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Going international

climate for the specialties. These diplomas are awarded at international level for classic products such as the sparkling wines of Champagne and Roquefort cheeses in France and the green and port wines from the Douro and Porto regions of Portugal. This explains why the Paraty Association of Small Scale Producers and Friends of Cachaça (Apacap), which has held a seal in the IP class for six years, is thinking of upgrading its level. “We are getting ready to carry out

OPEN DOORS AND PORTS Lines of CREDIT available for companies with operations directed at the foreign market




up to 100% of the value guarantees credit for Brazilian exporters with of the export operation from 60 days annual revenues of up to two years; 85% to 10 years. of up to R$ 600 million. in the other cases.

equivalent to International rates.

allows exporters to adjust loans to international standards with more expensive inter- up to 85% of the value from 60 days PROEX EQUALIZAÇÃO est rates contracted from private instituof the export. to 10 years. tions.

equivalent to international rates.



financing working capital for exports of higher added value products.

up to 90% of the value of the export.

from 2 to 3 years.

combination of long-term interest rates (TJLP) with fixed pre-shipment rates (TJFPE) plus the basic BNDES rate (from 1.5% to 2.0% p.a.), financial intermediation rate (from 0.1% to 0.5% p.a.) and rate of the accredited institution.


refinancing working capital for exporters and up to 100% of the value loans for importers of Brazilian higher added up to 12 years. of the export. value products.

Libor plus the BNDES rate (minimum 1%) and credit risk rate (to be negotiated). Contracts are restated in terms of the exchange rate.


provides loans for investments in technology, up to from R$ 150,000 to R$ quality and innovation by companies with 96 months. 10 million. annual revenues of up to R$ 90 million.

long-term interest rates (TJLP) for companies in the South, Southeast and Midwest; TJLP minus 15% for companies in the North and Northeast.


economic subsidy for micro and small compa-from R$ 120,000 to nies with an innovative profile. R$ 400,000.

* Once the period has expired, the beneficiary company has to prove that the Finep resources were used correctly.




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such as wines from Vale dos Vinhedos (Rio Grande do Sul) which won the Designation of Origin status (DO) and the cachaça, a spirit made from sugar cane, from Salinas (Minas Gerais) and Paraty (Rio de Janeiro) which receive certificates of origin (IP). These diplomas are valuable selling points for producers looking abroad, particularly the DO seal which attests not only to the recognized know-how of the producers but that the region has the right

24 months*.



this work as our region has special features in terms of the soil, humidity and temperature,” said Fernando Mello, the chairman of Apacap that was founded in 1997. “The Sebrae technicians unified the region´s seven stills and always encouraged the smaller producers to form an association. Their support has helped us add value to the production, sales increased and we are considering proposals from importers.” The Paraty example is inspiring its rivals in Rio das Flores, 165 kilometers to the north, also in Rio de Janeiro state. Eli Werneck, the owner of the distillery that bears his family name, is the chairman of the association of cachaça producers of the Vale do Café which has started the process of applying for the IP origin certification. “We did some research on the history of the region and found that we had been producing sugar, molasses and cachaça long before coffee arrived. Our next step will be to present a proposal for the technical regulation to the INPI and the Agricultural Ministry,” he said. With the backing of Sebrae, Werneck became the first of the group to display the recognition seal in 2012. The endorsement came from Brazil´s official standards body, the

National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (Inmetro), and opens the door to foreign markets. The company, founded in 2008, began exporting bottles to the United States and recently signed contracts with China. It also won two medals, gold and bronze, at the 10th National Fine and Distilled Wines of Brazil Competition in July, organized by the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles organization. “The approval by Inmetro has a great weight here and abroad as it is equivalent in practice to ISO 9000 and 14001 certification,” said Werneck who is also pinning his hopes on the visibility brought about by the recent awards and is planning new ventures abroad. “We are currently exporting 10% of production but this should shortly rise to 20% or 25%.”

1 Global

technology: Fezer has sent machinery as far as Vanuatu

2 Resende: the FIP allowed Finep to acquire stakes in companies


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