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Sarah Vignot aka

Cheer to be heard stunt to be seen! Sarah Vignot—aka ‘Lezito’—is one of the few female riders aspiring to make the difficult and dangerous sport of stunt riding her full-time occupation. Her goal is to make a career from training, competing and performing in stunt shows. Even though she doesn’t come from a motorcycle riding family, and even though stunt riding has traditionally been a male dominated sport, Sarah has been riding since she was 13, and has been on the path to becoming one of the discipline’s elite athletes ever since she first started riding quads with friends. Inspired by the French Stuntquad team from Nice, she learned how to stunt ride immediately. At the age of 15, after seeing Jorian Ponomareff’s videos, she got on a Yamaha 125cc DTX and began practicing stunt riding on two wheels. Sarah is now 21 years old, living in the Champagne Country in France. Outside of her job in her parents’ winery she is training daily to improve her skills. Her weapon of choice is a 2003 Kawasaki zx636r. “This bike is just perfect for me, with a reactive engine and a good design to stunt with. Also there are a lot of spare and extra parts available for this bike. The first big bike I owned was a Honda CBR 600 RR, which was really too powerful for stunt riding”.


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REVzine #10  
REVzine #10  

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