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There are plenty of very good reasons to visit and support your local motorcycle gear shop, and safety is just one of them.

Riding gear is expensive equipment, and being able to put your hands on a wide selection of quality motorcycle gear is a true luxury to those who can find such places. And any motorcycle rider should appreciate buying good gear, because after all it can be a life or death decision.


#10 spring / summer 2014

Good brick-and-mortar gear shops are few and far between, and the bar is set high. There are plenty of online superstores and gear reviews to sift through in the quest for finding just the right gear for you.

Good shops are riding destinations in themselves. A place where like-minded riders can gather to talk bikes, pass on that tribal knowledge, and help feed our collective enthusiasm for motorcycles. Good shops get it.

So how can a local shop compete? The good ones have a lot to offer and can compete plenty. They’re a trusted source for picking the right gear, and making sure it fits right. They answer questions, offer expertise, and stand behind the product they sell. And when was the last time a website pressed a cold beer into your hand at a hot summer barbeque? Or organized an early morning ride or got you a group rate with a local motorcycle riding school?

Find the local REV’IT! dealer in your areas and support local shops that sell great gear—because you’re really buying a lot more than just riding equipment. You’re investing in your safety, gleaning advice and engaging with other riders. Every retailer listed on the REV’IT! dealer allocator is a knowledgeable and experienced REV’IT! reseller that strives to offer you the best service and product range locally. Need more reasons? The best shops throw pretty good parties, too. If there isn’t a local retailer near you, there’s the authorized online reseller as an alternative.


REVzine #10  

SS14 'Anniversary' - English

REVzine #10  

SS14 'Anniversary' - English