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MAY 2017



Bratecc and its projection for growth INTERVIEW / DÉBORA COLKER

I don’t acknowledge barriers DR. EMERSON PERIN

A Brazilian at the forefront of Medicine

Celebrating 15 Years of Success

BRATECC Magazine - May 2017



BRATECC Magazine - May 2017

BRATECC Magazine - May 2017


Executive Director Priscila Trummer


Editor Tim Filho Journalism Carlos Wesley Photographer Eduardo Perme Contributors Ana Cristina Kolmel Daniella Manriquez Danielly Mesquita Glenia Aguiar Ines Selestrin Luciana Sereno Robert Donald Web Antonio Matias Neto Bratecc Magazine is published by Revista Brasilianas. For more information about Bratecc Magazine, visit us at www., email us at info@revistabrasilianas. com, or call us at (657) 2233468. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced without the expressed written consent of the publisher.

Bratecc Magazine is a commemorative publication celebrating Bratecc’s 15th anniversary. This special edition is a production of Revista Brasilianas, a partner of Bratecc. Brasilianas recognizes the value of the institution that focuses on good commercial and human relations, the true basis of networking. In this issue, we present some of the history of Bratecc and also the work they developed throughout these years. While reading the magazine, the reader will be able to see the strength in commercial relations that Bratecc has. Their focus on the humanization of work will also stand out through the various actions, in the areas of health and art, present in the daily life of Cardiologist Dr. Emerson Perin and choreographer DÊbora Colker. The testimonials highlighted in this edition will showcase the respect that business leaders have for Bratecc. We, at Revista Brasilianas, are proud to be a part of this celebration! We congratulate Bratecc for its 15 years, with the certainty of strength and competence present in all its directors. Long life to Bratecc!

Priscila Trummer @priscilatrummer


BRATECC Magazine - May 2017

Brazil-Texas Chamber of Commerce is devoted to fostering business and friendship among American and Brazilian companies. This is accomplished by providing access to business leaders, reliable business partners, opinion makers and networking opportunities.

BRATECC’s Board of Directors 2017 Honorary President Alfredo Camargo Consul-Geral of Brazil in Houston President Claudio Nunes Petrobras America, Inc. Honorary Vice President George J. Donnelly Lilo Ventures President Emeritus Renato Tadeu Bertani Barra Energia Executive Director Cid Silveira Apolo Tubulars Int’l. Corp. Secretary Jerry Kimmitt Legge Farrow Kimmitt McGrath Treasurer Fernando Frimm GustoMSC U.S. Director Carla P. Lacerda Exxon Mobil Director Carlos Mastrangelo SBM Offshore USA

Director Chris DeSa FTI Director Cleide Aitken Mecano-Tech, Inc. Director Millie Uriarte United Airlines Director Rafael Carsalade PKF Texas Director Raul Vieira Bureau Veritas Director Ulisses Sperandio Schlumberger STAFF Membership Support Robert Donald Natasha Sperandio Executive Assistant Glenia Aguiar Communication Support Danielly Mesquita Ana Cristina Kolmel Alexis Bosch BRATECC Magazine - May 2017



BRATECC Magazine - May 2017

Celebrating 15 Years of Success The Brazil-Texas Chamber of Commerce (BRATECC) is celebrating this year its 15th. anniversary, and we’re proud of the strong reputation we’ve conquered throughout all these years. From the very beginning it became clear that the energy sector, especially oil & gas, became a natural focus of our growth and success due to the strong identity between Texas and Brazil. During the extensive development in the offshore upstream segment in the deep water wells of the Gulf of Mexico and the of Campos Field and the Pre-Salt area Bratecc has been providing a highly specialized forum for its members to uncover and seize valuable business opportunities. In the downstream sector, four petrochemical plants owned by Brazilian companies exemplify the degree of investments and commitment to the state of Texas. Bratecc has been also promoting other areas such as education, inovation and bioenergy, and is currently creating a forum in the agribusiness sector where authorities, policy makers, scientists from the academia, and private business leaders of both countries, and particularly the State of Texas, will be able to jointly have discussions. Areas of focus will include scientific development , bi-lateral policies and agreements, world strategies for food distribution, logistics, bio-fuels, and GMO crops to name a few.

