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The Green Boomer Concert – Raising Voices & Awareness on August 13th. As we roll into the shank of the summer months, The Lone Tree Council, The Michigan Environmental Council and SVSS are pulling together a consciousness raising musical convergence on Saturday, August 13th with the Green Boomer Concert, happening from 5:30 to 10:00 PM in the parking lot of World Café. Back in 1954 when Rock ‘n Roll was officially born, burning fossil fuels had resulted in a situation where 312 ppm of carbon dioxide existed in the environment. Most scientists believe that 350 ppm is the safe limit, but right now we are at an alarming 391-ppm and adding 2-ppm per year. Money raised from this ‘350 Event’ will help us gain a rational energy policy, hopefully in time to prevent wide spread climate catastrophe. Performing artists will include The Reivers, Duality, Cornpone, Born, Jen Cass, Laurie Middlebrook, and The Last. Additionally, all artists will collectively collaborate to pull together the NNo BOFF Band, and perform classic and relevant numbers like Who’ll Stop the Rain, Teach Your Children, and For What It’s Worth, to name but a few. Tickets are only $10.00 in advance and available at the World Café and Rattlesnake Rick’s, and Herter Music in Bay City. Tickets will be $12.00 the day of the event and tickets also gain entry into each establishment. The indisputable reality of our current environmental situation is that we are facing issues of near-overwhelming complexity and unprecedented urgency. Can we think systemically and fashion policies accordingly? Can we change direction before we go over the edge? Here are a few of the many facts to consider: •

There will be 219,000 people at the dinner table tonight who were not there last night.

If the 2010 heat wave centered in Moscow had instead been centered in Chicago, it could easily have reduced the U.S. grain harvest of 400 million tons by 40 percent and food prices would have soared.

Winter temperatures in the Arctic, including Alaska, western Canada, and eastern Russia, have climbed by 4–7 degrees Fahrenheit over the last half-century. This record rise in temperature in the Arctic region could lead to changes in climate patterns that will affect the entire planet

Half the world’s people live in countries where water tables are falling as aquifers are being depleted. Since 70 percent of world water use is for irrigation, water shortages translate into food shortages.

In Sana’a, the capital of Yemen—home to 2 million people—water tables are falling fast. Tap water is available only once every 4 days; in Taiz, a smaller city to the south, it is once every 20 days.

Virtually all of the top 20 countries considered to be “failing states” are depleting their natural assets—forests, grasslands, soils, and aquifers—to sustain their rapidly growing populations.

The indirect costs of gasoline, including climate change, treatment of respiratory illnesses, and military protection, add up to $12 per gallon. Adding this to the U.S. average of $3 per gallon brings the true market price closer to $15 per gallon.

Between 2007 and 2010, U.S. coal use dropped 8 percent. During the same period, 300 new wind farms came online, adding 21,000 megawatts of U.S. windgenerating capacity.

Algeria has enough harnessable solar energy in its vast desert to power the entire world economy.

One of the quickest ways to cut carbon emissions is to change light bulbs. Switching to more-efficient lighting around the globe could save enough energy to close more than 700 of the world’s 2,800 coal-fired power plants.

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Objects of Beauty, Subjects of Splendor: The Frankenmuth Fine Arts Council’s 5th Annual Art Fair By Robert E. Martin The Frankenmuth Area Fine Arts Council is hosting its 5th Annual Summer Art Fair on Main Street in Downtown Frankenmuth on Saturday, August 13th from 10 AM to 7 PM and on Sunday, August 14th from 10 AM – 4 PM. In addition to showcasing over 50 artists in this juried exhibition, local musicians will supply their talents and the Lagermill will be serving micro-brewed beer. According to Council organizer Calista Hecht, the Frankenmuth Area Fine Arts Council hosted its first Art Fair on Main Street in 2007, which consisted of approximately two dozen artists situated in the downtown area on business owners’ porches and along the street between buildings. Eventually, they were approached by Al Zehnder of Zehnder’s of Frankenmuth, who suggested the event move to Zehnder’s Park on Main Street. “Since the inception of this event it has doubled in size and grew from a one-day to a two-day event,” explains Calista. “The positive impact on the community has been an awareness of the importance of Art within the community, coupled with a growing awareness of the art already here in terms of murals, sculptures, and the creative arts.” “One of the things that we as an Art Council felt very important was that artists were interacting with the patrons of the art fair,” she continues. “The best way to do that is by demonstrating and creating a curiosity in people. So we encourage demonstration and have had many artists demonstrating their talents. In the past these have included blacksmithing, hot glass, felting, weaving, carving, pottery, and many more.” Each year Zehnder’s sponsors several fine artists for this event, so as a detailed preview into what patrons can expect at this year’s event, here is an insightful look into the myriad of creative talents, and processes employed, by artists Anne O’Connor, Dawn Soltysiak, and Chris & Mari Z. Thompson.

Anne O’Connor

Fused Glass Artist • Okemos, Mi. As owner of pottery, mosaic and glass fusing studio, Anne O’Connor has spent several years helping customers create small glass fusing pieces in her studio. One particular customer requested that she create fused glass awards for their organization – something she had never done before. “I agreed and produced some really neat pieces, like the Mackinaw

“The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection.” - Michelangelo Bridge in glass,” she explains, “and then had another customer who wanted some pieces for their medical building, which was an awesome installation.” “My staff encouraged me to produce my own creations and start doing art fairs,” she continues. “I was a watercolor painter, so feel like I paint my scenes with the glass. I’m also from the Upper Peninsula originally, so my work reflects the absolutely beautiful state that we live in. I want my pieces to make a person feel good and appreciate nature, as the more I travel the state the more I believe we live in a gorgeous place and it influences my work.” Stylistically, Anne feels her work is distinguished from other glass fusers because of her attention to texture. “I want the customer to touch the piece so I almost never do a full fuse. This gives the pieces depth. Also, a lot of glass fusers I have seen make bowls and such, but I prefer to make a scene in glass that you can put on your wall or in a window, much like a painting. I also attach my work to vases and nightlights so they are functional pieces of artwork. I first started using old windows and putting my scenes in those, so I was recycling some nice wood windows, which is something different.” For Anne the most challenging component of her art is to keep up with new ideas. “I also love the challenge to produce a piece of artwork that a customer wants from a picture they have given me. To produce a piece from someone else’s mind and meet or exceed their expectations is always a challenge, but rewarding when you do.”

318 S. Hamilton St. • Saginaw • MI • 48602 Phone: 989-780-4162 • Fax: 989-799-6162 Editor & Publisher: Robert E. Martin email:

Are there any insights Anne has gleaned during the evolution of her involvement with this medium that give her a deeper appreciation towards her pursuit? “I believe the whole process has its rewards and challenges,” she reflects. “I have worked in many different mediums in my life and working in the glass satisfies me the most. I feel very comfortable with it and feel I’ve only tipped the iceberg in terms of where I can go with it. My biggest problem is balancing my studio, my kids, and finding time to create in glass.”

Contributors: Mike Thompson • Scott Baker • Mark Leffler Bo White • Richard Curry • Gina Myers Tom Baird • Greg Schmid

Chris Thompson

Events Calendar Editor: Michele Horstman

Photography • Saginaw, Mi

Chris Thompson’s interest in photography began in the early 1950s in Tiffin, Ohio, when his parents bestowed him with his first Kodak ‘Brownie’ – the first of a long succession of cameras that opened a door of constant entertainment. This led to the setup of his first darkroom, which in turn led to a photo-processing job in a camera shop and a stint in high school as the sideline photographer at local football games for the school newspaper. “In the early 1960s during summers away from studies at MSU, I worked on a Grand Canyon National Park road crew and photographed hiking experiences from rim to rim on weekend trail hikes. Later in the 1980s, I returned to the inner gorge with my family and the first of my three Nikons and recorded the Colorado River Rapids experience.” ‘River’ - fused glass by Anne O’Connor

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‘Trees’ by Chris Thompson

In terms of the most challenging component of his art, Chris points to “avoiding the temptation to settle for familiar, tourist-type images and taking the time to find something unique about a subject that others might have missed.” “Photography should be a process of discovery,” he concludes. “When considering a potential shot, I must ask: What does – or can – this particular image mean? My goal is to capture the essence of each subject. Photography is an art form that reflects physical reality – the photographer’s challenge is to capture images that create mental reflection.”

“Many times artists become disgusted with what they are doing,” she concludes. “Their art is ‘just not working’ as they would like, so they become discourage and feel they are down. Often artists stop dead in their tracks. I have done that. But what I have found is that often this happens right before I break through to a better work, so I need to force myself to continue and not give up. I love for my work to maintain a sense of mystery of the unknown, which will lead the viewer deeper into their own world.”

