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FUTUREPROOF SKILLS YOU WILL NEED TO IMPROVE TO S TAY R E L E VA N T By 2020, senior executives project that employees will need to improve their perfomance in these areas on average 15% across all industries

Source: Cognizant Center for the Future of Work, 2016

not on Facebook or League of Legends). Now imagine what your business or agency could do if 50% of your people were 50% more productive. This may sound extreme, but it can happen if you pick the right targets to enhance your workforce by automating certain routine tasks. Consider that every knowledge work job – probably like yours – is made up of different tasks. Some tasks – probably the parts of your job you hate doing – are ripe targets for AI to take over. When you pick the right tasks to automate,

the economic impact can be game-changing as the new machines improve efficiency while simultaneously freeing up workers – us – to do more and higher-value work. That means more productivity, and that’s the goal. Blue Prism, for example, is saving companies millions of pounds a year by applying AI to risk management, fraud detection and claims processing. TriZetto helps healthcare insurer clients apply process automation to improve throughput, accuracy and cost. The list goes on

Dialogue Q4 2017

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Dialogue Q4 2017