BRATECC Magazine - May 2017


The history of Bratecc A history that goes beyond commercial interests between Brazil and Texas, and is based on the friendship between Brazilians and Houstanians By Ana Cristina Kolmel / Robert Donald

A perfect storm brewed between Brazil and Texas back in the second half of the 1990s. After coming out of a hyper-inflationary cycle, the Brazilian government implemented an aggressive program to privatize various state-operated initiatives and reduce the amount of control the state exercised in the petroleum industry. Such moves caused various international and Houston-based companies to take a hard look at the potential offered by Brazilian market and either start or expand operations there. Brazilian corporations were also looking for growth, and some targeted the U.S. as an avenue for investment and expansion. Among them, Petrobras took the lead – deciding to significantly enhance its footprint in the U.S. Meanwhile, a small group of “Houstonians”, comprised of American and Brazilian business people, noticed the emerging need for a forum to discuss issues pertaining to Brazil, whilst creating networks of players and teams with business interests to develop opportunities between Brazil and Texas. Thus, the dream of a Chamber of Commerce was born in the late 90s. The creation of the Brazil-Texas Chamber of Commerce (BRATECC), was influenced by two key players then Brazil’s Consul General Carlos Augusto R. Santos-Neves and Petrobras America, Inc. President Renato Tadeu Bertani. Both men were able to share the vision for a chamber of commerce to support Brazil and Texas business interests, and together provided the leadership for that ‘small group’ to bring BRATECC to fruition. In recognition for constructive council given to the chamber in 8

BRATECC Magazine - May 2017

how to operate as a Brazilian representative entity, Brazil’s Consul General traditionally leads the office of BRATECC Honorary President, just as the President of Petrobras America, Inc. leads as BRATECC President. From Ambassador SantosNeves to Ambassadors Carlos Alberto de Azevedo Pimentel, Antonio Jose Rezende de Castro, Mario Saade and Roberto Ardenghy, the current interim Brazil Consul General; BRATECC works closely with the Brazilian Consul General on the Chamber’s initiative. Likewise from Bertani to Alberto Guimaraes, to Claudio Nunes, the current President of Petrobras America, Inc., BRATECC relies on that office for its strategic guidance, leadership and support. To carry forth its mission, the Chamber depends on the advice of a stellar Board of Directors who aim for the 5-A’s: “Always alert and always accessible”, to steer BRATECC initiatives toward its mission. The Board is comprised by leaders of different industries, such as Petrobras, Lilo Ventures, Barra Energia, Legge Farrow, Apolo Tubulars, Gusto MSC, Exxon Mobil, United Airlines, SBM Offshore, FTI, Mecano-Tech, PKF, Bureau Veritas, Schlumberger. In 2001, BRATECC was officially launched, and promptly embraced the mission, “To Foster Business and Friendship, Networking Decision and Opinion Makers.” From the early years BRATECC sought to solidify its vision and mission. Now, fifteen years later, BRATECC remains committed to that inspired vision. From the chamber’s inception in 2001 until 2013,

Ricardo Peduzzi shaped the future of BRATECC as a founding member and first executive director. Under his tenure, he ensured BRATECC would have a pivotal role in trade between Brazilian and American companies based in Houston. He served as a member of the International Business Development Council of the Bay Area Houston Economic Partnership, which in itself attracted investments to the region which serves NASA and the Johnson Space Center. In addition, he represented the city of Houston on the Mayoral Advisory Board for International Affairs and Development promoting the city’s focus on the energy and technology industries. Furthermore, he devoted his time to create the Houston Supply Chain and Logistics Institute; forming an alliance between The University of Houston and Texas A&M University to integrate intellectual capital with the opportunities presented by the oil and gas industry in Brazil. His passion and motivation still serve as an inspiration to all. In 2013 Cid Silveira started contributing as a key player to the continued success of BRATECC

as a member of the board of directors to align business interests from Brazil and Texas; as well as becoming the executive director in 2013 leading day-to-day operations. In this role he has overseen the development of the chamber, building links not only within the Houston community, but also at the state and national level as well. Events normally taking place under his guidance include receptions for Ministers from Brazil who give an overview of Brazil’s energy industry, as well as the implementation of commercial trade missions between Brazil and the U.S., business matchmaking events and other avenues in which BRATECC is playing a prominent role. The Brazil-Texas Chamber of Commerce’s future plans include fostering its strategic relationships throughout the State of Texas, by strengthening ties to Dallas and Austin, and diversifying its membership base beyond the energy industry. The Chamber looks forward to leverage its success in the oil and gas industry to similarly become a leading forum for Brazil-Texas agriculture dialogue and also in the Medical field.

