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Revival is a midwestern staple located in Iowa City, IA. We bring together a curated collection of women's new, used and vintage clothing and accessories, as well as a variety of boutique clothing, apothecary, and lingerie lines. Revival is a place where a small group of badass ladies can help you hone your own personal expression,








independently owned and operated by an all female team. We focus on brands that empower women and promote ethical production & consumption practices, making sure your wardrobe looks great, while doing our community good.

The apparel industry accounts for 10% of global carbon emissions. 75 lbs of CO2 is used to produce the average pair of jeans.

WHY SHOP SECONDHAND? What we wear gives the people around us a quick glimpse into who we are, but clothes can

700 gallons of water is needed to produce the average t-shirt. 32 billion garments will be purchased this year, 64% will end up in landfills.

If everyone bought one used clothing item this year, it would save... 5,700,000,000 lbs of CO2 25,000,000,000 gallons of water 449,000,000 lbs of waste

Small changes in our lifestyle can have a BIG impact on our planet!

be more than just a tool for self-expression. Every time you buy a garment, you cast a vote for the world you want to live in. By shopping secondhand, you're choosing to support climate justice, women's rights, sustainability, and many other causes. Shopping secondhand supports...

Women's Rights

Nearly 80% of garment workers are women, many of which work in factories that fail to ensure the safety of workers or pay their women fairly. Fast fashion exploits women across the globe and locks generations of women into a cycle of poverty. By shopping secondhand, you're helping to break the fast fashion cycle of production. Climate Justice

The apparel industry accounts for 10% of global carbon emissions, making it one of the most polluting industries on the planet. Globally, people of color bear the burden of these practices. Not only are people of color exploited during production, but they will disproportionately face the health effects of pollution across the globe, even here in the US.

WHAT DO YOU LOOK FOR WHEN BUYING CLOTHING? Condition In order for clothes to be resold, they must have some good life left in them - even vintage items! Used clothing can be classified into the following categories: New : Never worn items. These may or may not still have tags attached. Great: Items worn a few times. Clothes have been well cared for, washing

instructions have been followed, and there is no obvious wear. Good: The item has been pre-loved and may show light signs of wear. Fair/Bad: Item has been well worn and is showing signs of obvious wear

including holes, discoloration, pit stains, etc. We buy clothes that fall into the categories of new, great, and good this includes our vintage items!

Items in fair/bad condition are best to be repaired or recycled.

Brand Name Some brands carry more value as they are more "in-demand" by customers. Brand name is also important to determine the longevity of the item. Clothing from fast-fashion brands (stores like Forever 21, Shein, H&M, etc.), were not made to withstand the test of time. These brands are less valuable as the life of their garments are far shorter than other brands made from higher quality materials

Seasonality & Demand We buy our secondhand inventory just like you buy your wardrobe for the season! A good rule of thumb when clearing out your closet is to ask, "Can I wear this item now or within the next few months?" If the

answer is no, it's best to hang onto the item until the piece is back in season. We also buy based on our own store inventory. This means if we are particularly full on one style of item, we may decline just because we are full. We are currently looking to buy spring & summer clothes. A more detailed guide can be found on the following page. YOUR CLOSET CLEAN-OUT CHECKLIST

Are my items in new, great, or good condition? Are they free from stains, holes, or odors? Are my items in season? Can they practically be worn during the weather in our current and up-coming season? Are they made of quality materials that can hold-up through many more washes from a new owner? Are my items in style? Would I be able to find something similar to it browsing my favorite online store or looking at Instagram?



We are looking for the following items, modern or vintage, in new, great, or good condition. You may bring up to TWO totes of clothing to your appointment

Items We're Buying:

Short Sleeve T-Shirts

Light-Weight Pants

Light Jackets

Long Sleeve T-Shirts


Silk Items

Summery Blouses


Linen Items

Tank Tops


Cotton Items




Name Brand Accessories

Items We're Not Buying:







Heavy Jackets

Winter Accessories

Wintery Blouses

Set Up A Buying Appointment


We will be buying Sunday-Wednesday at our Filmscene Pop-Up location on the Ped Mall. Schedule Your Appointment Here.

