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tRUE BiKER SpiRit thE photoS accoMpanyinG thiS aRticlE haVE BEEn MadE By thE tRUE BiKER SpiRit. thiS iS a collEctiVE of thREE paSSionatE MotoRcyclE RidERS Who loVE BiKES, opEn RoadS, fREEdoM and EnJoy ShaRinG thEiR ViEWS thRoUGh ViSUal EXploRationS. in ShoRt; thEy RidE, Shoot and ShaRE. Between the 3 of them they own enough bikes to ride a different one every day (almost kidding). The founders are Fred, Sebastién and Jon. True Biker Spirit is born from passion and they share that passion freely with the world. They started as a blog because they missed interesting content on the web in their language and all the photographs were lacking “glamour, sex and rock n’ roll.” Soon after the launch of their blog they discovered they were no writers and cared more about visuals.


#10 spring / summer 2014

That is when they decided to skip the blog and fully focus on photography, which inherently made it easier to reach a more international audience as there were no more language barriers. Starting with visitors from Belgium and France only, they now reach an audience in 77 different countries. Their magazine ‘Stay True’- whatever people do, whatever they ride, as long as it’s true- is not to be considered as a traditional magazine, it is a visual exploration of the motorcycling world.

Their magazine doesn’t need words as the photos tell the story and speak to the minds of motorcycle enthusiasts all over the world. luckily next year the magazine will also be available in print.

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REVzine #10  

SS14 'Anniversary' - English

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