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4 5-100 projects is an initiative of comprehensive academic excellence for Russian universities which aims at the deep transformation of institutions in accordance with the best models and international practices. Without losing traditions consolidated over centuries resulting in a proud academic reputation of scientific research at the highest level, it reinforces a position within the global education market. The project was launched in 2013 to support the best universities of Russia scheduled for an eight-year plan.

Increasing the appeal of universities in order to recruit the most brilliant international professors and scholars and attracting the most talented students from all over the world as well as promoting education and research. This transformation has three key objectives.

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Changing the University´s environment by upgrading to an international firstclass level through the creation of extensive communication in the English language; establishing a wide variety of international educational programs. New accommodations and services in a more practical and comfortable campus, attuned to the objectives pursued. Reforming the University´s research: partnering with leading international research teams to boost universal enrichment; increasing presence in the most prestigious international research journals and developing a more active collaboration among universities, companies and the industry. Increasing demand for our technology transfer in the global market of innovative products. Increase the appeal of universities to brilliant international professors and thus attract the most outstanding students from all over the world to promote education and research.



To achieve these objectives, we have implemented many international practices such as the supervision and approval of strategic and financial plans of all universities adhered to project 5-100. Other practices included are to ensure the reform of the universities´ strategic plans of development, management and autonomy.


The challenge? Be among the 100 best universities of the world We want to take advantage of the experience of the Russian scientists who were actively involved in the discoveries that have shaped the modern world. The universities participating in the project are very diverse, but share the same goal: to be amongst the best in Russia in a specific field and develop outstanding potential in this field worldwide. Historically, mainstream research in Russia has been channeled through the research institutions of The Russian Academy of Sciences. Talented international students want to study at the universities where the new knowledge that the market demands are generated and where students can participate in cutting-edge research and entrepreneurship or start their own research projects. Most international professors are looking for the same thing. We welcome you to Russia to our project 5-100 universities. The Russian Federation has set itself to positioning five of its educational institutions among the 100 best universities in the world by the year 2020, as well as the enrollment of 15 per cent of students and at least 10 percent of academic staff from abroad.


7 The initiative of Academic Excellence Project 5-100 aims to improve Russian higher education in all aspects. It has a clear goal and has progressed steadily from the first year of implementation. The success of the Project 5-100 is also measured based on the number of students and international professors and academics. Some institutions are already showing significant progress in this area, for example, the High School of Economics has increased its international staff by more than 50% in the last year, and St. Petersburg Polytechnic University is only three percentage points off the goal of the project by which at least 15% students must come from other countries. There is a long way ahead, but universities have been provided with important resources that will allow the advance of Russia in the world rankings.

The ambition is becoming reality Timoteo OConnor, vice-rector of academic affairs of the National Research University of Science and Technology MISIS (NUST MISIS) of Moscow, says: “A profound change in institutional culture is taking place; the various parties have agreed on the strategic goals of the project, as well as on the roadmap to achieve them. A new entrepreneurial spirit of participation and commitment has arisen�.



And what is the main message of the project 5-100 for the global academic community (and your future students)? As Charles Darwin stated: “Species that have learned how to collaborate have prevailed”. Through this project we want to boost long-term collaborations among Russian and international universities so that the institutions are enhanced by the collaboration and synergies of both, academics and students.. But what can Russia offer that others cannot? OConnor says: ” A sense of urgency to improve education and science has permeated in Russia, with unique opportunities for institutional growth as well as professional and personal development. There is a great desire to try new ideas and take calculated risks concerning the improvement of the quality of education and Russian science. We are willing to accept the change and are open to new approaches and methods to enhance learning and foster the community, we have opened a new educational scenario in Russia”.




Проекта 5-100

Per Aspera in Repertorium Март, 2015

Digest 5-100


10 Quacquarelli Symonds ranking Moscow State University returned in the list of 200 best universities in the world -Lomonosov Moscow State University is ranked No. 114 in the World Ranking and No.3 in Brics ranking. World ranking of the best universities according to the QS: First place is for the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT). In second position - University of Cambridge, followed by the Imperial College of London. Harvard University dropped to the fourth place. The University College of London, the University of Oxford, Stanford University, the Institute of Technology of Princeton University and California were also classified within the top ten universities. Yale closes the top ten. Russian universities in the Quacquarelli Symonds ranking in 2015 were among the leaders of the 25 themed features, doubling the result of the previous year and 7 universities were positioned among the top 50 of the Brics Ranking.

Lomonosov Moscow State University is ranked No. 114 in the World Ranking and No.3 in Brics ranking. - Saint-Petersburg State University is No. 233 in the World Ranking No. 12 in Brics Ranking - Novosibirsk State University No. 328 in the World Ranking No. 18 Brics Ranking - Institute of International Relations of Moscow, No. 399 World Ranking and No. 35 Brics Ranking. - Technical State University of Moscow Bauman, No. 322 in the World Ranking and 36 Brics Ranking. - St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, No.481 World Ranking and 47 Brics Ranking. - Tomsk State University –No. 491 World Ranking, and 47 Brics Ranking


11 QS University Rankings: BRICS 2014 The Chinese universities are positioned in 5 of the 6 top places of this ranking: -1 st. Tsinghua University -2 nd Peking University -3 rd Lomonosov Moscow State University -4th University of Science and Technology of China -5 th Fudan University -6 th Nanjing University Ranking Times Higher Education. According to the British publication “Times Higher Education�, in its list of the 100 best universities in BRIC countries - 2015 (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), adapted to the specific characteristics of the emerging markets. The Ranking placed institutions of higher education in China in the top two positions. Firstly, the Tsinghua University in Beijing and secondly - the University of Beijing. It includes 7 Russian universities: - Lomonosov Moscow State University in the 5th position. - National Research Nuclear University MEPhI ranked No. 13 - Novosibirsk National Research State University in the 34th position,


12 - St. Petersburg State University ranked No. 64 - Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology in the 69 th position - Ufa State Aviation Technical University in the 70th place - Bauman State Moscow Technical University ranked No. 90 In the prestigious ranking, the MSU scored 46 points out of a maximum of 100 Lomonosov Moscow State University returned to the first 200 best universities in the world by “Times Higher Education” British publication and Thomson Reuters´s information team, ranked No. 196. State University of Novosibirsk entered the ranking for the first time, achieving to get into a group with No.301 of 350 seats. Furthermore, Moscow State University, Novosibirsk State University and the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (MEPhI) attained a place among the 100 best universities in the world in the field of natural sciences. Editor Phil Betty in an official statement congratulated Russia for the “return to the list of elite”, and pointed out that “the spirit of the creation of world-class universities in Russia... combined with a clear and precise program of reforms and investment is already paying off”.


13 “Navigator Program” Priceless initiative to study abroad “Global education” – the generic name given to the State program of subsidies for Russian citizens, for Masters or postgraduate studies in foreign universities. The maximum amount of the grant - 1.381.800 roubles a year. (23.935,-€) The students can spend the money to cover tuition and related expenses.

Magazine Nuve, will dedicate a special issue to the facilities of mobility, scholarships and exchanges for students and professors Russia Spain. Our special thanks for the collaboration of: Yulia Selyukova, Ksenia Bregadze and Irina Kalistratova.

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