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MEET Luciana a brave and warrioR girl who beat leukemia

Today we have brigadeiro, yummy! Do you know who lives at the Ronald House? Read and find out with us!

editors letter Revistinha commemorates the 12th of October, the celebration of Children’s Day in Brazil, but it is also bringing the party to the rest of the world, commemorating the joy and the force of children. Congratulations, children and their families, on your day! This issue is a tribute to the union between adults, doctors and children and testifies to the power they create when working together as one solidary unit and the power that lies within working as one humanitarian family. Remember with us the journey of Luciana Peres and be a part of our celebration of her victory over leukemia bye enjoying brigadeiro, a soda, or however you’d like. Happy Revistinha and Enjoy, Claudia Terrien & Patricia H. Fuentes Lima

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The story of luciana Text: Luciana Peres

The medicine is a science that promotes health, prevents diseases and cures diseases. Its been practiced for centuries since Ancient times. Did you know that in ancient Egypt there are early reports about human skeleton and manuals of how to treat skin burns? Did you know medicine also has a father? That’s right, his name is Hippocrates! He lived in ancient Greece and for being one of the first to document diseases. Hippocrates is now considered “The father of medicine”. Over the last 200 years, the field of medicine has accomplished many astonishing things. Some of these medical achievements are wellknown and celebrated—. In order to become a doctor, a student may choose to be a medical doctor or a specialist, such as one of these: - Pediatrician: re doctors who manage the health of your child, including physical, behavior, and mental health issues. They’re trained to diagnose and treat childhood illnesses, from minor health problems to serious diseases. - Dermatologist: is the medical expert you should consult if you have any significant problem with your skin. Dermatology is the science that is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the skin, hair and nails. - Cardiologist: are doctors who specialize in diagnosing and treating diseases or conditions of the heart and blood vessels—the cardiovascular system. - Oncologist: An oncologist is a doctor that specialises in the treatment of cancer. There are two sub-types – a medical oncologist, who specialises in the administration of chemotherapy drugs, and a clinical oncologist who also has training in the administration of radiotherapy. Whether it is a a physician, a medical practitioner or a medical doctor, the doctor is a person who likes to study and take care of people.


Our story today demonstrates how happiness and the will to survive are fundamental for a person to overcome any difficulty in life. “A Year in the Life of Luciana: Sickness, Health, and Success”

Illustration: Cátia Ana


The story of luciana It is December, 1986, and a child plays happily in the pool. It is Luciana, a beautiful darkhaired girl with green eyes, born in Rio de Janeiro, and resident of the Madureira neighborhood in the Northern Zone of the city. 06

One beautiful day, her state of happiness is broken. In a sad twist of fate, she falls while playing in the park.


The next day, sweet Luciana travels to Belo Horizonte, in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais to visit her beloved godfather, Carlos.


During the bus ride with her parents, Mariza and Agostinho, Luciana feels intense nausea, a high fever, and her gums begin to bleed.


Her mother Mariza takes her to the pediatrician who diagnoses her symptoms as acute myeloid leukemia. Leukemia is a serious illness with a difficult treatment.


In tears, the family flies back to Rio de Janeiro and Luciana spends her first stage of treatment in the hospital Sao Vicente de Paula, in the Tijuca neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro.


Over 40 days, she adapts to the cold and hostile environment of the clinic.


Luciana begins chemotherapy and takes a very strong medication with harsh side effects.


At times when she feels well, Luciana plays with her nurses and decorates her room with dolls and toys. She asks her mother to bring her stuffed animals, games, and a blanket covered with pictures of animals.


Luciana survives the first stage of treatment and she gets to go home. When she arrives she is a greeted by all of her family, friends, and neighbors who throw her a party.


A little while later, she returns to the hospital for the second and more severe stage of treatment.


Throughout her struggles, Luciana receives a lot of love, affection, care, and support from her friends.


The doctors tell Luciana that the key to ending her pain is one of her brothers, Leonardo or Luiz Peres. The oldest, Luiz, is chosen to provide the cure for his sick sister. He becomes the donor.


After a long treatment, with the help of her brothers, Luciana returns to her normal life, full of joy.



Today I know that even what we live -- our experiences -- should be shared inanactof selflessness and detachment from ourselves, so that wecan assist others in their own trajectory.�

Enjoy this r ou y t a y r sto will!

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To KNOW a little bit more.. Course of study to be an oncologist doctor: Basic schooling (8 years) Secondary schooling (4 years) Higher education + Medical school (5 to 8 years) Medical residency (3 to 7 years)

Years of study vary from country to country.


To learn more: Leukemia: cancer of the blood Cancer: the rapid growth of malignant cells that affects a tissue or organ Chemotherapy: a group of medicines used in the treatment of cancer Radiotherapy: treatment through radiation


For more information: Rio de Janeiro the cultural capital and second largest city in Brazil, often recognized by its famous landmarks, the Christ the Redeemer statue and the Sugar Loaf mountain.

Tijuca A neighborhood in the Northern Zone of Rio de Janeiro which contains the MaracanĂŁ Stadium and a national park.

Madureira a working-class neighborhood known for samba dance. The Portela Samba School is located there.

Zona Norte A group of neighborhoods and low-income communities in the north of the city of Rio de Janeiro.


Somewhere in the Lusophone world.. do you know where this is?


Last editon answer: Alter do Chรฃo, Parรก.

