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THE PROJECT Shopping Time is a new complimentary newspaper with relevant information and advertising in three languages (English, Spanish and Russian), it has no analogs in the regional media market neither concerning the content, nor the audience coverage. The newspaper is aimed at residents and visitors of Barcelona, Catalonia and Andorra, who can earn money and like to spend it, at those for whom shopping is not only a need, but also leisure, favorite entertainment, exciting adventure, and even sport or antidepressant! The newspaper reports on the shopping and retail industry and everything connected to this field, as well as on the most interesting, relevant and attractive ideas, trends and projects in various spheres of life. The newspaper offers readers a lot of useful information: latest news from the world of fashion, shopping, design, tourism and gastronomy, as well as real estate and investments. Also includes interesting articles, interviews, expert opinions, reviews of the most important current events and activities at local, regional and international levels. In the gossip column you can find many interesting facts about the free time of local elite. Shopping Time is a promising project, which helps your business grow much faster than you have expected. The aim and objective of our company is to create with our project a comfortable environment, where advertisers and customers can meet. We do our best to make your advertising work effectively. Our professional team will help you to select an individual format of cooperation, providing informative value of advertising material, which will harmoniously fit the content of our newspaper. We enable your business to find the shortest path to the target audience, our motto is: ‘Time is money!’.

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1. Fashion News: the latest fashion news; new brands and boutiques; 2. Shopping: fashion trends overviews, celebrities and experts style guides; 3. Beauty & Health: novelties of the beauty industry, perfumery and cosmetics. Interviews with professionals in this field; 4. Design & Interior: Creative design news, the latest collections of furniture and home accessories; 5. Drive: yachts and auto industry novelties, test drives, and expert opinions; 6. Travelling: news of tourism, Catalonia and Andorra guides; 7. Investments & Real Estate: real estate news. The opinions of professionals and recent changes in the law; 8. Gastronomy: relevant news of food industry: restaurant openings, gastronomic shows reports, interviews with famous chefs; expert opinions; 9. Agenda: upcoming events in cultural, sports and business spheres in Catalonia and Andorra; 10. Shopping maps: maps for shopping lovers with detailed information about places, where you can properly spend time and money ‌ and much more.

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PERIODICITY Shopping Time is the newspaper published 10 times a year (August-September and December-January bimonthly). The newspaper format 390 х 290 mm The minimum number of pages — 48


AND DISTRIBUTION Newspaper copies — 80 thousand copies. Newspaper is distributed free of charge in the most-visited tourist attractions of Barcelona, Catalonia and Andorra. Full distribution list is available on request. Contact our company managers.

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ONLINE VERSION The printed version of Shopping Time complemented with online version makes the newspaper a modern media channel, which covers the most active part of the readers. Website is a comprehensive source of information where you can find:  Spanish and international fashion brands of clothes, shoes, jewelry, watches, accessories, perfumes and cosmetics;  Shopping centers, car dealerships, furniture and design, electrical appliances;  Hotels, restaurants, gastronomy, gourmet shops;  Medical centers, clinics, beauty salons, banks and law services;  Leisure, sport, entertainment and sightseeing;  Real Estate agencies;  Language schools and courses;  Upcoming events and activities in Barcelona, Catalonia and Andorra.

Website available in four languages: English, Russian, Spanish and Chinese. Our visitors can access the website through any mobile device and due to the user-friendly design can navigate it without any inconvenience. Each object contains a photo, description, address, GPS coordinates marked on the map, phone, email, website, open hours etc. Moreover, there are sections ‘guidebook’ and ‘shopping news’.

SOCIAL NETWORKS Social networks is a powerful advertising tool. Pages on Facebook and Google+ provide constant communication with our readers. Daily social network users receive news of our advertisers about the latest events, presentations and promotions. We attract attention of our readers to your product. Our audience grows constantly due to the quality and relevance of our content.

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CONTACTS Miratex Media, S. L. +34 931 765 301 +34 931 636 626

Time is money  el tiempo es oro  Время — деньги

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