BRATECC Magazine - May 2017


Photo Eduardo Perme


BRATECC Magazine - May 2017

A Brazilian at the forefront of Medicine Dr. Emerson Perin: Cardiologist, pioneer in clinical regenerative medicine in Houston By Carlos Wesley

Pelé, Tom Jobim, Gisele Bündchen, Ayrton Senna, Paulo Coelho. These are just a few names of Brazilians on the list who have honored our country internationally, with remarkable contributions in different sectors and activities. Among this selected group may also be included a ‘gaucho’ who lives in Houston, the cardiologist Dr. Emerson Perin. As the director of New Interventional Cardiovascular Technology at the Texas Heart Institute, he is considered one of the main authorities in interventions involving stem cells, helping numerous patients suffering from cardiovascular disease. He is currently leading a worldwide study aimed at further perfecting the procedure of intervention, which for nearly two decades has revolutionized medicine by giving more quality of life to thousands of people suffering from heart failure. “Regenerative medicine is the future, undoubtedly. Transplants, which have been used as a natural solution, do not work for everyone because of rejection of organs in some individuals and the limited number of available organs”, explains Perin. The pioneering research under his coordination is experimental and is in the process of being approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). It is expected that the technique involving stem cells in cardiac surgeries will be applied on a larger scale starting in 2019. According to the World Health Organization, cardiovascular diseases are the number one cause of mortality among middle aged men and women. The mentioned project of cellular therapy

consists on accompanying patients who received, through a catheter, millions of stem cells extracted from their own bone marrow. The procedure has had an effect on the people who had been submitted to the applications having shown health improvement and some already even freed of needing a transplant, to which before had seemed imminent. Most importantly, the study will also help prevent many other heart diseases. In this research, a total of 600 patients whose hearts were almost stopping included patients from the United States, Brazil and Europe. The results have already generated hundreds of medical articles published in specialized scientific journals. Perin is the author of many of them and also of two books on the subject, in which he defends the procedure, even from the financial point of view. After all, stem cell injection, compared to transplants, not only guarantees a faster recovery to patients, but also costs much less. Born in Porto Alegre, Perin spent his entire life between Brazil and Texas. He lived in Dallas as a child, but his medical degree is from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. He arrived in Houston in 1988 and now ranks top among interventional cardiologists in the Nation. “I have always dreamed of becoming a doctor, with a specialty in internal medicine and not esthetics,” says the cardiologist, who has among his hobbies the violin. The passion for the instrument is so great that he keeps a music room in his house and only his most intimate companions are fortunate to see him play. BRATECC Magazine - May 2017


But contrary to the sound of his violin, the cardiologist admits that the discussion about the adoption of cell therapy has not been harmonious: “The theme raises many controversies, which go beyond the field of medicine.” Therefore, each step of the research is done with extreme care and documentation. The journey which started with animal testing, later began to be adopted in humans in 2001. The initiative of the Brazilian specialist has received various criticisms, from the more conservative side, who question the ethical limits of this type of technique, and from others who argue that the benefits have not yet been fully substantiated. For those who deal with patients on the verge between life and death, the questions opposing his research serve as fuel to further boost his studies. And this is not a new obstacle for Perin who has faced similar resistance in his career because of his pioneering work. In this sense, he emphasizes that the use of technology should never dehumanize the relationship between the doctor and the patient, as many claim. “Here in the United States the spirit of medicine is systematic, almost perfect. However, our profession is based especially on common sense and sensitivity, and the mix of these two


BRATECC Magazine - May 2017

strands is what makes a doctor to be competent”, he points out.

Here in the United States the spirit of medicine is systematic, almost perfect. However, our profession is based especially on common sense and sensitivity, and the mix of these two strands is what makes a doctor to be competent.

Although he has been in America for many years, the ‘gaucho’ did not lose his strong accent and did not neglect the pleasures of Brazilian cuisine - such as the churrasco and feijoada, which he had to teach his North American second wife. Father of two children who preferred not to follow in the footsteps of medicine, Dr. Perin also passionately remains connected to his soccer team, International of Porto Alegre. “I did not stop being Brazilian and still take my chimarrão frequently,” clarifies Perin, who is certainly a source of pride for the Brazilian community in Houston.

