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Ninety kilometers from Valencia, Spain, in what’s known as the Alto Turia region, lays a beautiful and serene natural landscape marked by deep canyons, high mountains, and unspoiled nature. Traces of civilization are sparse, especially in the heart of the area: The Enduropark Aras, an adventure motorcyclist dreamland that sprawls over 60 km2 of true offroad paradise. The genesis of this area came in 1995, when a motorcycle enthusiast named Roc Lloret got together with a few other adventure motorcyclists for an enduro trip through Spain. This was the start of the first travel agency for adventures on motorcycles in Spain, and the organization quickly gained momentum as a place for like-minded motorcyclists to share experiences, adventures and a common passion for the sport. In 2001, after years of experience within expedition, enduro and adventure travelling on trail bikes, the adventures travel agency Enduropark Adventours became a reality. Based on passion, experience and a huge network of motorcycle lovers the company has had a massive impact on the off-road motorcycle community, and has become one of the most important off-road schools in Southern Europe.

REVzine | #10 spring / summer 2014


REVzine #10  

SS14 'Anniversary' - English

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