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Decorating your home is a tricky yet joyful endeavor. Everyone likes to make their home the one they dream about. The home décor is a combination of multiple items. The furniture from a furniture store like a wood buffet can make a huge impact. A solo item can’t bring the elegance or look you fancy about. Amazing interior design is a well thought combination of multiple small accessories and decorative items. Their combined appearance can cast a huge impact. Interior designers know the philosophy of using multiple accessories like rugs, pillows, and throws wisely and generate an exciting effect. Unique gifts Chattanooga can help you in getting these amazing accessories for home décor. In this article, we will discuss how accessories can help you enhance the décor and how to use them. We will present some tips and suggestions regarding the use of accessories and their part in making your design better. These tips are discussed below:

Quality over Quantity: Some items are produced in bulk and available at less prices but would you bring those items home? In the case of home décor accessories, the phrase “less is more” stands true. A unique décor piece might create a better impact than the clutter of random accessories with almost no value except the price tag. Bring home one of a kind décor pieces to decorate your home with elegance and uniqueness.

Remember the space: Some people just force oversized things in small spaces and small things in larger spaces which look awkward. Scale or proportion is a considerable element in home décor. Before choosing any item for home décor, it is best to tape measure or eyeball the space to get an exact idea and then select the item which is supposed to be placed there. This would help you in decorating your space easily and make a comfortable home without costing any additional cent.

Combining textures, patterns, and colors: It is better to keep large furnishings and permanent installations colored neutral. But with small decorative accessories let the colors pop out and make a variety of textures. Accessories should make a contrast with surrounding environment, this would make them visually interesting. These rather small and inexpensive accessories can be easily and swiftly altered according to mood changes or requirements. This would also enable you to exchange accessories with different seasons for a refreshing sight.

Layered accessories: You can consider accessories like icing on the cake in overall home décor. While placing or situating different accessories, make sure you locate the large ones first. Then try to situate comparatively smaller or medium-sized accessories. This would provide you the flexibility to fill or add balance where it’s required. Sometimes, the smaller accessories when grouped can present the feel of a large item. It’s better to leave some space in the room, so it doesn’t look cluttered or overdone.

Rule of odds: Sometimes accessories gathered in formation of odd number can make a better impact as compared to the even one. For instance, lamps or light bulbs or small vases in a bookshelf would look better in odd formation like in a group of three or five. You should try to balance instead of going for symmetry while placing smaller items. This would surely add value to your home décor.

The takeaway: We have discussed some of the methods on how small accessories can improve your interior and thought process while adding accessories for home décor. We hope this will be helpful for your future home decor endeavor. Live with style!

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