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ThE vESPA wAS BoRN FRoM ThE uRgENT NEEd FoR A ModERn and affoRdaBlE ModE of tRanSpoRtation foR thE italian pEoplE AT ThAT TIME.

ThE hISToRy of VESpa in the first year the piaggio group produced 2,484 Vespas and that is the start of a legend. Six years later production would increase to 171,200—and this was just the start. to date Vespa has produced more than 18 million units.

In 1963 Europe was enjoying the economic boom that had started in the period of post-war reconstruction. But the world was changing rapidly. A new generation of young people would stand up that within a few years and would no longer accept the “rules” that had been in place since the nineteenth century, and would instead demand independence and new freedoms. vespa, was ahead of its time, responding to a need that was still struggling to emerge. Piaggio identified an important trend: the changing needs of commuters. This was being driven not only by an increase in urban congestion, but also by the high costs and increasing unreliability of public transport.


People were beginning to demand independence and reliability at a time when auto travel was becoming more impractical due to congestion, lack of parking and the expense of owning a car. By tapping into these functional needs, while recognizing that consumers would not want to comprise comfort and style, Piaggio spearheaded the evolution of the scooter. Such was the genesis of the vespa 50—the smallest engine on the company’s most famous scooter offered teenagers affordable mobility, and with it, freedom and independence. over the years the vespa scooters were designed to adapt to the changing city lifestyles and traffic by equipping the vespa’s with new technologies such as an electronic ignition system and integrated indicators. And in 2000 they created a vespino that could ride 500km on one single tank, paving the way for digital revolution. over the course of more than 65 years however, vespa motor scooters have evolved into more than just transportation. For both riders and non-riders alike, vespas have come to serve as unique expressions of style, independence, and passion.

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