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Connecting high potential graduates with great career opportunities in Romania.

Presentation for Career Centres


Reviro supports highly talented Romanian graduates who have studied abroad to kick-start their career back home, by offering job opportunities with top employers in the country.

We are the only company in Romania focusing on recruiting graduates of international universities We specialize in recruiting Romanians with an international background, with either academic or work experience and helping them develop a high potential career back home. We are rigorous in selecting the employers we work with From high potential SMEs, innovative start-ups, charitable organisations to top corporations, we scrutinize the job market and carefully select the best companies to work with. Our focus is to find the best career choice for each candidate We spend a significant amount of time with each candidate, understanding his personal job expectations, career plans, working style and motivation.


How does the recruitment process look like?  we look for


companies that understand the added value by a candidate with international experience

and that invest in personal and professional development and that build an environment where candidates can apply their knowledge and make an impact on the business

 we understand the

 we make sure we

have in-depth conversations with employers and understand both what type of candidate they are looking for and the company culture

company culture, oftentimes meet the future manager and the team the candidate will later work with

 we receive and

assess the applications, we take the time to meet candidates and discuss their expectations and career plans


Although the application process was fast, they took time to tell me about the kind of person the company was looking for, what they regarded as being the most important attributes and their organizational culture. Mihaela Cring Master in Financial Economics 3 University Rotterdam Erasmus now working at Mars Romania

 our recruiters closely work with candidates throughout the recruitment process, offering insights about the company, coaching and feedback

 we want to make sure that the future employee is a perfect match for the company’s culture and the job related expectations

 we help candidates prepare for final interviews and keep in touch with them until they receive an offer from the employer

Why work with us?

 we can help you increase your students’ and alumni employability rate

 your students will work in a challenging environment in an emerging market

 we are working on offering a large variety of internships that can add value to your educational programmes

 our recruiters are specialised in career options on the Romanian job market

 increase your University’s brand awareness on the Romanian job market

Reviro is very selective regarding both the employer and the candidates. Thus, their recommendations are highly valued. Ioana Cismasu Master in Marketing Erasmus 4 University of Rotterdam now working at Mars Romania

How could we work together? Due to a long tradition in working with international universities, we have oftentimes found international schools to be reliable partners. We aim for partnerships with career centres from top universities in Europe that can help us get closer to Romanian students and alumni.

inform Romanian students and graduates about the job market opportunities in Romania

help us promote our jobs around the campus

work with the University's career consultants in order to offer support and joint counselling to year end students

organize on campus career events

(The relationship with Reviro ...): It’s a very friendly and warm relationship which allows you to be open. They are people who really understand you and want to help.


Irina Oana Master in Public Policy UCL now working at Contrast Consulting

Reviro is powered by EDUCATIVA Group Reviro is part of the EDUCATIVA Group, a group of companies and social businesses that has a long tradition in supporting Romanian young people in their pursuit of studying abroad. We help more than 100 educational exhibitors from 20 countries to promote their educational programmes to Romanian students through the biannually-hosted RIUF (Romanian International University Fair). RIUF is currently the largest international universities fair in SouthEastern Europe, reaching more than 10.000 visitors per edition and over. We have helped more than 3442 students study abroad over the past 3 years

EDMUNDO is a counselling programme that helps young people apply to universities abroad. We have partnerships with universities in the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, The Netherlands, the USA, France, Canada, Switzerland, Greece, Germany, Thailand, Spain, Czech Republic, Belgium, Turkey, Italy, Russia and Ukraine.

Get in touch, we’re happy to answer your questions! Lavinia Nastase The Netherlands Marketing Assistant E-mail: Mobile: +40 755.075.842 Website:


Reviro Presentation for The Netherlands  

This presentation encloses Reviro's mission and statement, as well as potential solutions for collaborations with Career Centres.