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Wild Rose Jacket FJT175 Jeans FPJ007 Gloves FgS071 Shoes FBT058

Melrose ladies’ Madison ladies’ Fly ladies’ TCX X-Street lady



Summer Chic Jacket FJT178 Jeans FPJ001 Gloves Fgw046 Shoes FBR019

windsor Carnaby hybrid wSP Mohawk

The equipment choices many fashion-conscious urban riders make are driven by style and personality over safety and substance. in the everyday urban life, that’s what counts most. Sacrifices regarding safety are made daily by many urban riders who choose everyday fashion over decidedly unfashionable protective gear. we fully understand this phenomenon, but don’t fool yourself into becoming a true fashion victim!

REVzine #10  
REVzine #10  

SS14 'Anniversary' - English