Mari Zimmerman-Thompson

Dawn Soltysiak

Mari received her first watercolor paint box as a young child and since then has found water-media to be fun and constantly challenging. “Transparent watercolor is the most difficult of painting medium,” she explains. “It’s freshness, marvelous transparencies, and variety of techniques lead to constant reinterpretation of subject matter and challenge to completion.”

Dawn has been surrounding herself with ceramics since she was two-years old. Her mother owned a slip cast ceramics studio and would engage her in this world of surfaces, shapes, and color. “But I never wanted to continue pursuing this type of ceramics,” she explains, “because I wanted to create and decorate my own. So 15 years ago I learned to throw on the potters’ wheel and was hooked. I am fascinated by the skill it takes to master the potter’s wheel and the science behind making glazes. I always say the more I know about pottery, the more I know I have to learn. Ten years ago I walked away from my ‘real job’ to pursue my love.”

Photography & Watercolors • Saginaw, Mi

Watercolor by Mari Zimmerman-Thompson

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After graduation, Chris was a first lieutenant on the Cold War’s Czechoslovakian border and used an Army post darkroom to process numerous photos of European scenes. Since then he’s been back to the Continent five times, filming more images from Ireland to Italy. Since retiring from a 40-year journalism career at The Saginaw News, Chris switched to digital Canon cameras and now uses an Adobe processing program called Lightroom, which he says symbolizes how his photographic journey has evolved. “The chemicals are gone, but not the fun. The pursuit of new images of life through the camera lens is an everlasting, challenging adventure.” “I look for interesting angles, perspectives and situations to convey a sense of spirit in an image, striving to capture an essence that viewers can interpret, based on individual experiences,” he explains. “A strong sense of composition is crucial to capturing their attention and drawing them into a photo, so they contemplate what is happening.”




Saturday, August 13, 2011 • 1pm - 1am 3022 N. Water Street, Bay City $5 per person, must be 18 or older


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Page 4 • Review Magazine • July 21 - August 10, 2011

interesting and that works, tied to being able to move the viewer is always challenging.”

Pottery • Fennville, Mi

“My work is organic with sinuous lines. It usually has a flavor of Art Nouveau and I like to take the feeling of a previous era and create something new from it that is all my own style. Glazing is most challenging to me. You work so hard to create something beautiful and the glazes can ‘make or break’ a piece of work. Often what you see in your head is not what the ‘Kiln Gods’ give you. The kiln has the final voice in the process.”

“I have added an opaque watercolor to my palette, a white gouache, which I mix with the transparent to give soft, seductive coloration to the painting’s surface. It leads me to new interpretation of the medium and subject matter. At times I combine all with acrylics to be able to work in a mixed media to open more possibilities for interesting surface treatments and expressive results.”

“I think potters are the biggest collectors of pottery,” concludes Dawn. “We gain deeper appreciation for the work of other potters because we know the journey it takes to achieve success. The longer I pursue this medium the more I respect my fellow potter friends. The other thing I have realized is that I am never bored, even after 10 years of working full time in clay.”

“Many artists get so caught up in their subject matter, they forget they are creating an object that needs to work the same as any craftsman,” she continues. “For example, a potter is creating a vase and the vase must hold water to hold flowers; it has to be constructed properly. Once the form is complete, then the painter adds to the beauty of his piece with the placement of color and what subject matter he decided upon – all must work together to be a successful piece.” “While subject matter is important to me, my primary concern is first that the composition works because the piece needs to hold together. There can be no empty spaces. That doesn’t mean if a space, which might appear to be empty is not needed for the composition to work. A finished work must possess balance, contrast, variety, and a rhythm of the whole or it fails, no matter how technically well the medium has been handled. Then the subject must speak to the viewer. To be able to handle the medium well technically, to have a composition that is

Pottery created by Dawn Soltysiak

Stewart Francke: Seeking Musical & Spiritual Sustenance in a ‘Heartless World’ A Conversation with Saginaw’s Prodigal Son in Advance of His August 12th Pit & Balcony Appearance

By Robert E. Martin Stewart Francke has been through the mill and over the hill and survived personal and professional pitfalls and challenges of such a nature that if not having the power to distract most people from realizing their true potential, would cut us to the quick. Apart from releasing 11 albums and three out-of-print Indie cassettes, Stewart has written a book entitled Between the Ground & God: Lyrics, Essays & Interviews (1990-2005) and survived the vagaries of the music business, shaping a viable career out of it for the past 20 years. In 1998 Stewart was diagnosed with leukemia and survived both cancer and a bone marrow transplant, continuing to write & record a consecutive series of albums, each profound and shimmering with distinct lyrical and musical texture – as if only through the strength of a romantic vision can we transcend the vortex of negative obstacles life has a tendency to deal our way and aspire towards greatness; and only through a consciousness that appreciates the fragility of life can we hope to reinforce the foundations that we find peace, solace, and security from. As noted music critic Dave Marsh notes: “Stewart Francke is one of a kind. A talent that encompasses both songwriting and prose writing appears rarely. How much rarer then is a songwriter whose sensibility includes Johnny Cash and Gore Vidal, Yoko Ono and The Funk Brothers, marriage, mortality, race relations and cancer treatment? Standing courageously at the intersection of rock and soul music, Francke possesses all the tools: a sweet voice, a vision that’s grand without being grandiose, and an undying love of sound for its own sake.” On Saturday, August 12th, Stew will return to his hometown of Saginaw for a special CD Release Party at Pit & Balcony Theatre for his new album, Heartless World, which is his first new release since 2002. Built upon a convergence between his gift for melody and fondness for R&B, the passionate songwriting and lyrical urgency for summoning an existence built upon higher ground have never been more lushly rendered. Much of the material on Heartless World summarizes a span of time where Stewart experienced great sadness, change, and personal challenge, having lost his parents in a four-year period, as well as two friends he’d grown close to. Plus he says the songs were colored by the tremendously tumultuous period of time this country has gone through in recent years. “This whole album is about trying to find a place to make a stand in the world after all of your foundational pillars have gone to dust. It’s through these songs that I’m trying to construct a world that I want to live in – a world where I remember the best things about the people who are gone, a world where we look out for each other, and where the only currency that matters is being real, finding hope, common ground, and having faith in each other. These are the things I was thinking about while writing these songs.”

“I want people to think and dance and dig their little moment on the planet. My job hasn’t changed all that much over the years—tell ‘em what an apple is by telling ‘em what an orange isn’t—and make it rhyme with Delaware.”

Stewart was recently featured in People Magazine, and with opening tour slots for Bob Seger and Earth Wind & Fire this summer, coupled with a guest appearance by Bruce Springsteen on the cut Summer Soldier (Holler If Ya Hear Me, the release of Heartless World is finally shooting Stewart to an entirely new level of critical and popular acclaim. In advance of his August 12th appearance at Pit & Balcony, I caught up with Stewart in the midst of his hectic summer touring schedule to discuss both his new work and the ongoing climb up the mountain in an uncertain world. Review: Stylistically, the material on Heartless World is as focused and meticulously crafted as ever, yet is colored by a maturity that covers more topical and foreboding undercurrents that permeate the texture with a tentative uncertainly, opening new depths of nuance largely through a willingness to confront the temporal and fragile nature of existence at the same time it celebrates the strength one must summon in order to get through it. Francke: All this difficulty didn’t just give me a theme for this batch of songs. It imposed itself on the songs. We don’t need to look for uncertainty or death as a subject in life; it’s always with us. And while my reflections on mortality inform many of the songs on Heartless World, there are also several tracks that are the most rocking and humorous I’ve ever written. Because I’m the kind of songwriter who uses his own life as both material and measuring stick, the high points in my every day life have also been high points in my artistic or work life. And vice versa. There’s a real right brain-left brain aspect to my survival. There’s the actual work, the conception of songs, the music, the arranging, recording and performing live. Then there’s the business and the general idea of “success.” We delude ourselves by re-defining the terms of success until we get closer to it. Review: How did the collaboration with Bruce Springsteen come about?

