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Anti-apartheid giant dies at 87 Ahmed Kathrada, a giant of the antiapartheid movement, died this spring. He was 87. Kathrada was a former contributor to Dialogue. He delivered a poignant tribute in this journal to Nelson Mandela upon the former South African President’s death in 2013. The tribute was part of an interview with Duke Corporate Education regional managing director for Africa Sharmla Chetty. Readers can find the interview at kathradamandela Kathrada – known as Kathy – was a right-hand man of Mandela during the struggles against white rule in South Africa. He was jailed alongside Mandela in 1964. Their imprisonment was an early milestone in the global recognition of the brutality of the apartheid regime.

Kathrada would spend some 26 years in prison, 18 of them on Robben Island. Following the overthrow of apartheid, he served in Mandela’s government as parliamentary counsellor from the midto-late-1990s. Former archbishop Desmond Tutu described Kathrada as a moral leader of the anti-apartheid movement. “He was a man of remarkable gentleness, modesty and steadfastness,” Tutu said. “These were people of the highest integrity and moral fibre who, through their humility and humanity, inspired our collective self-worth – and the world’s confidence in us.” Kathrada died in hospital in Johannesburg on 28 March following a short illness after brain surgery. He is survived by his partner, Barbara Hogan.

Arctic trip for crowdsourcing comrades Leading lights from the world of crowdsourcing gathered in Sweden for a summit this spring Crowdsourcing experts from across the globe gathered in Sweden this spring for four days of presentation and debate at the Crowdsourcing Week (CSW) Summit, Arctic Circle, 2017. The summit, which took place in March, explored ideas and projects based around crowdsourcing and crowd economy models. Sweden was chosen as host nation because of its ingenuity and entrepreneurship in creating worldleading disruptor brands and citizen engagement on a mass scale. Niklas Nordström, the mayor of Luleå, opened the event. He has been credited with boosting transformative growth and fostering economic opportunities for the city, which sits in Sweden’s northernmost county. Attendees took part in a weekend of outdoor Arctic Circle activities that highlighted the importance to communities in harsh climates

of sharing resources and effort for everyone’s mutual benefit. “To prosper in such conditions has required high levels of stakeholder engagement in win-win solutions that serve as an example to wider communities throughout the world which face their own escalating challenges arising from shortages of resources and harm to the environment,” said crowdsourcing

adviser Clive Reffell. “The experiences included dinner hopping, meeting Sami reindeer herders, snowmobiling and dining in a Sami tepee.” Initiatives featured at the summit came under the broad themes of innovation, sustainable energy, sharing economy, entrepreneurship and smart cities. Crowdsourcing Week is a media partner of Dialogue.

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