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MP 6 Prototype

vespa 98

vespa Circuito 125

vespa Montlhery

vespa Siluro

vespa 150 Side Car

vespa 400

vespa 150 gS vS5

vespa dali

vespa 50

vespa 180 Rally

vespa 50 Special

1955 vespa 150 gS

An important milestone in the vespa history was the Vespa GS in 1955, when vespa discovered an aptitude for sport and a capacity for startling performance. These were the years when rock ‘n’ roll was finding its way over from America and onto the radio, and when an entire generation with an affinity for speed was coming of age.

1978 vespa 150 PX

Another milestone was the Vespa pX, in 1978. As the 1970s drew to a close, the younger generations were longing to travel, to step outside their boundaries. They wanted a two-wheeler with enhanced performance, that broke the mold with distinctive modern lines, and was geared to a world that was racing towards the social and technological revolution of the 1980s—a decade opened by the missions of the Columbia Space Shuttle. The vespa PX was the scooter of its age; it set the style for a number of subsequent vespa families and spearheaded the brand’s greatest commercial success, with more than three million sales.

a symbol of cool created to make an entire nation mobile, the Vespa put the whole world into a higher gear as it made its appearance on the roads of every continent, uniting young people from every culture and every background through a common passion. 2014 vespa Primavera

Today the Vespa primavera makes its debut as a new model destined to become a legend in the vespa epic. The new vespa Primavera was born taking on all the values which determined the success of the first version of the Primavera. In 1968 the first vespa to bear this name was revolutionary: young, innovative, on the technological cutting edge of design and efficiency. Its modern day descendant—once again called vespa Primavera— returns as a key player in its own time, inheriting all the freshness of youth of its predecessor.


#10 spring / summer 2014

vespa established itself as a symbol of Italy and the ‘continental’ lifestyle of young people with a spirit of romance, riding carefree in wide sunlit boulevards or buzzing busily among ancient shadowed alleyways. Not only is the vespa one of the world’s most famous and long lasting symbols of cool, but it has reached this status from humble beginnings. The fact that its appeal has withstood the changing fads and fashions of nearly 60 years adds weight to its iconic stature. Today, vespa stands as an acknowledged symbol of style. No other scooter has ever come close to the vespa in terms of image, status or appreciation.


REVzine #10  

SS14 'Anniversary' - English

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