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In 2003 BmW motorrad decided to use the Enduropark Aras as its field headquarters and training facility, the school was catapulted into worldwide fame. The founders of the school became official certified BmW motorrad instructors, and the additional knowledge they’ve gained from the training combined with their own significant experience has led to the development of exclusive facilities to practice and train all off road disciplines.

Since 2003 the school has been growing continuously. It’s still managed by Roc who now has a team of instructors and guides who are all driven by the same passion for riding. Besides their vast experience riding on-and off-road, this elite team also has the ability to share that knowledge with their students. To date more than 1,700 students from all over the world have gone through the training courses in the Enduropark. Students practice with their own bikes; mostly used are BMW GS, Yamaha Teneré and Super Teneré, KTM Adventure, and the trail models of Suzuki and Triumph or Honda…whatever bike you ride everybody is welcome. The borders of the park are no limitation to what the school has to offer. Riders who wish to explore Africa, Libya or Spain can easily make arrangements with the instructors. The school can provide complete support with a 4x4 vehicle, communication systems, medical support, mechanics, local food and places to stay—you name it, they will take care of it. Custom itineraries are limited only by your own imagination.




REVzine #10  
REVzine #10  

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