BRATECC Magazine - May 2017



As Brazil and the United States continue to expand their trading relations, Texas is playing an increasingly important role. Texas and Brazil share a solid identity in the oil and gas sector, and the Brazil-Texas Chamber of Commerce (BRATECC), with the strong and steady support of the Consulate General of Brazil in Houston, has been a beacon for companies of that industry during the 15 years since its inception. Bratecc is presently keen to expand in the agribusiness sector. Brazil and the US are the two powerhouses in the world stage of agribusiness, and Texas within the US, is a major player in raising cattle and other livestock, and agriculture crops such as soy, cotton, and corn. These are just two examples of the strong ties and potential for growth, not to mention other areas like ICT, nanotechnology, biotechnology and the medical sector. We at Bratecc, are very excited to contribute in an extraordinary way to expand the relationship between Texas and Brazil. ClĂĄudio Nunes President Bratecc / Petrobras Americas


BRATECC Magazine - May 2017

BRATECC Magazine - May 2017


Personal Testimonials

15 years of a positive and successful partnership. The Brazil-Texas Chamber of Commerce (BRATECC) has acted, in its 15 years of existence, in partnership with the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) to promote the oil and gas sector in Brazil and abroad, especially in the state of Texas, where the U.S. oil industry is concentrated. As a former Director-General of the ANP, I have participated since 2012 in events organized by BRATECC, moments from which I could present to international investors the opportunities in Brazil for oil and gas exploration and production. This fruitful partnership reached its apex in 2013, the year Brazil resumed the bidding rounds which had been interrupted for five years, and held the first round in the pre-salt polygon. The support of BRATECC in this very important moment was crucial for disclosing the resumption of oil and gas auctions in the country. The direct participation of BRATECC, in Houston, has been essential to expanding ANP’s performance on the American scene, as well as to increasing Brazil’s visibility as a major world frontier in the oil and gas sector”.

Magda Chambriard Former National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP)

I would like to extend my warmest congratulations to Bratecc on its 15th anniversary. The Chamber and the Consulate have maintained a comprehensive and successful cooperation over the years, supporting the business community in Texas and strengthening the links between Brazil and the United States. BRATECC, under the leadership of its board members, has become a key point of contact to Brazilians in Texas and the Consulate has had the opportunity to be partner in many of those important initiatives. Innovation, new business opportunities and reinforcement of cultural and business links between Texas and Brazil in a frank and cooperative environment have been the leading purposes of the Chamber since its creation and the Consulate of Brazil will continue to be a preferred partner for future projects.


BRATECC Magazine - May 2017

João Carlos Deluca Chairman - Barra Energia Petróleo e Gas and Counsel Emeritus - IBP (Former President 2001-2015)

Personal Testimonials

In the beginning the Board is all but very enthused and with all kinds of ideas, as we should be. Of course Houston being the world capital of the energy industry, focusing on events and functions covering this area is a natural decision, and that’s we implement first. However, Houston is also home of the Medical Center, Nasa, and other major industries that the Board identifies as of great interest for Brazilian businesses. Therefore we also make the effort to expand by trying to connect Texas and Brazil in those areas. Soon enough though, it becomes clear to the Borad that Bratecc’s focus should remain and be intensified in the energy until other areas become viable. The great success that Bratecc has achieved is measured by the number of important events promoted and organized each year, thanks to the support of its membership and the increasingly interest of American businesses to invest in Brazil.

Cid Silveira Executive Director, Bratecc

It is with great pleasure that the Consulate General of Brazil in Houston recognizes the celebration of BRATECC’s 15th anniversary. The Chamber and the Consulate have maintained a comprehensive and successful cooperation over the years, supporting the business community in Texas and strengthening the links between Brazil and the United States. BRATECC, under the leadership of its board members, has become a key point of contact to Brazilians in Texas and the Consulate has had the opportunity to be partner in many of those important initiatives. Innovation, new business opportunities and reinforcement of cultural and business links between Texas and Brazil in a frank and cooperative environment have been the leading purposes of the Chamber since its creation and the Consulate of Brazil will continue to be a preferred partner for future projects”.