my dad died. Review: You have a great knack for writing engaging melodic hooks yet also fusing them with solid R&B fundamentals. Sidewalk Dimes is a great example on the new CD. How has your approach to songwriting evolved or changed since you started 20 years ago, or has it? Do the fundamental strengths and skills that develop early on stick with you, or do you replace them with new approaches and experiments to avoid the bane of repetition. Francke: I think I’ve built a discernable style that’s recognizable and has some qualities people look to for enjoyment or maybe something they can’t find elsewhere. I’d much rather collaborate on music now than work alone, so I guess that’s a sign of maturation or total appeasement—I don’t know which. I think I’ve started to pay closer attention to internal rhyme and musical motif— small inner melodies and three note intervals that repeat and can be beautiful but have little to do with the main melody or hook. I think I’ve learned to leave more out when it comes to arranging, but I need to make my songs even more austere. This record is still a big sounding record, but it can be played live with a band—the next one I want to do I want to be able o play it live with a small band, maybe make an acoustic record. It’s time. Economics dictate that you have to have a band you can afford. The other thing that has changed is trusting what comes to me both melodically and lyrically, and trust that a song can hold elements of black and white music, soul and rock, white and black harmonic structure. It’s so simple—I’m an entertainer and a songwriter. I want people to think and dance and dig their little moment on the planet. My job hasn’t changed all that much over the years—tell ‘em what an apple is by telling ‘em what an orange isn’t—and make it rhyme with Delaware.” FRANCKE continued on page 15

Francke: Bruce is a true gentleman and we were at a social function this summer where we had a nice brief talk. So then I sent a mix of the song to him, got word back he was into it; he cut his vocals in Jersey, we swapped pro tools sessions, and voila…it was what it is. I love the tune and the way our voices shift and move together, and the story means a lot to me. We can abhor the war but support the troops fighting it. Review: How’s the summer panning out with all this newfound activity? Are you going to have any time to kick back up at Point Lookout and recharge the proverbial batteries? Francke: This summer I want to play as often as possible—as many shows, gigs, fairs, festivals, because I love playing and I have all this new music that I want people to hear. So yeah, we’ll be playing all over Michigan. Don’t think I’ll be up at the Point as much. It’s not the same since July 21 - August 10, , 2011 • Review Magazine • Page 5

The Ripe, Round & Irreverent Wisdom of Comedian RALPHIE MAY

By Jami Kinton, Additional reporting by Robert Martin

Just in case you missed his hilarious performance last year at the Temple Theatre, Ralphie May will be coming back to Saginaw on July 26. The comedian from Los Angeles was an instant success after the first season of NBC’s hit reality series, “Last Comic Standing.” With a platinum DVD “Just Correct” locked and loaded, May recently added another film under his belt with a new movie “The Best and Brightest” starring Neil Patrick Harris and Amy Sedaris, scheduled for release later this year. As for his live comedy show? “It never stops,” May said. “I do about 600 shows in about 50 weeks a year.” And he’s looking forward to his return to the historic downtown Temple Theater. “I really like Saginaw,” he said. “I loved the Schuch Hotel and the charm of Hamilton Street when I visited last summer. And the Temple Theatre is really incredible...what a gem!” May attributes his success to continuously developing new material, which he feels brings fans back again and again to his performances. Apart from possessing an insightful irreverence as sizable as his physical presence, for many May is a shining beacon of political incorrectness. “Actually, I’ve lost some weight,” he notes. “I’ve lost a whole fat guy since Last Comic Standing, and I’m still fat as hell, which sucks. But I’m working at it. I’m not one of these comedians who thinks if I lose weight I’ll lose my funny.” Quoting late stand-up comedian George Carlin, May said most comedians write about 10 new minutes of material a year. “The great ones write 30 minutes,” May said. “I probably write two hours a year. There are just so many great things going on in the world to write about. You’ve got gay marriage in New York, Bin Laden, the list goes on and on...”

May, who has performed stand up for the last 22 years, said much has changed since he first started his career back in 1989.

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Born in Cattanooga, Tennessee, May was raised in Clarksville, Arkansas. When he was 17-years old he won a contest to open for the late, great comedian Sam Kinison, whom he considered his idol. Kinison suggested he move to Houston, Texas to further develop his comedy routine. May then studied at the Performing Arts in Houston and graduated, moving to Los Angeles to pursue his career in entertainment.

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“Sam wrote me a letter of introduction, but by the time I got to Houston, that comedy club has closed,” May explains. “I saw another comedy club called the Comedy Showcase that said it was a college for comedians. I walked in and told them I was a comedian. They were like, ‘OK, whatever. We’ve never heard of you. Do you do standup much? About 13 times. ‘Well, that makes you a comedian. Get up here and bomb for a couple years and then you’ll be funny. That’s exactly what I did. And then I got really funny and things took off.” But after coming in second on “Last Comic Standing,” May’s life changed forever. “People say I was robbed, and I think they really took to me after that,” he said. “I think the audience fell in love with me that summer. A lot of kids watched that show and a lot will now bring me out to their colleges for shows. I love getting the opportunity to meet all of them, shake their hands and say, ‘Thank you.’” To show his appreciation, May said that he constantly strives to give back. Apart from numerous appearances on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, in 2005 May was the only white comedian to perform on The Big Black Comedy Show.


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“I see the absurdity in things and I think it’s my job to point it out. My biggest concern is that we’re losing our sense of

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humor and have become an apologetic society. Nobody and take a joke. Everybody is so sensitive.”

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Appearing Friday & Saturday, July 22-23 - Burnaround July 29-30, August 5-6, August 12-13 - Searchin’ For a Star with DJ Bill Humes Page 6 • Review Magazine • July 21 - August 10, 2011

“I will stay as long as they want me to after the show,” he said. “I’ll meet every single one of my fans, sign autographs, and take pictures. And I do a long show. Most people don’t make more than $20 an hour and it’s not that cheap to come out to a show. I want to make sure they get their money’s worth.”


“Comedians are like shepherds. We lead people to where the funny is.”

Tim & Jim 6-9 PM Karaoke w/ Red Dog $5 Pitchers! $3 Johnny Vegas! Honesty & Dean 6-9PM DJ Karaoke w/Lynn Q 9:30 $3 Jager Bombs! $5 Pitchers! Jello shots & Happy Hour all night!

701 S. Madison Ave. Bay City

“For the first 13 years, every month was nerve wracking,” he said. “You wonder how you’re going to pay your bills. You come to LA, you’re doing gigs and you’re doing anything you can to make ends meet and survive.”

777 Midland Rd. Saginaw



“Comedians are like shepherds. We lead people to where the funny is. I want my audience to come back year after year and know that they’re going to get new jokes. And I make them laugh -hard, until they start to cry. That’s my goal.”

What: Ralphie May Comedy Show When: 7:30 p.m. July 26 Where: Temple Theatre Cost: $29 and $39 per ticket On the web: Phone: 989 754-SHOW (7469)

The 2011 Labadie Pig Gig Presented by State Farm

Setting the Stage for One of the Biggest Rib & Entertainment Festivals in the Midwest By Robert E. Martin As with any major event that impacts a community, The Labadie Pig Gig began its ascent into the conduits and consciousness of our area 19 years ago as a means to showcase world class rib competitors while raising serious levels of money for local charities. This year 2011 Labadie Pig Gig presented by State Farm is set to kick off August 4th – August 7th in Veteran’s

“The life of a man consists not in seeing visions and dreaming dreams, but in active charity and in willing service.” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (19th Century American Poet) Memorial Park in Bay City. Additionally, Covenant Health Care and J.P. O’Sullivan Distributing have joined with Labadie & State Farm Insurance and other key local sponsors to make sure that the Boys & Girls Clubs of Bay County and other area charities will have a strong weekend of fundraising. As in past years, this Championship Rib Cook-Off is the setting for national competitors vying for the title of ‘The Best in The Midwest’ and welcomes rib champions both locally, around the country and even around the world, including the Aussom Aussie from Sydney, Australia. New competitors this year include Big Show BBQ, from Kansas City, MO and Great Lakes BBQ & Feed Co. from Cedar Springs, Mi.

