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pRoJEct Kc#001 | yaMaha XS 400 thE SMall yaMaha XS 400 aRRiVEd at thE atEliER in a tRUly Bad ShapE. toRn apaRt, ShaBBy, fadEd, and With a cRooKEd EnGinE; thiS WaS GoinG to BE a challEnGE! The first time we saw it, we knew it was a “tracker,” because of it 80s wheel rims. The original line was too heavy and we decided to get rid of it. That way we made room to fit a modified tank of a honda CB125. A mutual effort and shared vision between the kruz Company and the workshop Niyona resulted in the two colored saddle.


The mudguards had been lying around the workshop for quite some time and after we remodeled them they turned out to be the perfect finishing touch for the bike. The urban nature of the bike inspired us to place a 320mm disc at the front to match the bike to its distant Supermoto cousins. In the same spirit the handlebars were shortened to make it easier to dodge cars when riding in busy traffic. The engine has been completely restored and went through many metamorphoses to maintain its sturdy original character. Changing the tires and installing the beautiful exhausts and the bike was already to go.

REVzine #10  

SS14 'Anniversary' - English

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