The Ownership Dividend

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ACTION PLAN Together, key forces in the EO debate have what it takes to support and drive The Ownership Dividend’s recommendations. Here, we present an action-plan checklist for each relevant stakeholder group.



Invest directly in boosting the creation of new EOBs through a high-profile, capacity-building initiative.


Work with the wider EO sector to create a new national strategy for business ownership.


Commit additional funding to the Mutuals Support Programme 2.

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Encourage local enterprise partnerships, growth hubs and other business organisations with regional presence to work with combined authorities, to create trailblazing pilots focused on resilience and succession. Reinstate a dedicated minister with clear responsibility for EO and mutually owned business models, supported by a dedicated Whitehall team. Ensure that the size, distribution and key characteristics of EO firms are regularly surveyed and reported on, as part of existing data-collection efforts. Continue to create the strongest possible business environment to promote the growth of EO firms through the tax regime.

WHAT INDUSTRY BODIES AND EDUCATION PROVIDERS CAN DO… (This applies to business membership groups and business schools – as well as institutes for chartered and qualified professionals across the accountancy, legal, management, personnel and development sectors)

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Develop training packages, CPD programmes, events, promotions and other forms of guidance to ensure their members understand the relevance of – and can benefit from – the ownership dividend, by supporting or implementing EO transitions. Create appropriate EO modules and teaching materials for inclusion in business school curricula and other management education courses.