According to Wendy Dore, pivotal organizer behind the Pig Gig involved since its beginnings, what began 19 years ago as a relatively low-key ‘infant’ in the lexicon of summertime events in the area, has since evolved and grown to the extent that it has raised approximately $900,000 since its inception – decidedly a remarkable feat, especially in challenging economic times. “We would love to hit the $1,000,000 mark someday soon,” exclaims Wendy. In terms of how the Labadie Pig Gig ranks nationally with similar events, Wendy notes how it is essentially the Midwest Championship Rib Cook off. “We have competitors that strive to win this prestigious award and are proud to have many new rib competitors always trying to get into this event. It is one of the larger Rib Fests in the nation.” When asked if there will be any new festival highlights this year and what features about the festival ring most popular in with the general public, Wendy

explains that “Although it may not be new, the aspect of this festival that sets it apart is that it is still only $5.00 in advance and the pricing has not risen. In this day and age with gas prices and the cost of traveling, our Great Lakes Bay Region residents can attend a World Class Festival for only $5.00, which includes national concerts each evening!” “Over 40 various charities in the last 19 years and hundreds, or possibly thousands, of people have benefited through the many charitable organizations that impact our Great Lakes Bay region.” PIG GIG continued on page 13

AFTER woR k ,


The Review’s Robert Martin & Andrew Lay with fan Julie at the 2010 Celebrity Rib Cook-Off


Corner of Mackinaw & Hamilton 989-793-5829


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Nightclubs & Dining A.J. BAILEY’S SALOON, 304 Salzburg, Bay City. Phone 989-895-9446. DJ/KARAOKE Thurs, Fri., Sat, 9-close with Derek Dixon’s LCA Music Ent. Co. Food served ‘till 9 pm. Take Outs Available. Pitchers $5.25; Minis $2.75. Happy Hour 11 am - 8 pmTheatre Monday - Friday. Thursday $1.00 pints. Weekly drink specials! BEMOS, 701 S. Madison Ave., Bay City. Stay for the party! Call 989-8937071 for more info. Entertainment Line-up: MONDAYS – Electric Open Mic Night; TUESDAYS: July 26, Open Mic w/Amelia Jo; Aug. 2, Zack; Aug. 9, Open Mic w/Amelia Jo; WEDNESDAYS: July 27, Michelle O’Neal; Happenings Aug. 3 & 10, Excalibur; THURSDAYS: July 21, Carrie Westbay; July 28, Joe Sullivan; Aug. 4, Maybe August; FRIDAYS: July 22, The Blues Creators; July 29, The Banana Convention; Aug. 5, Sprout; SATURDAYS: July 23, The Thunderchickens wsg International Garbage Men; July 30, TBA; Aug. 6, Sprout; SUNDAYS: July 24, Greatest of These (from Louisville, KY); July 31, Grupo Sensible; Aug. 7, Grupo Estilo.



Welcome to the most comprehensive guide to what’s happening in the Tri-Cities and beyond! The information contained here is listed as a service to our readers. Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of these listings, dates and times may change without notice. If you run a display ad, it only costs $15 to run a 50 word Out and About listing. If you would like to run an Out and About listing, the cost is $20.00 per issue and $.15 for each word over 50. You can run 5 listings for $100.00 and receive the sixth listing at no charge, covering you for a 3 month period. If you have an event you would like listed as a free public service, simply fax your information to 989-799-6162 or e-mail Please call 989-799-6078 for more information.

COTY’S LANDING, 777 Midland Rd. Saginaw, Mi. Daily Lunch & Dinner Specials: Sunday: Bike Day! $8.00 Buckets of Beer and Happy Hour All Day! $2.00 Well Drinks. Monday; Open Pool All Day and $1.00 12 oz. Drafts After 8 PM; Tuesday, $2.00 bottles, well drinks, Captain Morgan & 22.oz drafts; Wednesday, Tim & Jim from 6-9 pm; Karaoke w/Red Dog; $5.00 pitchers & $3.00 Johnny Vegas; `Thursday, Honesty & Dean from 6-9 pm. DJ/Karaoke w/Lynn Q, starts at 9 PM. $3.00 Jager Bombs, Jello Shots, and $5.00 pitchers plus Happy Hour All Night! Entertainment Line-up & Special Events: July 22-23, Burnaround; July 29-30, Aug. 5-6, Aug. 1213, Searchin’ For a Star with DJ Bill Humes – DJ Dance Music. Call 989-790-9430 for more information. THE CREEK GRILL, 1259 S. Poseyville, Midland. 2 miles south of Dow Diamond. Live Music Every Weekend: Band Line-up: July 22, Honesty & the Liars; July 23, Peg & Deb; July 29, Brett Mitchell; July 30, Gabe Gouch. Our giant deck is now open and e have beach volleyball and 2 professional horse shoe pits. Our outside area is open for having a cold one on the Lawn!! Good Times Flow at the Creek! 486-3717. HOOLIGANS FOOD & SPIRITS, 3022 N. Water St., Bay City. A fun, casual place to meet with friends and family for some of the best food in town. Live entertainment and DJ/Karaoke on weekends. Open Mic Nite every Thursday 10 to close. We do catering also. Phone (989) 894-2938. MIXX NIGHTCLUB & METRO GRILL. Located at 115 N. Hamilton St. Saginaw, 989-498-4022 Your Heart Beats... Your Breath Quickens... And You Haven’t hit The Dancefloor Yet! Walking into the Mixx, is like walking into a “Big City” Nightclub, but with a small town friendly attitude. The Mixx has a very Mixed Cosmopolitan Straight & Gay Crowd. The Dance Bar is open Fri. and Sat. nights at 10pm, featuring high energy sounds from Chicago and New York spun by local DJs. The Mixx’s VIP ROOM is Very popular for bachelorette, birthday, & other parties. The “Ball Room” is available for rentals for luncheons and private parties. The Mixx’s Video Bar “The Metro Grille”, offers Great Burgers served up in a comfortable metropolitan atmosphere, open Weds. Thru Sun., appetizers are served until 1am. Happy Hour till 9pm with $1.00 off drinks and .50 cents off drafts. The Metro features KARAOKE Wednesday Thru Sunday Nights at 10pm, with over 20,000 songs to choose from! The Mixx Of The People, The Mixx Of The Drink, The Mixx Of The Music, You Can Find It All At The Mixx Nightclub and Metro Grille. www.TheMixxNightclub.Com MORT’S NORTHERN BAR, 353 State Park Drive, Bay City. Phone 989-684-084. Friendly & Fun Stop on the Rail Trail! New – Pub Food! Every Day Beer Special $1.00 Cans ‘til 6 PM. Wednesdays: Free Grilled Dogs 7 PM; POOL & DART LEAGUES start in September – PLAY FOR MORT’S! FRIDAYS & SATURDAYS THIS SUMMER – DANCING & KARAOKE with BABY-D! Ask about our Week-End Drink Specials! SATURDAYS LIVE! – WILL BE BACK IN SEPTEMBER. GET MORTIFIED!!!

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Sanford. 989-687-5562. Appearing Friday & Saturday, July 22-23, Steel Wheels; July 29-30, Cygnus; Aug. 5-6, TBA; Aug. 12-13, The Hipakritz. THE OLD TYME ROADHOUSE, 9620 Gratiot, Saginaw, 781-3707. MONDAY: $2.00 Domestic Bottles & $5.00 Pitchers after 9 PM. TUESDAY: Outdoor Volleyball! Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – Outdoor BBQ Grill! WEDNESDAY: Bike Night with Beer & Drink Specials and Live music with Mel & Chris from 7-10 PM. THURSDAY: Live music with Tim & Jim from 6 pm – 8 pm. $3.00 shot specials. Karaoke DJ starting at 9 PM. FRIDAY: $3.00 Shot Specials! Live Entertainment Every Friday & Saturday. Happy Hour All Day Sunday with 30-cent wings and Open Pool! ROG’S BAR, 2350 S. Michigan, Saginaw. 989-791-4409. New Owner! New Bartenders! New Attitudes! Three New HD Flat Screens with Premier Sports Package. New Security Inside & Out. Beer on Ice 24/7. Mondays: 16 oz. Drafts $1.00; Tuesdays – Bike Night (Owner Rides) $1.75 Domestic Bottle Beer; Wednesdays: Happy Hour All Day; Thursdays: Domestic Beer $1.75; Fridays – Ladies $2.00 Well Drinks; Sunday – Bloody Mary’s $3.00. NASCAR Specials. Happy Hour 4-8, Seven Days a Week! Check us out on Facebook! Good Times, Good People, Great Service. ROG’S IS BACK!

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Informational WHITES BAR,Nightclubs 2609 State St., Saginaw, Phone 792& Dining 2631. Happy Hour Mon – Fri 7 – 11 AM & 4-7 PM. Every Sunday, Excalibur at 9 PM. Bloody Mary Mondays from 4-8 pm with Cornpone; Server Nightclubs Dining Appreciati on – Show& Uniform or ID and Get 50 cents off your favorite drink! Appearing Thurs. July 21, The Honky Tonk Zeros; Fri. July 22, Rustbucket; Sat. July Theatre 23, Chris Palmer Presents; Sun. July 24 & Mon. July 25, Midnight Ghost Train; Tues. July 26, Musician’s Night wsg Mel & Chris; Weds. July 27, TBA; Thurs. July 28, Darling Waste; Fri. July 29, Hokori; Sat. July 30, SRC Reunion Show! Mon.. Aug. 1, Kyle Mayer; Theatre Tues. Aug. 2, Musician’s Night; Weds. Aug. 3, Severe Head Drama; Thurs. Aug. 4, Brody & the Busch Rd. Happenings Trio; Fri. Aug. 5, Vagabond Wheels; Sat. Aug. 6, Mason Case; Mon. Aug. 8, Kyle Mayer; Tues. Aug. 9, Musician’s Night; Weds. Aug. 10, Jim Perkins; Thurs. Aug. 11, The Honky Tonk Zeros. For more info go to Happenings


Auditions will not be accepted. Auditions will be followed by the Tunes by the Tridge classic country performance of Butch Heath, 7 – 9 pm.




