcher is leading this study. Participants should have completed Disciple I. This study covers Genesis-Exodus and Luke-Acts. The Prayer Dare: We want to learn to pray together. The Prayer Dare is a 40-day challenge that will encourage, teach and guide you to a better prayer life.

Also, remember that every Thursday morning at 10 am we have a Bible study in our meeting room. Everyone is invited! Contact our office if you have any questions.

Our Social Principles: Political Responsibility The strength of a political system depends upon the full and willing participation of its citizens. The Church should continually exert a strong ethical influence upon the state, supporting policies and programs deemed to be just and opposing policies and programs that are unjust.

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Buford Wright, Mandy Kannenburg, Dana Dowell, Nadine Riggs, Roy McGough, Stacey Yarnell, Jenny Sower, Clarita Williams, June Jamison, Jani Rogers, Meredith Greenstreet, Rena Cooper, Charlotte Gleghorn, family of Desaree Hoskins & Mischelle Fuller, Monica Rubinstein, John Murphy, Willie Clayborne, Doris Sadler, Colton McGough, Brittany Gilbert, Moino family, Gene & Pam Burkhaulter, Frances Huffman, Tamatha, Susan Terni-Love, Carol Dupree, Jamie Peart, Gary Alderson, Lisa Dameron, Melvin Knight family, Mr. & Mrs Chapman, Debra Randle, Neta DeLeon, Ely Eckles, Crystal Quintero, Cooper family, Sue Nungesser, Bob & Connie Ramsey, Nadine Jester, Laura Sirmon, Kyle Dupree, Doyle Hall, Danny Siegel, Martha Davis, Ellie Ruiz, Michael Vogan, Mr. & Mrs. Dennie Foster, family of Bonnie Simons, Ray Lowery, family of Curtis & Sandra Doyle, Martha Davis, New church choir director(s), Mary Allen, Jeanie Davis, Roger Dalton, Wesley Burks, Bea Baker, Brian Deskin, Lorene Hall, Mike Burns, Ruth Ann Wilhoite, Shanna Acton, Chris McDade, Denise & John Butler, Susanne & Dick Ramsey, Pat Buttery, Herschel Mixom, Louis Munoz, Norma Hernandez, Teri & Shane Higgs, Ryan Kinnan, Bill Glass, Scott Quintana, King family, Bobby Garza, Walburga Kerner, Sue Harris, Nadine Justin, Mike & Michelle Cummings, our missionaries & military


Scripture Readings

Please welcome our new acolytes: Kayani Huffer, Gabby Moreno & Noah Moreno

Ushers and Counters

September 4 Exodus 12:1-4 Psalm 149 Romans 13:8-14 Matthew 18:15-20 September 18 Exodus 16:2-15 Psalm 105:1-6, 37-45 Philippians 1:21-30 Matthew 20:1-16

September 11 Exodus 14:19-31 Psalm 114 Romans 14:1-12 Matthew 18:21-35 September 25 Exodus 17:1-7 Psalm 78:104, 12-16 Philippians 2:1-13 Matthew 21:23-32

Sept 4—Gabby Moreno & Noah Moreno Sept 11—Kayani Huffer & Jade Vela Sept 18—Lissette Garcia & Mya Garcia

September 4 (Team 2) Jonathan Perrin Rob Scully Ben Shemo David Triggs Sub: Mike Matkin Counters: Ann Kent, Steve Perrin

September 18 (Team 4) Stella Jones Don Kent Jonathan Perrin Rob Scully Sub: Mary Lou Campbell Counters: Steve Perrin, Dorene Taylor

Sept 25—Ashlei Fletcher & Valencia Lugo

September 11 (Team 3) Don Kent Mike Matkin Ben Shemo David Triggs Sub: Mary Lou Campbell Counters: Mary Lou Campbell, Stella Jones

September 25 (Team 1) Mary Lou Campbell Ronnie Crow Don Kent Stella Jones Sub: Ben Shemo Counters: Mary Owen, Bonnie Perrin


We met for the first time in August, after the summer break, and began our time by reciting our purpose and listing our cares, concerns and joys, followed by an opening prayer. Micki Triggs gave us a very meaningful devotional followed by reading the missionary birthdays from our prayer calendar. We also provided vouchers for shoes and socks to Paul Keyes and John R. Good Elementary Schools (10 vouchers for each school). Also, Gilbert Elementary received 25 vouchers to go with the backpacks our church provided. We are now taking reservations for the ladies retreat at Lake Bridgeport on Friday, October 7th through Saturday, October 8th. The cost is $55 per person; this will cover means and lodging. The fun and fellowship are FREE. We will form a carpool leaving the church about 3:00-3:15 on Friday, October 7th. Maps are available if you prefer to drive yourself. To register, please see Bonnie Perrin or myself. Please remember our ongoing projects: Campbell Soup Labels for Dallas Bethlehem Center. There are copies of a new revised list of qualifying products available in the collection box on the table by the nursery. Items for Ashford Hall. Books, puzzle, current year magazines and small toiletry items for the residents of Ashford Hall. Our next unit meeting will be Monday, September 12th at 7pm at the church. All ladies are welcome to come, members and guests alike! We hope to see you all there! Mary Lou Campbell, President Sept 12 Sept 24 Oct 7-8 Oct 8

Save The Date UMW Unit Meeting, 7pm Metro District Annual Meeting @ Richardson FUMC Oak Haven Annual Ladies Retreat @ Lake Bridgeport NTC UMW Annual Meeting @ Denton FUMC

