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Importance of Using Good Wholesale and Drop Shipping Suppliers. Using the right wholesale suppliers and drop shipping companies can make a big difference for the prosperity of an e-commerce company. It can minimize your expenses and it can offer you a good source of products with low prices that can be sold at retail prices on your online store. What is a wholesale supplier? A wholesale supplier is a company that doesn’t sell directly to the end users of the products but is a middleman that sells products to the retail companies. The wholesale supplier is the intermediary between the manufacturer of products and the business that sell the products on the retail market. Because of the special commercial arrangements with the manufacturer companies and the high volume of merchandise they order, the wholesale suppliers are able to buy the products from the manufacturers at lower prices than the retail reseller companies. That is due to the discounts based on high volume buying. What is drop shipping? What is drop shipping can be understood as a specific supply chain management technique. When using the services of drop shipping companies the retailer does not have to keep any products in stock. The customer orders and shipment details are transferred by the retailer to a wholesaler, who will take care of shipping the products directly to the customer. In retail businesses the retailers can make their profit from a commission on sales or on the difference between the wholesale and retail price. Drop shipping has many advantages for the retail companies because it can lower expenses and greatly simplify their business. Working in partnerships with drop shipping companies allows retailers to have access to a wide product selection without the need to pre-purchase the items they sell. It also gives the possibility to operate their business with lower capital requirement, because retailers don’t have to invest in inventory.

About SaleHoo Finding a good source of merchandise is one of the key factors for the success of an ecommerce company. SaleHoo is such a supplier of wholesale products that can also take care of drop shipping for your customers. SaleHoo is a company created by Mark Ling. A

membership to SaleHoo allows online reseller companies to have access to a wide range of products on a regular basis. The wholesale prices practiced by SaleHoo give space for retailers to make good profits from reselling the goods on their online stores. We will focus our SaleHoo review in studying the advantages for a membership on their website. Benefits of a SaleHoo Membership SaleHoo offers a friendly and professional service to all resellers who have a membership to their website. They also give access to an internet marketing forum where the owners of retail online stores can interact one with each other and exchange information and ideas on improving their business. SaleHoo features a large directory of companies on their list and any retailer company has a wide choice of products. Having access to a wholesale directory listing gives control to retailer companies to decide what is the right supplier for their business. It is much easier to create profitable business partnerships by using the intermediary services of SaleHoo website. Original Source: -

Importance of using good wholesale and drop shipping suppliers