Jul 22: Dixie Sports Motor Speedway Opening Night - Enjoy auto racing every Friday night from July through October 2nd! Most races will start at 7:30 pm unless Concerts otherwise noted. Please check the website listed below for details. There will be an admission charge Auditions per race. Special races will be held on an occasional Sunday. Tonight’s entertainment will be The Concerts Frankenmuth Brewery Street Stock Showdown! The Dixie Motor Speedway is located at 10945 Dixie Hwy., Birch Run. Please call 989-624-9778 or visit www. Cinema Jul 24: Carrollton Festival of Races - Run a marathon, 20K, 5 or 10K run/walk. There will be a registration fee. Be at Carrollton High School at 6 am! Carrollton High School is located at 1235 Maple Ridge, Carrollton, (Saginaw Twp). For much more information please call 989-239-0675 or contact Informational www.carrollton.k12.

Aug 13: 1st Annual Java Dog Dash-5K Run/Walk All are welcome for this first annual event...serious runners, pleasure walkers, and leashed pets, so plan on bringing your dog for a morning of fitness, coffee & refreshments! Late pick up and race registration is at 7:30 am at ‘dawn a new day” coffeehouse. Nightclubs &ofDining 9 am the 5K run/walk begins on the Saginaw River Walk, (an out & back course). The race start is one block from the coffee house. Enjoy awards and refreshments at the coffeehouse following the race. $20 registration fee through July 30th, $25 fee July 31st through race day and includes coffee cup, Theatre and pet clean up! Please call participant refreshments 989-284-3549 for the registration form and further information. Held at ‘dawn of a new day’ coffee house, 210 S. Washington, Saginaw. AUDITIONS Jul 28: Always...Patsy Cline Auditions - Center Stage Happenings Theatre of Midland Center for the Arts has joined forces with Tunes by the Tridge to find the perfect “Patsy Cline” for their upcoming performance of Always … Patsy Cline. This is primarily a singing role; auditionees need not be Patsy Cline look-alikes, but should be able to sing in her classic country style. Butch HeathSports will emcee the event as candidates perform with a pre-recorded track on the stage and are judged by the director and music director of the production. Interested women should pre-register for the event by contacting the Center Stage Theatre office at 631-5930 x 1270. Information on what Concerts song(s) should be prepared will be provided. All auditionees must pre-register; walk-up auditionees Page 10 • Review Magazine • July 21 - August 10, 2011


Jul 24: The Lawnchair Film Festival presents ‘Grease’ - Location: Parking lot at N. Hamilton & Ames St., Saginaw Enjoy music at 8 pm, and films at dusk, bring your own seating. Concessions are available. Films Informational will be shown on Monday evening in case of rain. All films are at the corner of N. Hamilton & Ames in Old Town Saginaw, except for the July 17 film, which will be at the Children’s Zoo. Jul 24: Lawnchair Film Festival presents “Happy Feet” - The movie “Happy Feet” will have a special Nightclubs & Dining FREE showing which will be located at the CHILDREN’S ZOO at CELEBRATION SQUARE, Saginaw. Film will start at dusk. Please visit for information regarding admission to the Zoo. Jul 31: Lawnchair Film Festival presents “Hairspray” - Bring your own seatingTheatre and enjoy live music starting at 8 pm and FREE movie beginning at dusk. Tonight’s movie will be “Hairspray”-the original John Waters’ 1988 version...a MUST SEE!! All Lawnchair Film Festival films will be shown at the corner of North Hamilton & Ames in Old Town,(City), Saginaw. Concessions will be available. Film will be shown on Happenings Monday night in case of rain at the same location. Aug 7: Lawnchair Film Festival presents “Heart Breaker” - Bring your ownArt seating and enjoy live music at 8 pm with FREE movie starting at dusk. Tonight’s film will be “Heart Breaker” and will be shown at the corner of North Hamilton & Ames Sports in Old Town, (City), Saginaw. Concessions will be available. In case of rain the film will be shown on Monday night-same time, same location. Visit www. for description of film and Auditions more information.

Aug 14: Lawnchair FilmConcerts Festival presents “Ghost World - Bring your own seating and enjoy live music at 8 pm with FREE film shown at dusk. Movie and entertainment will be located at the corner of North Hamilton & Ames StreetCinema in Old Town, (City), Saginaw. Concessions will be available. In case of rain, the film will be shown on Monday at the same time and same location. For a description or question please visit

Informational Jul 21 - Jul 30: To Go Boldly- A Look at NASA’s Shuttle Program - January 28, 2011 marked the 25th Anniversary of the Space Shuttle Challenger tragedy. The Frankenmuth Historical Association takes a more Nightclubs &program. Dining in-depth look at NASA’s shuttle Adults $2, students $1, Family $5, includes museum tour. January 28, 2011 marked the 25th Anniversary of the Space Shuttle Challenger tragedy. The Frankenmuth Historical Association takes a more in-depth look at NASA’s shuttle program. Adults $2, students $1, Family $5, includes Theatre museum tour. Location: Frankenmuth Historical Museum, 613 S. Main St., Frankenmuth Email: Phone: 989-652-9701 Runs through September 30th. Jul 22 - Aug 16: “IT’S A GAS!”-The Bright Side of Science - Explore theHappenings vital role gases play in our lives, from ensuring our survival to making our world a little brighter. Over a dozen interactive activities provide visitors of all ages with a better understanding of these important elements from the Periodic Table. Tickets are $8 adults and $5 for children 14 and under. This instructional exhibit will be featured from 10 am-4 pm through September Sports18th at the Midland Center for the Arts, 1801 W. St. Andrews Road, Midland. For more information please visit www. Jul 25 - Aug 17: Team Rowing/Learn to Row - Attend the Bay City Rowing Club members workout sessions Concerts on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6 pm to build skills in sweep rowing. NEW ROWERS ARE ACCEPTED

THROUGHOUT THE SEASON! Just $5 per person to try us out! This season of Team Rowing/Learning to Row will run through October 31st. Location is the Cinema Bay City Rowing Club, 350 W. Lafayette Ave., Bay City. To learn more about this program please visit www. Jul 28: The Castle Celebrates Culture - Join us at the Castle Museum every Tuesday & Thursday from Noon-1 pm as we celebrate a different culture. Today’sInformational program will be MAKING PUERTO RICAN MASKS. This event is free with paid admission to the Museum. Guests are welcome to bring their own lunch. Event hours are Noon-1 pm. Reservations are required by calling 989-752-2861, ext. 315. The Castle Museum is located at 500 Federal, Saginaw. For more information please call the above number, minus the extension or visit Nightclubs & Dining Aug 2 - Aug 4: The Castle Celebrates Culture - Join us at the Castle Museum every Tuesday & Thursday from Noon-1pm as we celebrate a different culture. The Aug. 2nd & 4th theme is AFRICAN AMERICAN. May include guest speakers, demonstrations, food, crafts & more! Events are FREE with paid admission Theatre to the Museum. Guests are welcome to bring their own lunch. RESERVATIONS REQUIRED by calling 989752-2861, ext. 315. For more information please call the above number minus the extension or visit www. The Castle Museum of Saginaw County History is located at 500 Federal, Saginaw.