Roberto Furian ARDENGHY is a career diplomat who has worked in different Embassies abroad like Havana, Washington DC and Buenos Aires. He is currently the Head of the Commercial Department in Houston. BRATECC Magazine - May 2017



BRATECC Magazine - May 2017

15 Years of Success!

BRATECC Magazine - May 2017



“I don’t acknowledge barriers” By Carlos Wesley

Bold, restless, versatile, creative, innovative. It would be very difficult to define the multitalented Deborah Colker in just one way. And the choreographer from Rio herself admits that this diversity of gifts and characteristics is one of the main reasons for the success of the company that carries her name. Actually, not choreographer ... movement director, as she prefers to be called. After a wonderful year in which her art gained even more international projection, especially because the outstanding and praised opening ceremony for the Olympics Games in Rio de Janeiro, Deborah plans to debut a new show in 2017, based on a poem by João Cabral de Melo Neto - ‘O Cão sem Plumas’ (or ‘The Dog without Feathers’ in English). And here are some good news: the show will go on tour, with possibilities to reach Houston, where the company has been in 2007 and 2012. Over the phone, Deborah gave the following interview, and talked about dance, her reputation as demanding and even about her creative process.


BRATECC Magazine - May 2017


BRATECC Magazine - May 2017


CW - The Rio 2016 opening ceremony resonates till this day and had received praises from critics of the New York Times and Le Monde, just to mention a few. Do you think this was the highlight of your career? Débora Colcker - I can’t deny it was a unique moment, a huge challenge. And the show was broadcasted worldwide, with an audience of more than 3 billion people. I don’t want to be pretentious, but there are other moments in my career that I’m also very proud of. For example, in 2001, with ‘Mix’, I received the Laurence Olivier Award, from the Society of London Theatre, the only Brazilian to receive such recognition. Also, I can say the same about having directed Cirque du Soleil ‘Ovo’ (meaning ‘Egg’, in English). The Rio 2016 undoubtedly brought a greater repercussion. CW - What do you think about the final result of the ceremony at the Rio Olympic Games? Débora Colcker - Everything was perfect, as we had planned. I confess I was a little apprehensive, because of the expectation and because many people doubted that Rio, in the middle of so much chaos, could do something really remarkable. Also, this may have been the most personal work of my career, since all segments had my mark. In the end, everything worked fine and I was very proud ... and relieved too, especially for realizing that the public understood the message. CW - And how was it to create and direct a stage with thousands of people? Débora Colcker - I had worked on a big scale, 22

BRATECC Magazine - May 2017

Débora I had read this poem by João Cabral de Melo Neto a long time ago, but only recently did I feel like turning his words into a spectacle, with movements and sensitivity. but never with more than 100 professionals and about six thousand extras, in Maracanã. It took almost two years of preparation, with auditions, workshops, rehearsals. I’m talking about 18 hours of work a day, not to mention that I was also directing another show. Anyway, you can imagine how complicated it was, but it was well worth it. The hardest thing after such an overwhelming show like that is thinking about the next project. In our case, the next project went in the opposite direction.

with a text by a Brazilian author, who talks about the relationship of the people of Pernambuco with the Rio Capibaribe and with nature in general. What the audience can expect is an adaptation of the poem to dance and visual arts, with a lot of mangrove mud and emotions. It is a geographical poem, but one that is universal.

Colker That’s why I say that I’m not just a choreographer, but a director of movements. I could not handle the intensity of the stage if I did not have the energy and discipline that the sport gave CW - You, of course, are talking about ‘The Dog without Feathers’, based on the homonyms poem about the life around the Capibaribe River, in Pernambuco. What can we expect? Débora Colcker - I had read this poem by João Cabral de Melo Neto a long time ago, but only recently did I feel like turning his words into a spectacle, with movements and sensitivity. In each project, I feel that I can open a range of possibilities and for the first time I am working

CW - Do you think that there’s any chance of bringing the show to the United States, or to Houston specifically? Débora Colcker - Without a doubt, this is our desire. I liked Houston a lot when I was there. The city is beautiful and has a striking architecture. I remember that the theater was great (note: Jones Hall) and we were very well received by the public. It would be wonderful to return. CW - Let’s talk about your background. Is it true that in childhood and part of adolescence you dedicated yourself to music and sports, and the dance came only in adulthood? Débora Colcker - That’s true. I studied classic piano all my life and also liked to play volleyball, I even participated in official competitions. With a violinist father, it was not difficult to inherit this artistic vein, but my mother used to say that music and dance should always be just a hobby. Then I studied psychology in College. But I think that all this background was important so that I could incorporate this knowledge into my art, and my spectacles mix all this and more. That’s why I say that I’m not just a choreographer, but a director of movements. I could not handle the intensity of the stage if I did not have the energy and discipline that the sport gave me. BRATECC Magazine - May 2017


