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In 2013 Sarah was the only woman competing in the Stunt GP in Poland, and earlier this year she also participated in the Street bike competition in London.

SARAH SAyS: “THERE ARE REALLy ONLy A fEW WOmEN ENTERING IN COmPETITIONS AROUND THE WORLD, AND IT’S HARD TO PLACE AT THE SAmE LEVEL AS THE mEN”. But girls are always welcome, and for Sarah it is no problem to ride next to the guys even though some of them are really crazy.


Her results in both competitions were groundbreaking—she made it to the finals of both contests. Next year her aim is to compete in all the competitions she can enter, and earn even better results. To meet these goals she trains with her bike every day, and off the bike she uses a slack line to improve balance and coordination. In case you want to stunt on your bike it is Sarah’s advices to always start practicing in the company of someone else and to ride in a safe and secure place.

REVzine #10  

SS14 'Anniversary' - English

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