Aug 4: Teacher Appreciation Day at the Zoo - FREE admission to teachers & their families,(I.D. required), and learn all about the education programs the Children’s Zoo of Saginaw has to offer for your classroom! This educational program will run from 10am to 5pm with regular admission. Members Sports of the zoo are free. Location is the Children’s Zoo at Celebration Square, 1730 S. Washington Ave., Saginaw. For more information regarding this special event please call 989-759-1408. Aug 6: Healthy You-n-the-Zoo - Learn all about


health & safety with special exhibits, with some exhibits being hands-on! Held at the Children’s Zoo from 10am-2pm with regular admission. Members of the zoo are free. Locati on is the Children’s Zoo Cinema at Celebration Square, 1730 S. Washington Ave., Saginaw. For more information about this special event please call 989-759-1408. Aug 9 - Aug 11: The Castle Celebrates Culture - Join us at the Castle Museum every Tuesday & Thursday from Noon-1 pm as we celebrate a different culture. Informational Program may include guest speakers, demonstrations, food, crafts and much more! The theme of this event will be NATIVE AMERICAN. Event is free with paid admission to the Museum. Guests are welcome to bring their own lunch! RESERVATIONS REQUIRED by calling 989-752-2861, ext. 315. For more information please call the above number minus the extension or Nightclubs &The Dining visit Castle Museum is located at 500 Federal, Saginaw. Aug 9: Tri-City Carvers Show - See the Tri-City Carvers’ handiwork on display & watch woodcarving demonstrations from 10 am-4 pm at the Zoo! There will be a regularTheatre admission cost to the zoo with members free. Located at the Children’s Zoo at Celebration Square, 1730 S. Washington Ave., Saginaw. For more information please call 989-7591408 or visit


Jul 21 - Jul 23: Bay City Sidewalk Days - Free entertainment, great sales, time with friends and family and a very cool river front in Downtown Bay City. For more informatiSports on please call 989-893-3573. Jul 22 - Jul 23: Big Country Fest - Slip on your cowboy boots, tip your hat and swing on over to the 2nd Annual Michigan’s Big Country Fest! Enjoy live bands, beer & mixed drinks, mechanical bull, BBQ,


$28. The fun starts at 10 AM and while there, visit the Farm Fest at Grandpa Tiny’s Farm, just across the street! Location of the event is the Bavarian Inn Restaurant, 713 S. Main St., Frankenmuth. Aug 6-7: Gun & Knife Show - Buy, sell or trade shotguns, rifles, scopes, knives & more. Show hours will be: Saturday from 9 am-5 pm, Sunday from 10 am-3 pm. Admission is $7 with 12 and under free. Held at the Birch Run Expo Center, 11600 N. Beyer Rd., Birch Run. Aug 9-13: Frankenmuth Summer Music Fest Enjoy a variety of the nation’s finest polka bands-a celebration of Polish, German and Slovenian ethnicstyle music. Dance in the pavilion to great polka music and taste some favorite German foods and drinks! There will be an admission charge. For more information please call 989-652-3378 or visit www. The Festival will be held at Heritage Park, 601 Weiss Street, Frankenmuth. Aug 13: Breakfast With the Animals - Enjoy our second all-you-can-eat pancake & sausage breakfast of the summer and learn about the foods that make our animals rise and shine each day! Ticket price includes zoo admission, breakfast, rise and shine each day! Advance tickets are $6, $8 at the gate. Held from 8 am-10 am at the Children’s Zoo at Celebration Square, 1730 S. Washington, Saginaw. For more information please call 989-759-1408. Aug 13: Formal Japanese Tea Ceremony - Experience an authentic formal Japanese tea ceremony amid the peaceful setting of the Saginaw-Tokushima Friendship Garden. Each guest will be served Japanese matcha tea and sweets. The ceremony starts at 2 pm with admission charge of $8. Reservations required by calling 989-759-1648 or visit www. The Japanese Cultural Center Tea House & Gardens is located at 527 Ezra Rust Dr., Saginaw.

bar stool racing show, vendors, line dancing lessons, contests and much more!! The fun runs from 6 pm to midnight with an $8 admission price. Free parking and handicapped accessible! Held at the Harvey Kern Pavilion at Heritage Park, 601 Weiss St., Frankenmuth. For more information please call 989-652-8008 or visit Jul 23: Skyscraper Lego Land - Construct and eat a Lego treat, using MMCM legos, build a skyscraper on your own or with a friend, then combine your creation with others to construct a city scape! Build a Lego car and race it in ‘Car Works’, and play Lego Lingo Bingo. The fun starts at 1:30 pm and runs to 3 pm with admission of $15 per person or $7 for MMCM Members. The fee includes refreshments, supplies and admission to the Museum. Held at the Mid-Michigan Children’s Museum, 315 W. Genesee Ave., Saginaw. For more information please call 989399-6626.

Jun 22 - Aug 24: “Bark in the Park” - Join Midland Parks and Recreation, SOS Animal Rescue, other dogs and owners for an evening of fun and friendship. There will be prizes, games, and a doggone good time in Chippewassee Park, across the Tridge, near the doggie run in Midland. “Bark in the Park” will run from 6:30 PM-8 PM. Held every 2nd and 4th Wednesdays from June to August. For more information please contact www.downtownmidland. com, or call (989) 837-3330. Jul 29 - Jul 31: Zehnder Park Arts & Craft Show Over 125 Michigan crafters will be selling painted clothing, purses, jewelry, stained glass, metal garden works, pottery, seasonal folk art, pet accessories and more! Hours are: Friday from Noon-7 pm, Saturday from 10 am-7 pm, and Sunday from 11 am-5 pm. This is a FREE event! Zehnder Park, 730 S. Main St., Frankenmuth. For more information please contact 989-781-9165.

Jul 23 - Jul 24: Railroad Days at JVRR - See how railroads operate, ride the tour train to the roundhouse and shop where the trains and equipment are built. Admission is $10 per person, all ages, and includes unlimited riding on all 4 trains plus the playground and picnic area. Held at Junction Valley Railroad, 7065 Dixie Hwy., Bridgeport. For more information please contact 989-777-3480.

Jul 30: Birds, Bugs, Butterflies & Blooms - It’s Garden Day at the Children’s Zoo with special presentations & activities from 10am to 5pm. Vote for your favorite Adopt-a-Garden! There will be regular admission to the Zoo with members free. It’s all happening at the Children’s Zoo at Celebration Square, 1730 S. Washington Ave., Saginaw. For more information please contact 989-759-1408.

Jul 26: Ice Cream Zoofari - Ice cream lovers rejoice! Your ticket price includes zoo admission, ice cream, train & carousel rides from 6-8 pm. Advance tickets are $6 or $8 at the gate. Please note-Thrifty Tuesday admission prices are valid only 10 am -5 pm. The ice cream dream will be held at the Children’s Zoo at Celebration Square, 1730 S. Washington Ave., Saginaw. For more information phone 989-759-1408.

Jul 30 - Jul 31: 2011 IABCA Dog Show - This delightful dog show will be held at the Birch Run Expo Center, 11600 N. Beyer Rd., Birch Run. For more information please call 989-316-9860 or visit the website at www.

Jul 26 - Jul 30: Saginaw County Fair - A great family event featuring livestock judging & auction, amusement rides, vendors, youth exhibits, fireworks, nightly grandstand shows including Monster Trucks on Friday, Broken Horn Rodeo championships on Saturday, plus lots of yummy fair food and FUN! Admission. Saginaw County Fairgrounds, 11350 Peet Rd., Chesaning. For more information please visit

Aug 5 - 7: Frankenmuth Historical Farm Fest - Enjoy a family event that includes wagon ride tours, threshing demonstrations, sheep shearing, tractor parade, hands-on petting barn, plowing with horses, bread baking & ice cream making, one-room school house tours and more! Children 12 & under are admitted free! Held at Grandpa Tiny’s Farm, (across the street from Bronner’s), 7775 Weiss St., Frankenmuth. For more information please call 989-652-6613. Aug 6: Trains & Tractors Day - Enjoy ‘Thomas the Train’ activities and a chicken luncheon at the Bavarian Inn! Admission is adults $25 and children

Theatre Jul 26: Ralphie May-Comedy Show - Ralphie May’s popularity exploded after the success of the first season of NBC’s hit reality series, “Last Comic Standing”. His special brand of comedy combines the familiar elements of hip-hop and topical comedy with a dash of southern down-home flavor and quick wit making Ralphie one of the most popular comedians in the country. His first DVD, “Just Correct” went PLATINUM and was released on February of 2004 which includes Ralphie’s Tour to Iraq where he could be seen swimming in Saddam Hussein’s pool! Ralphie May’s totally laugh-out-loud show will be presented LIVE at the historical Temple Theatre of Saginaw on Tuesday evening, July 26th, with show time being 7:30pm. Doors will open at 6:30pm with tickets on sale April 29th. Admission is $29 or $39 by calling (989) 754-SHOW locally or (877) 754-SHOW from outside of Saginaw. You may also visit www. to order your tickets. Jul 26-31: “Suds”: The Rocking 60’s Musical Soap Opera - Enjoy a hilarious, heartwarming story intertwined with your favorites form the 60’s, Tuesday through Saturday at 7:30 pm and Sunday at 3 pm. After breaking box office records across the country, “Suds” is the delightful story of a young teenage girl and the two guardian angels that come to teach her about finding true love. The hilarious action takes place in a Laundromat during the sensational 60’s. “Suds” is loaded with good clean fun and bubbling energy! The story takes place at SVSU Studio Theatre, (Black Box, Curtiss Hall 180), 7400 Bay Rd., University Center. For ticket prices and more information please contact 989-964-4261.

