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The circuit in Assen has been host to the most Grand Prix races worldwide. Its history and importance on the race calendar has led to its being called ‘the Cathedral of Motorsport’.

The Netherlands is REV’IT!’s homeland and therefore the TT circuit Assen has a special place in our hearts. And that is not the only reason we dedicate an article to it, the TT circuit is a place where history was written and a place with a story to tell. The first race in Assen took place in 1925 when the first edition of the Dutch TT was held. The Dutch TT is the longest running event on the MotoGP calendar. That first race was held on brick-paved country roads and led through small villages. Thousands of people visited the race, because until then motor races were illegal. Those who couldn’t attend listened on the radio, sitting in their living rooms with their families and keeping track with a list of names and numbers. It was these radio shows that gave names to corners of the track—‘Bocht van Bartelds’, de Oude Tol, Laaghalerveen, Strubben and Mandeveen.


In 1955 a new circuit was built and in 2006 it got an update. But one section of the circuit was never altered; the finish line is in the same place it always was. However the name TT circuit Assen has a story of its own. TT stands for Tourist Trophy and originated from the British island Man where they held motor races as far back as 1907, when it was illegal elsewhere. The first prize at that race has always been the famous Tourist Trophy. After a few years the “TT” name was adopted by many other motor races around the world, until the English organization complained to the international union. A decision was made and no other race has since been allowed to use the TT name ever again—with Assen being the sole exception.

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