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1 Rodizio Grill


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Award for expatriates



The Cold Revolution

On the top of Brazilian portals The Brazilian edition of the digital scientific library SciELO - Scientific Electronic Library Online — remains at the top of the category Top Portals of the Web of World Repositories ranking, elaborated by the Upper Council of Scientific Investigation of Spain to rank the most present and most impactful portals of free access and no-cost scientific publications on the web. Since 2011, SciELO Brasil has led the category of the ranking. The library is financed by the São Paulo State Pro-Research Institute (Fapes), with the support of Bireme (Latin American and Caribbean Center of Information in Health Sciences) and CNPq (National Council of Scientific and Technological Development).

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The gauchos presented the eat-all-you-can steakhouses to Brazil and the world and were such a hit that their leadership in the segment has been taken by foreigners. The largest chains, as we discussed in the cover story of our last edition of PIB, are located abroad and controlled by foreigners, such as Texas de Brazil (US), Brasayleña (Spain) and Fogo de Chão (US, previously Brazilian). A Sao Paulo native, however, guarantees a Brazilian presence among the top five. Ivan Utrera, ex-executive of the Pepsico group, who has been heading up his Rodizio Grill in the US for almost 20 years. “Our chain is a pioneer in the US”, he says. “We started in Denver, Colorado, in 1995, and now have 17 restaurants in 15 states.” Birmingham, in Alabama, and New York added to the list in the first quarter of 2014, and more novelties are ahead. By December, the target is to open another 3 steakhouses, two of which are touted to be in the cities of McCallen, in Texas, and Melbourne, in Florida. As a result, Rodizio Grill follows the trail of the giants Texas de Brazil and Fogo de Chão, which have 27 and 23 restaurants in the US. “We´ve already received proposals to operate in Canada and Dubai, but we´re in no rush to go abroad. The priority is to grow in organized fashion, since we are an in-house operation, unlike some competitors”, says Utrera, referring to Fogo de Chão, controlled by the investment fund Thomas H. Lee Partners.

3 Kopenhagen chocolates: now with Lindt

Tasty partnership

Brazilian Talent in the World is the name of the award created by Diáspora Brasil — a collaborative network run by the Brazilian Agency of Industrial Development— to recognize Brazilian professionals currently operating in other countries in the areas of science, technology, innovation and entrepreneurialism. The first awardwinners will be announced on May 28 in Brasília, and the decision-making commission is presided by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Luiz Alberto Figueiredo Machado. More information at

100% Brazilian eat-all-you-want barbecue

2 New Embraco compressor: oil-free

Embraco, created in 1971 in Joinville (Santa Catarina) and global leader in the market of hermetically-sealed compressors for domestic and commercial refrigeration, is launching a new product capable of changing energy consumption, the level of noise and even the format of fridges. Today, 20% of all fridges in the world (in Brazil, almost 100%) already use an Embraco compressor to circulate the cold air in the internal circuit. This leadership was achieved with a heavyweight investment strategy in R&D (3-4% of net revenue) and a global presence (almost 12,000 employees at the Brazilian HQ and at the company´s plants in China, Russia, Italy, Slovakia, the US and Mexico). As a result, 70% of revenue is generated by products launched in the last 4 years. The new compressor, called Wisemotion, was almost 10 years in the making, almost exclusively Brazilian, and is a joy to behold. It has zero maintenance, a smaller environmental impact due to its compact size and the fact that it doesn’t use oil in the lubrication circuit (that´s why it uses the refrigerating liquid itself), consumes the energy of a 60 watt lamp, its noise is almost unperceivable and it works in any position – which designers will love since the compressor will no longer have to be located in the low section and back end of fridges. By year-end 2014, the first 600,000 Wisemotion compressors will be produced at the Monterey plant in México, and then another 1.5 million in China. The other markets will be supplied after that. In a few years, the old on-and-off compressors, which usually give late-night fridge raiders a shock, are expected to become a thing of the past, just like the box televisions – the ones that disappeared when the finescreen LED TVs conquered the world (Marco Antonio Rezende).

Brazil will be the first country in which the Swiss chocolate multinational Lindt will have a partner in its retail operation, currently formed by around 200 units worldwide. This feat was achieved by the CRM group, better known by the community of chocolate addicts for its Kopenhagen and Brasil Cacau brands, sold at over 820 nationwide stores. “After studying the local market, they realized Brazil was a country with many specificities, full of regionalization”, explains Renata Moraes Vichi, vice-president of CRM. “They thus looked for a partner who understood this reality and had retail experience”. In Brazil, Lindt previously offered its products in supermarkets and duty free shops (distributed by Aurora Alimentos, which will continue to perform this task). In the new Brazilian operation, Lindt will hold 51% of shares and CRM 49%, and the first local point of sale with its brand will be opened in São Paulo in July-August. Renata doesn’t see any competition between the products of the new partner and those of CRM´s portfolio: “We realized there is space, in the national market, for a premium brand, somewhere between the luxury of Kopenhagen and the affordable-byall Brasil Cacau: this brand will be Lindt”.



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