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Worn Again is the couture collection by fashion designer Dana Cohen and is an award winning graduation project by the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Israel. Textiles leftovers were recycled and given a new life cycle by introducing innovative approach to ecological fabric manufacturing.

Dana Cohen is a young fashion designer who just got her graduation from the Shankar College of Engineering and Design in Israel. Through the information she sent us we get to know that each year there is around 17 thousand tons of textiles that are thrown away in Israel, numbers according to Adam Teva V’Din the Israel Union for Environmental Defense. Getting knowledge of this situation near the end of her studies Dana started thinking about clothing mass production and she also felt bad for throwing away good textiles and garments. So she decided to come up with the idea of this haute couture collection that basically gave a new life cycle to textile leftovers and waste. As she points out the ”collection introduces an innovative approach to ecological fabric manufacturing, used for designing luxurious and distinctive garments”. Dana also clarifies on how her design is innovative saying that “until now, used 18

clothes were recycled mainly for practical purposes. I found a way to create a new cycle of life to used knits by shredding them and using them to create new textiles. I like the idea that the unique color of the recycled textiles consist of many different knits, each with their own history. And meanwhile we can reduce pollution!”. Beyond the inspiration in which the collection lies, the designer explained that “by knitting new knits and integrating them in the new fabric, I could illustrate the transformation from old to new. For some of the outfits I used patterns as argyles and stripes that are usually associated with traditional sweaters.” She concluded referring that “each garment symbolizes the possibility of creating beauty out of something we thought had already ended”.