Editorial Utopia Guanacaste

Editorial Utopia Guanacaste

Playas del Coco, Costa Rica

Utopia is a Costa Rican magazine focused in Guanacaste’s province, the tourist gem of the country. In UTOPIA you can find tons of tourist information about the province and also about the nature and culture of Costa Rica.

Destinations, activities, art and traditions, environment and sustainable living are the topics tackled in each edition with original articles, impressing photography and attractive design.
You can read it at the printed version (in recycled paper), the virtual-paper issues or also in a useful website.

Utopia is a poem about Guanacaste, about Costa Rica and about its people. A call on sustainable development, cultural exchange and respect for nature.
In the end…a positive poem about life itself.

• 100% Bilingual.
• Printed on high quality recycled paper.
• Specializing in sustainable tourism.
• 30,000 copies a year in six issues.
• Select distribution at over 400 high tourist and investors traffic spots.
• Close to 600,000 online visitors annually.