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Gaza: ground zero


he increase of violence that has shaken Gaza leaves behind 2,000 people dead, 10,000 injured, and 290,000 refugees in fifty days of conflict, including four truces. On top of it we must add other damages that United Nations estimates in 9,000 million euros, leaving another half a million people in the region at the verge of humanitarian risk.



The beginning of this new confrontation is the abduction and murder of three young Israelis, whose kidnap was attributed by Israeli authorities to Hamas, although this organisation initially denied being involved. In addition –and in a context of military harassment in the West Bank– the circumstances of death of two children and the murder of a young Palestinian were never clarified, and triggered a missile attack between Gaza and Israel.


However, this timing of the of events is not yet clear: while Israeli authorities acknowledged that Hamas was not responsible, a high representative of Hamas admitted that, indeed, they were, and made clear that the idea was simply instigating the conflict. Although Human Rights are successive and systematic violated, a military intervention outside the parts in conflict with the alleged intention of pacifying the area would be a constant drain for both those in favour of

Núm. 3 - Gaza: ground zero - El Ala Izquierda  
Núm. 3 - Gaza: ground zero - El Ala Izquierda