The Ownership Dividend

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...keeps jobs within local regions? “If we can make it in Sheffield, let’s make it in Sheffield. If we can make it in Yorkshire, let’s make it in Yorkshire. If we can make it in England, let’s make it in England.” SWANN MORTON

...improves strategic scrutiny? “We were going to do employee ownership for many reasons, but increased oversight of management decisions was certainly one of the positive things we felt could help us to move on in terms of management development.” PB DESIGN

…promotes employee wellbeing? “We tend to focus on individuals: the positive relationships that they have with each other – but also externally, with clients. That’s how we measure ourselves.” MAKE ARCHITECTS

…strongly appeals to millennials? “We’ve noted in terms of recruitment that a lot of millennials are quite keen to work for an employeeowned business – it’s something that makes this business different to one down the road.” CAMBRIDGE WEIGHT PLAN

…provides a ready made succession solution? “I wanted to maintain the culture of the business, I wanted to maintain the jobs within the business. These [issues] were all important things and I wanted to avoid a trade sale and management buyout.”

All quotes taken from hearings of The Ownership Effect Inquiry


…helps departing founders preserve their legacies? “Our founder decided to step back, but wanted to retain the skills and give something back to the people who had built the business with him – so he gifted 61% of his shares to the employees.” CLASSIC MOTOR CARS


not enough people know about it?

“Employee ownership was a discovery for us, because it’s not well-known enough as a proper, realistic, honest transition vehicle for business owners to exit.” UNION INDUSTRIES