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Serums - Are They Worth I t? Serums are becoming increasingly popular in skin care ranges. From anti-aging serums to extra hydrating formulations, you can find a serum for every skin concern. But are they worth the extra money. Are they any better than a well formulated moisturizer? The simple answer is yes! They are most definitely worth spending extra money on as these little products are jam packed full of amazing ingredients at concentrated levels that moisturizers just can’t deliver. Bellow are our favorite serums that will surely bring a glow to your skin.

1, Lancome Genefique Youth Activator Meet Lancome’s latest age-defying elixir Beauty nerds brace yourself. Following 10 years of in-depth research, Lancome scientists studied the way our genes work (known as genomics) and the proteins they produce (that’s proteomics), to keep skin at its optimum level. They realised that genes take longer to repair themselves as we grow older and the proteins contained within the cells function at a slower rate too. The breakthrough? All aging skin needs is a little pick-me-up to get the genes back into action. Lancome’s Genifique Youth Activating Serum forces the genes to think that they are young again. Used twice daily beneath your moisturiser or serum, a few drops of this high-tech elixir stimulates the protein production within our cells for a more luminous, toned, youthful-looking complexion. (May 6, 2009) RRP: $160, 30ml.

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