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Advantages of Using MEP BIM Services for Construction By: Robby Williams –Revit Services Outsourcing MEP (mechanical - electrical - plumbing) is one of the crucial aspects of a construction project; it requires to be documented accurately and in great detail. Conventionally, CAD software tools are used to create mechanical, electrical and plumbing drafts in 2D. However, it becomes very difficult to detect clashes by analyzing 2D drawings for MEP, structural and architectural details. BIM technology has changed the way MEP engineers access critical data and detect clashes. MEP BIM services enable information comprising of plumbing fixtures, open and concealed electrical equipments and wiring details, real time ceiling elevations etc to be directly accessed from an architectural model.

Information rich BIM model allows MEP engineers to take informed decisions Architects, surveyors, structural engineers, estimators etc can provide inputs for the BIM model. Thus ensure information rich MEP BIM modeling, and everyone involved in the project can access the latest and accurate information. This process allows a streamlined coordination of MEP, structural and architectural aspects of a building, thus allowing MEP engineers to take informed and firm decisions. Managers get a complete insight and gain control of a project right through the buildings lifecycle. MEP BIM facilitates fabricators, contractors and subcontractors with crucial information, which is required for the construction of a building. Additionally, developers and building owners can also use information rich BIM models

to streamline processes and maintain a building throughout its life cycle right from conception, design, and construction to facility management, renovations and demolition. MEP BIM facilitates sustainability, energy efficiency and lean construction MEP BIM models are not only rich with dimensional information, but also provide access to information such as energy performance of a building, identifying quantitative requirements of component materials and accrued cost estimates at every stage. Even the smallest change causes cascading results, these are reflected in the BIM model Any small change within any discipline is updated across the integrated BIM model and can be used by all the teams involved in a construction project. Even the smallest change gets reflected in the corresponding cost estimates, energy performance calculations etc. AEC firms are increasingly outsourcing MEP BIM solutions to offshore companies to streamline their construction process, increase profitability, implement better coordination between disciplines and gain the best returns on the investment in BIM technology. BIM service providers deliver the best and integrated MEP BIM services to all their clients. They are competent in using MEP BIM software tools such as AutoCAD, Revit BIM & many more, empowering them to deliver superlative services. They offer a wide range of services including collision detection, 3D construction documentation, BIM scheduling, BIM 5D (cost estimation), 3D and 4D BIM HVAC etc to aid building construction and facility management. For more information visit:

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Advantages of using mep bim services for construction  

MEP (mechanical - electrical - plumbing) is one of the crucial aspects of a construction project; it requires to be documented accurately an...

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