Photo: Luciana Namorato

1) I am in Europe. 2) I am located at the borders of Rio Tejo 3) I was awarded by UNESCO, and I am considered a World Heritage.



microwaved brigadeiro

Photo: Luciana Peres

Today we bring to you a special recipe. It’s known in many countries as “Brazilian truffles” due to its smooth and delicate texture that is reminiscent of French truffles. This is the treat, the most desired on days of celebration, that one searches for on the sweets table. Did you know that there are some interesting facts about brigadeiro? One of the lesser-known facts about it is that its sprinkles were made with the intention of decorating our dearly beloved brigadeiro, coming to be a basic and essential component of the majority of current recipes. Another interesting fact is that it was created for an event to promote the presidential candidate, Brigadeiro Eduardo Gomes. Since then this dessert is served in all kinds of celebrations--weddings, birthdays, etc. And with this recipe, you won’t need to wait for a day of celebration to taste this sweet treat.


Ingredients: 1 can of condensed milk (can be diet or no lactose)

4 tablespoons of chocolate in cocoa powder (can be diet) 1 tablespoon of butter

Chocolate sprinkles or colored sprinkles

HOW TO PREPARE: In a microwave-safe container, preferably round and with high sides, mix the ingredients. Put it in the microwave for 6 minutes at high power or the brigadeiro button in a suitable microwave. Be careful! It might overflow - I stopped the microwave every 30 seconds to try to prevent this.

Mix the mixture at the halfway point of time. Soon after, take it out of the oven and mix until the mass becomes smooth and shiny. Put it in the fridge to freeze, afterwards roll it into small candies, roll them around in the sprinkles and put them into cupcake wrappers. I spread it out onto a plate to let it solidify more evenly in the fridge. Suggestion: if you don’t have sprinkles, use cocoa powder, small balls of chocolate, or coconut flakes. And voilà ! You can share these with your friends, family, and colleagues! 27

instituTION Photo: Institute Ronald Press

The Ronald McDonald Institute is a non-profit organization. It was founded on April 8, 1999. The Institute works with other institutions to combat infantile and juvenile cancer. The Institute was one of the pioneers in promoting targeted action to help adolescents and children with cancer in Brazil. Since its creation, the Institute has helped transform Brazilian pediatric oncology through program development and coordination. These programs made it possible for adolescents and children with cancer, throughout every region of the country, to have a chance of being cured. These programs are: 28

· diagnosis in the initial stages – Premature Diagnosis · adequate referral and quality on-site integral attendance (treatment and psychological support) –Integral Attention · comfort and care during treatment, whether in one of their own hospitals – Ronald McDonald Family Room – or in a domicile, even if far from home – Ronald McDonald House Each year, more than 60 thousand children, adolescents and family members are attended to by the programs developed by the Ronald McDonald Institute. This helps augment the chance of curing cancer, the number-one cause of death by illness between the ages of 0 and 19. To implement the programs on a national scale, the Ronald McDonald Institute works with its joint network of partner institutes, 29

Foto: Imprensa Instituto Ronald

spanning from the north of the country to the south. The resources acquired by the Institute go towards the aforementioned programs via the partner institutes, as they are aligned with the Institute’s programs and approved by the scientific and executive board in accordance with relevance, impact and sustainability. The Ronald McDonald Institute possesses the highest certifications related to its work, such as: · Certification of Federal, State and Municipal Public Utility; · Certificate of Municipal Board of Social Assistance and

All of these acts ensure and support the Institute’s work, thus reaffirming its important role within pediatric oncology in Brazil.


Photo: Institute Ronald Press

· Certification of Beneficial Entity of Social Assistance (Cebas)

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ciranda dos bichos A dança do jacaré quero ver quem sabe dançar A dança do jacaré, quero ver quem sabe dançar Rebola para lá, rebola para cá E abre o bocão assim. Remexe o rabo e nada no lago Depois dá a mão para mim A dança da cascavel, quero ver quem sabe dançar A dança da cascavel, quero ver quem sabe dançar Rebola para lá, rebola ondulado E estica o pescoço assim. E sobe no galho, balança o chocalho Depois dá a mão para mim A dança do caranguejo, quero ver quem sabe dançar A dança do caranguejo, quero ver quem sabe dançar. Rebola para lá, rebola para cá Belisca o meu pé assim. E mexe o olho e ande de lado Depois dá a mão para mim. A dança do peixe boi, quero ver quem sabe dançar A dança do peixe boi, quero ver quem sabe dançar Rebola para lá, rebola para cá E abre a boquinha assim Me dá um beijinho e nada um pouquinho Depois dá a mão para mim 32

A dança do tuiuiu, quero ver quem sabe dançar A dança do tuiuiu, quero ver quem sabe dançar Rebola para lá, rebola para cá E voa no ar assim E sobe um pouquinho e desce um pouquinho Depois dá a mão para mim

A Palavra Cantada te convida a conhecer um pouquinho da fauna brasileira através da canção Ciranda dos bichos. Confira esse vídeo colorido e alegre em:

Collage: Anne Froment

A dança da criançada, quero ver quem sabe dançar. A dança da criançada, quero ver quem sabe dançar. Rebola para lá, rebola para cá Faz uma careta assim E dá uma voltinha, sacode a cabeça


literary CORNER The turtle’s step

Marluce Fuentes Lima Translated by Bailey Nelson

I am learning every day, every hour and at every second. Even though, I do it slowly and gradually. I feel I am constantly learning, without stops. Though I proceed slowly, nobody and anything can stop me, only death. As long as I am alive, I live and I proceed. I am definitely happy, oh, that for sure! That might one call happiness, to do simple and silly things that makes anyone smile. 34

Got a knot in your seat?

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Revistinha Luciana Peres in English  

Neste número, a homenagem é grandiosa e testemunha o poder da união entre adultos, médicos e crianças, trazendo a consagração da solidarieda...

Revistinha Luciana Peres in English  

Neste número, a homenagem é grandiosa e testemunha o poder da união entre adultos, médicos e crianças, trazendo a consagração da solidarieda...