The United Methodist Men’s group is scheduled to begin meeting again this month. We had not had our regularly scheduled meeting through the summer months. Our next meeting, then, is Thursday, September 22nd at 7pm at the church. Bring a covered dish or dessert and we’ll handle the rest. Since we have not met for a couple of months, there are no financial changes or new business. Of course, we are still supporting the Boy Scouts of America, collecting canned good items for the “Umm, umm good basket” that are donated to Irving Cares and we collect change throughout the month to use to buy bread for Irving families. On July 16th some of the men got together and made a temporary fix to the bridge leading to the smoker. This will help us ensure the safety of everyone come ham time, and hold us off until a more permanent fix is available. A special thanks goes to those who volunteered their time for that project. We hope to see you at our next men’s gathering on the 22nd. We’ll call and remind you! Ricky Campbell, Secretary




$200,000 awarded to woman shackled in delivery NASHVILLE, Tenn. (UMNS) — A jury awarded Juana Villegas $200,000 for violations of her rights when deputies shackled her during labor and postpartum recovery in 2008 after she was stopped for a minor traffic violation. The sheriff in the case said he plans to appeal. Nashville’s Justice for Our Neighbors, a United Methodist program that offers free legal advice to immigrants, has been involved in the case from the start. Stories on this page are provided by United Methodist Communications. Summaries of stories, UMTV videos and other information from the United Methodist News Service are received via a weekly email digest. Access the complete versions of the stories at http://

Words from Wesley

Handwritten Bible now available MANCHESTER, England (UMNS) — The Methodists’ Handwritten Bible, created by tens of thousands of people across Britain and Northern Ireland, is now online. It contains 7,000 pages with verses written in English, Chinese, Welsh and Braille, plus accompanying illustrations. More than 30,000 volunteers joined in from every part of Britain — including prisons, schools, colleges, libraries, nursing homes, airports and shopping centers.

Free Kindle Download NASHVILLE, Tenn. (UMNS) — Sept. 11 marks the 10-year anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The date also marks the 10th anniversary of the re-publication of “Strength for Service to God and Country,” a 1942 book of daily devotions written for World War II troops. In honor of the men and women who serve the United States, the Commission on United Methodist Men is providing a free Kindle version of this historic book of daily devotions. Visit the Amazon Kindle Store between Sept. 1 and Sept. 15 to download your copy.

Government bans Fijian Methodist conference Never dream of forcing men into the ways of God. Think yourself, and let think. Use no constraint in matters of religion. Even those who are farthest out of the way never compel to come in by any other means than reason, truth, and love.

SUVA, Fiji (UMNS) — Concerns are growing for the religious freedom of Methodists after news the country’s government has forced the church (part of the Methodist Church of Great Britain) to cancel its annual conference. Earlier this month the Fijian interim prime minister lifted the ban stopping Methodists in Fiji from an annual conference until 2014, on the condition that business would take place over no more than three days. This week, however, church leaders in Britain learned that the interim government had withdrawn permission for the conference because of charges pending against the president and general secretary of the Methodist Church in Fiji. Methodists make up more than a third of Fiji’s population of roughly 827,000, according to the CIA World Factbook. Since December 2006, the South Pacific country has been under military rule. The government’s harassment of Methodists seems to stem from the military’s disapproval of links between some church leaders and political parties critical of the military, says the U.S. State Department’s 2010 International Religious Freedom Report.

A Blast From the Past


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Church signs new head usher Last month several of our ushers met for a training. Yes, they want to be the best church ushers they can be. There were several ideas and discussions they had that are going to help them better serve our church on Sunday mornings. So, make sure you thank an usher the next time you seem them in action. Something else important that came from their training was the appointment of a new head usher. Ricky Campbell had served that function for a while; he has since joined the choir which makes it difficult to fulfill all his ushering responsibilities. So, the group affirmed Stella Jones as the new head usher. Her job will be to see that the ushers are prepared on Sunday mornings, making sure everything is in place for our worship service. If you are an usher, you might be expecting a call the weekend you are scheduled to usher—she will fill you in on all the rest. We are grateful that Stella was willing, and look forward to the work she will be able to do with our ushering crew.

Have you visited our new office? You may have gone to the church office for copies or to leave a message and noticed a surprise. Do not worry; you were not the only one. Last month our Administrative Council affirmed a move to switch our offices. So, what once was the church office is now the pastor’s office, and the pastor’s old office is now the church office. Now, the church office has more room for our office equipment and some of the work members and friends must do throughout the week.

Happy Birthday! September 1 Tom Smith September 3 Baylee Higgs September 7 Lunda Ramsey September 8 Brenda Smith September 10 Shane Higgs September 17 Steve Perrin September 17 David Triggs September 18 Brittani Fletcher September 24 Minnette Puckett September 30 Billy Norris


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Faith is Fun

Reading With the Pastor The Prayer Dare: Prayer is a fundamental element of the Christian faith. Yet, many people admit to not knowing where to begin with prayer, how to prayer or even what to pray for. This resource will help you begin a new time in your prayer life. I hope you’ll join us for this adventure. John blogs at:

We are a church family prayerfully united by the Holy Spirit, boldly committed to sharing new life in Jesus Christ.

Under the Oak: September 2011  

The monthly edition of our newsletter.

Under the Oak: September 2011  

The monthly edition of our newsletter.