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8 - 2012 - VOL 2 - Issue 1 Microphone Monsters - Pg 4 Illest*Lyricists - Pg 6 LOM Ms August _ Pg 8 Tons of past Interviews and MUCH MUCH MORE!!!


Here is to our first year! Welcome to our anniversary issue. This is our first issue of VOL 2. A big thanks to all of those who have help us out along the way (Talent, Venues and Readers alike). We have met a lot of GREAT people and look forward to bringing you more through the next year. Stay tuned for more great events and coverage! And above all Keep On Rocking!!!!

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We would also like to thank those who have written for the magazine over the past year! With out you all this would have been WAY more difficult. RMV


Microphone Monsters The Gala Showroom Buhl, Idaho Friday, July 13, 2012

Superstitions and urban legends have always surrounded the date of Friday the 13th. What better day to scare those spooky things away than with a rocking concert. In scenic down town Buhl, Microphone Monsters was held in the beautiful and spacious Gala Showroom. The show featured a wide variety of rap artists from around the Magic Valley. Some of the best-known talent as well as some fresh beats graced the stage this night. This was an excellent show and being an all-ages entrance meant many younger spectators got the chance to see some of these excellent rap artists for the first time. Kicking things off was T-Why, a 14 year-old artist from Boise. Despite his age, this kid rocked the stage. His voice really blew the crowd away. Next, representing female rappers everywhere, KT Munee took the stage accompanied by her hubby P. Shorty. They always offer some great rhymes to the audience. The crowd really got moving when M.C. Monkey D and Holistic Meditation took the stage. Tons of excitement could be felt in the air. Their song Move was definitely a crowd favorite. Many other extraordinary artists followed including the skilled Playa-P, the creative Skeet Team consisting of Black Pat, A-Gutta, and Yung Skillz, the showstopping Oly Ghost, and fantastic old school rappers, Brown Ecstasy. Hot and Heated ended the show with a rockin’ performance that enticed the crowd. The event was, over-all, a lot of fun and we hope to see more all-ages shows like it in the future. We would like to send a big thanks to all the artists that invited us out to come and see the show. Also to big thanks to R U Down Entertainment, Joey Bravo, and the sponsors of the show. Without you guys, many of the local citizens would not be able to enjoy all the wonderful talent we have here in the valley. 4


Illest*Lyricists July 25, 2012

Illest*Lyricists consists of Mic.iLL, L.S.D., and Chucky Norris.

as dance music, one hit wonders, & throw aways, that can be easily replaced with no definition, or originality. That is not the hip-hop they have come to love. There are a lot of one hit wonders out there and these guys are not about making that one big paycheck or the social status. These guys consider themselves Emcee’s not rappers. Rappers are a dime a dozen. They are about the longevity, bringing the sounds that they can be proud of, songs that mean something to them . Music that a true Hip Hop head would enjoy.

The very first question we asked is “What you want people to know about you?” They replied with all the following. They want people to know that there is real hip-hop coming out of Idaho. Their sound is golden era Hip Hop with a new school twist. They offer a new delivery with classic message. They want to bring back the hip-hop they grew up with, not the sounds that are plaguing the mainstream today. These guys consider a lot of the main stream hip-hop

Illest*Lyricists are bringing back the old school sound with clever delivery, & mind blowing lyrics. They don’t want to re-do a classic, they just want to make music with the same feel, bring back the artistic sound that made the genre so original in its early years. They feel that James Brown, Otis Redding & other great artists that were sampled gave a feel to the earliest hip-hop beats, making it classic yet modern for the time. Their hip-hop is a melting pot

We got to have a brief conversation with Twin Falls hip-hop group Illest*Lyricists on a very warm Wednesday evening in the Twin Falls Sandwich Company shop. The dining area was packed with patronsand a live vocalist provided a pleasant back drop for our conversation.


of all these sounds and beats. They are hoping to bring that feel back to their genre, getting back to originality that made it so great. They want to be known as a group that stays true to the art form. Chucky is really excited when he gets compared to his childhood hip-hop idols in the music world. It really makes his night. Another highlight he enjoys is sitting in with the crowd during shows and then when he gets on stage, he really blows the audience away. After his shows he loves it when the audience praises his performance, a complete 360 in how they interacted before he performed. It is then that he knows his performance was not just a show, it was true presentation. The group has their fans that show up to their shows and are stage front when they perform. Most of these fans are friends on their social networking pages. They would rather have the 400 true fans than the 2000 fly by night fans. You can check these guys out at various performances throughout the year. We will try to keep our readers informed of coming events. They are bringing back the old school hip-hop that many of us love and they are very passionate about. Thanks so much for letting us get the word out about Illest*Lyricists. These guys are great. Michael Summers – Mic.iLL aka Charlton Heston Joey Bravo – L.S.D. (Lyrical Sound Demon) aka Charlie Bronson Mick Alaniz – The Grand Turntablist Chucky Norris From the Facebook Page: Illest*Lyricists consists of Emcee’s Mic.iLL, L.S.D.(Lyrical Sound Demon), & Turntablist Chucky Norris. A golden era Hip Hop Sound with a new school twist. From the ReverbNation Page: illest*Lyricists consists of Hip Hop emcee’s LSD & Mic ill known for their clever wordplay & phenomenal delivery. They are often accompanied by Turntablist Chucky Norris as well (the illest*Lyricists official Dj).

These two emcees met at an open mic session often rivaling each other, because no one else would dare to grab the mic when they were on stage. The reaction they would get from the crowd was always very positive so they decided to combine forces & start the group illest*Lyricists. Although the group has only been formed since early 2011, both emcees are no strangers to the hip hop scene. LSD has been rapping since 1995, has opened for many famous acts, released 3 CD’s, solo, & with Los Filthy Hooligans. Mic.iLL has been rapping since 2005, with skills that rival many seasoned vets. Mic.ill has also released 3 cd’s himself. 2 with his group M.O.C. & a recent solo release as well. Also “Ballpoint Ballistics” the 1st official release of the group is coming soon, so be on the lookout. If Hip Hop is what you are looking for these 2 emcees will definitely deliver. illest*Lyricists 2 emcee’s, 1 DJ, real Hip Hop. Links:

illest*Lyricists would like to thank 1st & formost God, their families for supporting them in their musical ventures. The Tru08 Tribe family Holistic Meditation, Monkey D, Abstract1, sOphia, Otto Pilate, all the fans, supporters, & Hip Hop Headz that fuel our creativity to keep dropping clasSicks. The venue’s who have believed in us from the beginning, The Wreck 89.9 KRBX in Boise, & internet radio’s that spin our music . Our fellow 208 artists in all genre’s who we have worked with & hope to work with in the future. Our labels R.U. Down Entertainment, M.O.C. Produkshunz and last but not least Theo, & Review Magic Valley for all the support!*Tru08Tribe! 7

Ms August

Calyssa 8

My name’s Calyssa Sage and I’m from Shoshone, Idaho. I’ve lived in Idaho all my life and will be attending Idaho State University this fall as an Anthropology major. My biggest passion in life is writing. Other things I can be found doing in my spare time is reading, playing volleyball, and spending time with my friends. Don’t let my professional public face fool you; just like any other young woman, I love going out and having a good time.











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