CW - How does your creative process work? Débora Colcker - Inspiration has no formula. Each show is built slowly, from a simple idea. In recent works, as in ‘The Dog without Feathers’, for example, we also work with the history and experiences. The human condition is essential in everything I do. I like to question the physical laws in my choreography, but I never leave aside the aspect of reflection and the meaning of life. I like to embraces different rhythms and expressions, without giving up sensibility. CW - And what does it take to be part of your company? Débora Colcker - I have a reputation for being picky, but the 14 professionals who are with me know I have to be true to what I’m looking for. So, first of all, obvious, one needs to have a good foundation in classical ballet and contemporary dance techniques. In addition, he or she has an obligation to know our repertoire, even because we have used a kind of artistic recycling process in the performances. The most important thing to be part of the team, though, is to show ease of improvisation and willingness to try new things. With all this, the artist needs to see if he or she can spend a week with me in our intense rehearsals – and this is often the hardest part. CW - What are your main influences? Débora Colcker - Wow, there are so many. Among the best known, there is no doubt I would say Fred Astaire and Michael Jackson. I am an unconditional fan of the German choreographer Pina Bausch and the American choreographer Merce Cunningham. Anyway, I was influenced by several sources, including in music, literature and other areas. I like to think that I am an artist whose main characteristic is diversity, as I don’t acknowledge barriers. CW - Finally, what is the feeling of being considered a kind of ambassador of Brazilian art around the world? Débora Colcker - It is a mixed emotion. While I am happy and proud to take Brazil as its best for other people to know, I am frustrated with the immensity of other possibilities that could happen if the country exposure our art and culture to the four corners of the world. But I’m sure that Brazil, or its population, is changing for the better. 24

BRATECC Magazine - May 2017

BRATECC Magazine - May 2017


Significant Events 2010

Global Energy Trends-2010 - March Brazil Breakfast at OTC 2010 - May Brazil Presidential Elections in October – June 2011:2011 BRATECC 10TH Anniversary – February BRATECC Offshore Luncheon-2011 – May BRATECC Offshore Breakfast-2011 – May Brazil Energy and Power 8-2010 – August Brazil Energy and Power 9-2011 – August Doing Buisiness in Brazil: Breakfast and Seminar-2011 – October 2012:2012 Welcome Reception for Brazilian Ambassador – February Mission to Brazil-2012 City of Houston Economic Development – March BRATECC Offshore 2012-Tuesday Breakfast – May BRATECC Offshore 2012-Wednesday Breakfast – May Update on Cascade and Chinook – July 10th Annual Brazil Energy and Power – August Houston Shipping Conference – October 2013:2013 11th Bidding Round for Exploration and Production Blocks – March BRATECC Offshore 2013 Oil and Gas in Brazil-The Next Five Years – May 2013 Bidding Rounds for Libra, Giant Oil Feild, and On-shore Gas in Brazil – August 11th International Conference on Brazil Energy and Power – August IIE Gala 2013 – September 3rd Houston Shipping and Offshore Conference – October Sao Paulo, The Place for Pre-salt Exploration – October How to Do Business and Invest in Brazil – October Shale Gas Workshop and Matchmaking Event – December 26

BRATECC Magazine - May 2017

BRATECC Magazine - May 2017


2014:2014 Agribusiness Commercial Mission – February BRATECC Offshore 2014 Breakfast Event – May The 4th Houston Shipping & Offshore Conference – October Unconventional Gas Network – November End of the Year Celebration – December 2015:2015 Matchmaking - Furniture Sector – February Cocktail Kickoff – February Parnaíba Gás Natural - Networking Session – March Reception: Minister Eduardo Braga - May BRATECC Offshore 2015 – May 2016:2016 Brazil Anti-Corruption and Compliance: What Companies Need To Do Going Forward – February Ethics & Compliance in a Multi-Cultural Global Business Organization – March ExxonMobil The Outlook for Energy: A View to 2040 – April BRATECC Offshore 2016 – May LNG Americas Summit & Exhibition – June Welcome Cocktail Reception - Consul General of Brazil in Houston - November


BRATECC Magazine - May 2017

BRATECC Magazine - May 2017



BRATECC Magazine - May 2017

BRATECC Magazine - May 2017



BRATECC Magazine - May 2017



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BRATECC Magazine - May 2017



BRATECC Magazine - May 2017

Bratecc - Brazil Texas Chamber of Commerce  

Special Edition - Celebrating 15 years of Bratecc

Bratecc - Brazil Texas Chamber of Commerce  

Special Edition - Celebrating 15 years of Bratecc