Art Jul 21 - Aug 17: Saginaw’s Backyard Oil Boom Presented Through Dec. 31st - While many people know that Michigan has highly productive oil fields, few realize that Saginaw was the site of the state’s first commercial oil boom. This story is told in a new

exhibit developed by Saginaw Valley State University history student, Ashley Johnson, and is built around a unique 1920 sample board collected by a young man from the oil-well being drilled in his backyard. Newspaper articles and photographs round out this exhibit which will run through December 31st, 2011. Held at the Castle Museum, 500 Federal, Saginaw. The museum is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 am-4:30 pm and Sunday from 1-4 pm. Admission is $1 adults and .50 children. For questions or more information please phone 989-752-2861 or visit Jul 21 - Aug 15: Saginaw Illustrated - Elegant images capture 19th Century Saginaw in this new museum exhibit held at the Castle Museum of Saginaw. The 12 images in this exhibition are from Saginaw Illustrated which was published in 1888 by the International Publishing Company. The publication contained 94 views of the cities of East Saginaw and Saginaw City and was issued in nine separate paper-bound folios and included a text by the assistant editor of The Saginaw Evening News, William F. Goldie. The photos, about a quarter of which were taken by the Goodridge Brothers, capture the two Saginaw’s still reveling in their power and glory as the lumber capital of the world. While the peak years have passed the wealth gleaned from the forest is evident in every view. In addition, the exhibit will include artifacts from the buildings featured in the photos including a rare stained glass window from the Potter Street Depot. This exhibit will run through September 8th at the Castle Museum of Saginaw County History, 500 Federal, Saginaw. For more information please phone 989-752-2861 or visit Jul 21 - Jul 31: Art in the Gardens featuring Craig M. Smith - Enjoy a stroll through beautiful and historic Dow Gardens in Midland featuring Glass Sculptures by Craig Mitchell Smith. Join Craig every Sunday at 1 pm as he installs a new glass sculpture into the exhibit! The Glass Sculpture exhibit will be held through July 31st during regular summer Gardens hours-9 am to 8:30 pm. Admission will be the regular charge of $5 adults, $1 students and free for ages 5 and under. You may purchase an annual admission card, good for the 2011 calendar year, for $10. Dow Gardens entrance is located at 1809 Eastman Ave., Midland. For more information on this exhibit and more please visit or phone 989-631-2677. Jul 22 - Aug 11: “Voices from Within” - The Northwood University Gallery announces its summer show presenting “Voices from Within” by Beatriz Henoa and Penny Knapp. The show can be viewed at the Northwood Gallery, 102 E. Main Street, downtown Midland, through August 27th from 10 am-6 pm. For more information please phone 989837-4423 or visit Jul 20 - Aug 13: VOICES: Extraordinary Women of Midland County - Two galleries of powerful stories, engaging photographs and videotapes, plus interesting personal artifacts of hundreds of Midland women, past and present. This exhibit is currently running and will continue through October 29th, 2011. Exhibit hours are Wednesday-Saturday from 11 am-4 pm and held at the Herbert D. Doan Midland County History Center, 3417 W. Main Street, Midland. For more information on this very special exhibit please phone 989-631-5930, ext. 1310. Thru Jul 29: Artist Charles McGee-Presented from June 6 to Sept. 24 - In 2008, Charles McGee received the Kresge Foundation’s first “Eminent Artist” award. His work is in major museums and collections, including The Detroit Institute of Arts. Admission July 21 - August 10, , 2011 • Review Magazine • Page 11

Jul 23: Keith Urban - Performing at The Palace of Auburn Hills. For information regarding tickets, time, and concert prices, please visit www. Jul 23: O.A.R. wsg SOJA - Appearing at Meadow Brook Music Festival. For more information regarding tickets, please visit Jul 23: DJAM Band - Jazz in the Garden at the Andersen Enrichment Center. Free concert. Thru Aug. 14: Summer Concert Series in the Park - Region: Frankenmuth The Frankenmuth Women’s Club invites you to bring your chair or blanket and enjoy the concerts each Sunday night, rain or shine, free. July 24: The Beginnings, a Tribute to Chicago, 7:30 pm July 31: ABBAGold Live!, 7:30 pm August 7: The Diamond, 7 pm August 14: Bee Gees Stayin’ Alive Tribute, 7 pm Location: Palmer Schau Platz in Memorial Park, Park Rd., Frankenmuth Website:

is free for “2 Centuries, 3 Decades & 28 Works. Location Saginaw Valley State University, 7400 Bay Road, University Center. Museum hours are Noon to 5 PM. If you have any questions please visit www. or phone (989) 964-7154. Aug 13 - Aug 14: 5th Annual Frankenmuth Art Fair - The FAFAC will be hosting it’s 5th Annual Art Fair on Main Street. This event is located in Zehnder Park, Frankenmuth on Main Street. 50 Plus Juried Artists will be on view along with demonstrations. The FAFAC is also looking for artists for their 2011 Art Fair on main. Anyone interested can contact us at or contact Calista at 989-239-6719.

Concerts Jul 21: Tunes by the Tridge featuring The Resonators - Free musical concert held on Thursday evenings from 7 pm to 9 pm. Tonight’s performers will be The Resonators-a percussion band. Held at the Tridge area in downtown Midland by the river. An artists market accompanies the concert. For more information please visit www.downtownmidland. com or phone 989-837-3330.

Jul 24: The Frankenmuth Women’s Club Concert Series - Bring your chair or blanket and enjoy a free concert at the Palmer Schau Platz Park in Memorial Park, Park Rd., Frankenmuth. Tonight’s free concert features “The Beginnings”, a Tribute to Chicago, starting at 7:30 pm and held rain or shine! Any questions call 989-652-4958.

in Bridgeport Historical Village, 6190 Dixie Highway,next to the fire station in Bridgeport at 7 PM.

Jul 24: Paul McCartney ‘On the Run’ Tour - Performing at Comerica park. Tickets $20.00 to $250.00. Ticketmaster.

Aug 2 : Doc Letchfield Park Free Concert - Bfree concert featuring the Fonix Bros., a Rock ‘n Roll band.

Jul 25: Haithco Music in the Park - Join us this summer and enjoy the great outdoors while listening to great music! Bring a lawn chair and relax to the tunes from 7-8:30pm at Haithco Recreation Area, 2121 Schust Road, Saginaw. The concert is FREE but there may be a gate fee to enter the park. Please phone 989-790-5280 for more information.

Aug 3: Tittabawassee Township Park Concert - Bring your chair, sit back and enjoy a free concert, begins at 7 pm.

Jul 25: Interpol - The Fillmore Detroit Jul 26: Doc Letchfield Park Free Concert - Bring your lawn chair or blanket to “Tuesdays in the Park”, a free concert featuring Through the Mist-a Dulcimer/Strings band. Concert starts at 7 pm and is located at Doc Letchfield Park, M-13, Lion’s Club Pavilion, Pinconning. *NoteScheduled performances may change due to unforeseen circumstances. In case of rain, concerts will be held at the Community Center adjacent to the park. Please check for changes before the concert. Jul 27: The Sinclairs - Concerts in the Park. Tittabawassee Township Park, 9200 Old Midland Rd., Freeland Bring your chair, sit back and enjoy the FREE music of the night! Jul 27: Haithco Music in the Park - Join us at Haithco Recreation Area, 2121 Schust Road, Saginaw, with Jammin’Dulcimers from 7-9pm. Concert is FREE but there may be an admission charge to the park. For questions and more information please phone 989-790-5280.

