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“exploring the hilly green-andblue landscape between forest and cliffs on smooth and slippery roads“

REVzine | #10 spring / summer 2014

I feel stuck. Ahead of me the German Autobahn stretches towards the horizon in an endless straight line. Riding on and on, the tireless boxer engine of my 800-pound travel enduro hums along. I can hardly hear it – the 4x4 pickup in front of me, which is serving as our support vehicle, is just too loud. Cramped in between tank bag, top-case and my aluminum pannier boxes I desperately try to watch “The Long Way Round” on DVD, but some kind of strange system alerts flick up and down my screen and spoil the whole experience. Presently my engine starts knocking, an obnoxious sound, and it just does not stop.

I awake soaked in sweat. The room is tiny, the stifling air measures at least 35°C (95°F). Crammed between four small walls are two beds and a huddle of dusty soft panniers, pants, jackets and boots. The knocking persists. Half awake I scale the gear pile and open the door. I stare into the face of my roommate and riding buddy, Hannes—tall, blond and naked if not for the towel slung around his waist. A large grin forming behind his straw-like beard, he mumbles something about forgetting the key and climbs into his bed. Somewhere in the distance a Muezzin starts his call, and slowly, waking up, I register where we are: Hannes and I finally got on our way, heading towards Australia.


REVzine #10  

SS14 'Anniversary' - English

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