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By caREfUlly SElEctinG JUSt thE RiGht MatERialS WE haVE cREatEd a collEction that BalancES tRaditional fUnction and contEMpoRaRy faShion. JEanS With REV’it! StylinG and yEaRS of EXpERiEncE in top claSS MotoR GEaR incoRpoRatEd.

pWR | shield knit protective layer

prepared for hip protectors

comfort seat with

The line consists of 7 models; 5 of which designed for men and 2 for women. various washings and fits will make sure you can fi nd your next favorite among them. Naturally these jeans are designed to protect you in the best way possible. kNoX® protectors in height-adjustable pockets will protect you against impact in case of a crash while the innovative PwR | shield panels—a material we developed in-house—and triple needle stitching will help protect your skin while sliding over abrasive asphalt. The real feat with the new denim is the sheer level of comfort you will experience when wearing these new jeans. The combination of Cordura® denim and CoolMAX® treatment provides fantastic moisture management functionality to keep riders cool and in control. we’ve relocated the crotch seams of a traditionally constructed jean pattern to allow for greater freedom of movement and comfort while sitting on the bike, which is especially noticeable on extended rides.

triple needle stitching

adjustable protector pockets included knee protectors

pWR | shield knit protective layer

REv’IT! jeans are more than your average denim, they are bound to become your second skin.

Reflection at turn up

Abrasion resistance (in seconds) level 2





level 1

2.00 1.50 1.00 0.50 0.00

Regular denim

3.00 2.50




1.21 0.83

#10 spring / summer 2014



Cordura® denim


Regular denim + Aramide


cordura® denim + REV’it! pWR | shield

7.00 6.50

Cordura® denim construction

PWR | shield knit protective layers

outer shell

100% Cotton


REVzine #10  

SS14 'Anniversary' - English

REVzine #10  

SS14 'Anniversary' - English