Choose Your Payment


We offer three types of payment options: cash, trade, or consignment

Cash - 25% of Revival's Retail Value We offer cash up-front for 25% of the retail value of your clothing. The retail value is the price we will sell the item at. For example, if you sell us clothing with a Revival Retail Value of $100, you will receive $25 cash at the end of your buying appointment.

Trade - 40% of Revival's Retail Value We offer trade up-front for 40% of the retail value of your clothing. The retail value is the price we will sell the item at. Trade works like a Revival Gift Card. You have 1 year from the date of your buying appointment to use your trade. Trade can also be redeemed online. For example, if you sell us clothing with a Revival Retail Value of $100, you will receive $40 trade at the end of your buying appointment.

Consignment - 40% of Revival's Retail Value We offer consignment to select sellers at the discretion of our buyers. Consignment value is paid out ONLY after your item sells. Cosigners receive 40% of the retail value in cash at that time. The retail value is the price we will sell the item at. For example, if you sell us an item with a Revival Retail Value of $100, you will receive $40 cash after your item sells. Consigners must review and consent to our consignment terms & conditions at their appointment.

HOW DO I SELL WITH REVIVAL? Head to Your Appointment!


Please head to your appointment on-time! If you miss your appointment, you may not be able to reschedule.

What to Bring:

A Valid Photo ID (driver's license, student ID, passport, etc,) Up to TWO totes of items to sell. Our buyer reserves the right to only review two totes if you exceed this amount. Your Patience! Our buyers take their time to carefully review, research, and inspect your items. This is a time consuming task! You will be free to privately shop our pop-up while your items are reviewed.

Our buyers love to chat! If you have any questions regarding pricing or why we didn't take an item, please ask! We are happy to donate any items you do not want to take back. Have leftover items you'd still like to sell?

There are many places to sell your clothes and we appreciate being at the top of your list! If there are any items we don't buy, here's where we recommend selling.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS How do you determine an item's price?

Revival follows industry standards for resale pricing. Resale items are typically priced at about 30-40% of their original value. The price is determined by various factors like condition, style, and demand. How do you determine your payout percentages?

Let's break it down! If you sell us a dress that we price at $32 and choose a cash payout at 25%... $8 goes to you as the seller. 25% | $32

This is the item "cost." $24 goes to Revival as "profit," but we

7 5 % | don't just pocket that amount. That

money is reinvested in our business.

The remaining 75% of an item's value that is not paid out to you is used to cover expenses like the costs of: paying our buyers, processing the item to prepare it for the sales floor, photographing the item, and packing the item when it sells. It also helps to cover our overhead costs like rent, supplies, marketing, and so many others. Plus, as a small business, some of that money goes directly back to you, our community, in the form of collabs with local organizations we care about and community events!

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS There's so much jargon in the resale world. What does it all mean?

We agree - so many terms, so little time. Here's a quick start guide! NWT | New with tags

NWOT | New without tags

RV | Retail value

EUC | Excellent used condition

OBO | Or best offer

GUC | Good used condition

TTS | True to size

SS | Short Sleeve

COND | Condition

LS | Long Sleeve

Vintage | Item that is at least 20 years old Antique | Item that is at least 100 years old

OTHER QUESTIONS? CONTACT US! 128 1/2 E. Washington St. Iowa City, IA 52245


(319) 337-4511


Revival Clothing Store

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Revival Buying Guide | Spring/Summer 2021  

Schedule your buying appointment here: https://forms.gle/Zqd4hbNjokXMxC3R6

Revival Buying Guide | Spring/Summer 2021  

Schedule your buying appointment here: https://forms.gle/Zqd4hbNjokXMxC3R6


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