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thESE BootS ARE MAdE FoR MoRE than WalKinG… history growing up in waalwijk, the one-time epicenter of the dutch shoe industry where a granddad owned a shoe factory, a father was shoe designer and a mother owned a shoe store; it is needless to say gebrandt Aarts, creative director at REv’IT! was born and raised around shoes. Many, many shoes. The destination of their family holidays used to be Civitanova and Ancona in Italy to see and be inspired by the center of the Italian shoe production. And that’s how a passion for shoes is born. For gebrandt, designing a brand new fashionable shoe line to complement the Tailored Technology collection is a lifelong dream coming true. The motivation to develop a shoe line stems from the mission to offer urban riders a complete outfit. The Tailored Technology collection was launched in 2012 and consisted of jackets, pants and gloves, purpose built for motorcycling, yet highly fashionable. The only thing missing in that collection was stylish motorcycle footwear; an essential piece of safety equipment for any rider.

StayinG tRUE to oUR RootS WE’VE KEpt in Mind that thE pERSon WEaRinG thE ShoES iS a MotoRcycliSt and that idEntity ShoUldn’t BE hiddEn. thE ShoES haVE to intEGRatE into daily lifE BUt don’t nEcESSaRily haVE to hidE thE fact yoU’RE RidinG a BiKE.


#10 spring / summer 2014

design philosophy

Safety and functionality

All REv’IT! products are designed following the Engineered skin® philosophy that consists of three core principles: safety, functionality, design. The urban collection, however, is designed according the Tailored Technology design credo, which uses the same REv’IT! core principles, albeit with a different order; one that puts design first, followed by safety and functionality. All three principles are equally important in both philosophies; only the sequence in which they are used and the vision per design differs.

That’s the fashion part of the design process; the next steps are functionality and safety. The toe, heel and ankle area have been reinforced for safety. These reinforced areas protect riders’ feet and contribute to better foot position without sacrificing comfort. The shoes have been fashioned from the finest leather. It is tough and comfortable material that is highly abrasion resistant and durable, yet naturally adaptable to various conditions. Shoes with laces have gusseted tongues to keep out wind, water and dirt. Shoes with zippers have a v-flap behind the zipper for the same purpose. The leather won’t mar when you shift gears as the shoes are equipped either with a gear shift pad or come with a shifter strap. And all shoes are equipped with reflective stripes to enhance the rider visibility.

In search of inspiration, innovation and possibilities, the creative team looked at archtype shoes (design), work shoes (function) and added their own expertise on traditional motorcycle shoes (safety). Today’s trends, the identity of the user and the question: “how can we improve shoes?” all had a massive impact on the first designs. Inspiration was found in classic styles of shoes from Red wing, dr. Martens and Timberland. These shoes are making a huge comeback in city streets, the desire for quality, style and authenticity is clearly evident. Staying true to our roots we’ve kept in mind that the person wearing the shoes is a motorcyclist and that identity shouldn’t be hidden. The shoes have to integrate into daily life but don’t necessarily have to hide the fact you’re riding a bike; it should fit your attitude and style.

Motorcycle shoes that fit your attitude and style


REVzine #10  
REVzine #10  

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