2609 State St. • Saginaw • 989-792-2631

Happy Hour Monday thru Friday 7-11 AM & 4-7 PM! Thurs. July 21 - The Honkey Tonk Zeros Fri. July 22 - Rustbucket Sat. July 23 - Chris Palmer Presents Sun. July 24 & Mon. July 25 - Midnight Ghost Train Tues. July 26- Musician's Night wsg Mel & Chris Weds. July 27 - TBA Thurs. July 28 - Darling Waste Fri. July 29 - Hokori Sat. July 30 - SRC Reunion Show Sun. July 31 - Excalibur Mon. August 1st & Mon August 8th - Kyle Mayer Tues. August 2nd - Musicians Night Weds. August 3rd - Severe Head Drama Thurs. August 4th - Brody & the Busch Rd Trio Fri. August 5th - Vagabond Wheels Sat. August 6th - Mason Case Sun. August 7th - Excaliber Tues. August 9th - Musicians Night Wed. August 10th - Jim Perkins Thurs. August 11th - The Honky Tonk Zeros Fri. August 19th & Sat. 20th - Crispy Music Festival

Server Appreciation

50 Cents Off showing uniform or ID! Page 12 • Review Magazine • July 21 - August 10, 2011

Journey will be performing at DTE on July 31st

Jul 27: Jazz in the Garden - Bring your own seating, sit back, relax and enjoy a free concert! Tonight’s entertainment will be The Saucecats starting at 7 pm and held at the Lucille E. Andersen Memorial Garden, 120 Ezra Rust Dr., Saginaw. *Note-In case of rain the concert will be held at Pit & Balcony Theatre, 805 N. Hamilton St., Saginaw. Jul 28: Death Cab for Cutie - Fox Theatre, Detroit. Jul 28: Tunes by the Tridge featuring Butch Heath Jul 28: Britney Spears wsg Nicki Minaj, Jessie & the Toy Boys & Nervo - Britney Spears and very special guests will appear at the Palace of Auburn Hills. For tickets and more information, please visit www. Jul 29: Bay City Friday at the Falls - Join friends and neighbors from 6-7 pm every Friday evening this summer, (weather permitting), at the Third Street Waterfall Park, Third St., Bay City, for great entertainment featuring Dick Case & Friends. Admission is FREE with donations accepted. Bring a lawn chair or just pause to enjoy some of the “Best of the Bay” entertainment! *Note-Event will be canceled in the event of rain. Jul 30: Jill Scott’s Summer Block Party - Budweiser Superfest at DTE Energy Theatre. Jul 30: SRC 40 Year Reunion - The seminal Michigan rock band SRC performs at White’s Bar, featuring Scott Richardson, Gary Quackenbush, Glen Quackenbush, Steve Lyman & ray Goodman with special guests Rustbucket and The Seatbelts. Co-sponsored by Five Star Amuseument & Review Magazine. Tickets on Sale at White’s Bar for only $18.00. Phone 792-2631 for more info.

Aug 2: An Evening with Casting Crowns - Dow Events Center, Saginaw. Tickets $27, $37 and $52.00

Aug 3: Sade - Live at The Palace of Auburn Hills Aug 3: Motley Crue & Poison & The New York Dolls - Van Andel Arena, Grand Rapids Aug 4: Rock the Tridge-Battle of the Bands - This free concert, a Battle of the Bands, will feature Christian/Rock from 7 pm-9 pm and will take place at Chippewassee Park near the Tridge area in downtown Midland. For more information please visit or phone 989-837-3330. Aug 4: Rascall Flatts with Sara Evans, Easton Corbin & Justin Moore. Appearing at DTE Energy Music Theatre. Ticketmaster outlets. Aug 5 : Bay City Friday at the Falls - Join friends and neighbors at 6 pm every Friday this summer, (weather permitting), at the Third Street Waterfall Park, Third St., Bay City, for some great entertainment! Bring a lawn chair or just pause to enjoy some of the “Best of the Bay”! Tonight will feature Jeff Yantz & The Coping Mechanisms. Admission is FREE with donations greatly accepted. *Note-This event will be canceled in the event of rain. Aug 6: Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival- Featuring Disturbed, Godsmack, Megadeath, In Flames, Machine Head and Trivium on the Main Stage. DTE Energy Music Theatre, Clarkston. For more info. on ticket prices, times, please contact Aug 7: Bob Dylan & his Band - Appearing at Meadow Brook Msuic Festival. Ticketmaster outlets. Aug. 9: Dixie Highway Band. Playing a variety of music. Held at The Gazebo in Bridgeport Historical Village, 6190 Dixie Highway,next to the fire station in Bridgeport at 7 PM. Aug 9: Doc Letchfield Park Free Concert - featuring the Tri-City Chorus of Sweet Adelines-a female vocalist group. Aug 10: Tittabawassee Township Park Concert - Bring your chair, sit back and enjoy a free concert by the Laurie Middlebrook Band starting at 7 pm. Concert will be held at Tittabawassee Twp. Park, 9200 Old Midland Rd., Freeland. Aug 12: Kid Rock wsg Sammy Hagar & the Wabos - Appearing at Comerica Park, Detroit. Ticketmaster Aug 12: Stewart Francke CD Release Party - Stewart will present his newest CD release party for “Heartless World”, at Pit and Balcony Theatre, located in Saginaw. For more information on this special show please call (989) 754-2085 or visit Aug 13: Dirt Fest - Enjoy an outdoor concert festival beginning at Noon at the Birch Run Expo Center located at 11600 N. Beyer Road, Birch Run. There will be an admission charge. For more information please check the website at You may also call 810-715-4166 or 989-624-4665.

Jul 30: INXS - Performing at The Fox Theatre, Detroit. Ticketmaster Jul 31: Journey wsg Foreigner & Night Ranger - Performing at DTE Energy Music Theatre will be the classic bands, Journey, Foreigner and Night Ranger. For tickets and times, please visit Jul 31: The Frankenmuth Women’s Club Concert Series - Bring a chair or blanket and enjoy a free concert at the Palmer Shau Platz in Memorial Park, Park Road, Frankenmuth, featuring ABBA Gold Live!-an ABBA tribute band. Held on Sunday night, rain or shine! For more information please call 989-652-4958. Aug. 2: Bob Holtzapple with a Talent Roundup. Check out an assortment of budding talent accompanied by The Road Dawgz. Held at The Gazebo

Kid Rock will be performing at Comerica Park on August 12th

Mayhem Tour Exclusive:

Up Close & Personal with Shawn Drover of By Jamie Griffin Megadeth brings new music to fans in 2011, in the form of the upcoming Mayhem Festival and a new album! Review Magazine sat down with drummer Shawn Drover and found out just what the thrash legends are up to in 2011 and what exactly is happening with the big 4! Review: Hi Shawn, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. I know Megadeth is in the studio right now recording the follow up to 2009’s Endgame. What can we expect from this album in terms of the vibe and sound? Drover: Were almost finished with the album. We leave for tour the 30th so were trying to get it done before then. It’s just another batch of metal tunes that we hope the fans will like. I don’t think any two Megadeth albums are the same. This one is a little more compressed. We have been working with a new producer named Johnny K. It’s going to be a typical Megadeth album - there are no dramatic weird disco country tunes. Review: When can we expect to see the new album released?

Drover: In Europe it was 6 shows. It was Sonisphere that initially started the whole thing. The next step was the 2 shows in the U.S. - one in Indigo, California on the West Coast and one at Yankee Stadium in New York. I would like to think that someday we will do a full U.S. tour. It’s a wait and see what happens in New York in September. Maybe we have a hesitation to do it because we don’t want to take the exclusivity out of it. We are still testing the waters for it in America, so anything is possible. Review: When you come back to the U.S your doing the Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival. How did this come about? Drover: It is something that was offered to us and I thought it was a great idea. It’s a different fun demographic that may not be familiar with Megadeth. We are in a position to get new fans that may have never seen us live. They may see us there and become fans.

Drover: Well the release date is contingent on whether or not we get it finished before we leave for Europe. I’m thinking sometime in late fall.

Review: How do you think the crowd is going to respond at Mayhem, as far as the band dynamic goes? You are sharing the bill with Godsmack and Disturbed amongst others.

Review: Speaking of Europe, you’re leaving next week to do 6 dates of Big 4 tour (Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, Slayer) shows. These are all festival shows. Do you think the U.S. could have a big festival like these with the success of those in Europe?

Drover: It’s always fun for us to see and tour with new bands. We look forward to gaining some fans that will get the chance to see us that maybe wouldn’t go to just a Megadeth show. I’m personally looking forward to seeing Godsmack and the younger second Stage bands.

Drover: So many festivals are popping up in Europe now. Do I wish they would do them in the U.S., of course. There are a couple in Canada now - Heavy MTL in Montreal and Heavy Toronto. They are testing the waters.

Review: Why do the Mayhem tour and not another Gigantour?

Review: Speaking of the Big 4 tour, why was there a decision to only do 2 shows in the U.S and not a complete tour? PIG GIG continued from page 7 A partial list of charities benefiting from this remarkable event include Boys & Girls Clubs of Bay County, The Literacy Council, CORY Place, The Johnny Burke Children’s Foundation, Bay Area Women’s Center, Area 9 Special Olympics and Studio 23. When asked to look back at the evolution of the Pig Gig over the years, are there specific highlights that stand out in Wendy’s mind that for her epitomize the significance of this event as a means of pulling communities together? “First and foremost, it’s the warm family reunion type atmosphere that I feel every year is probably the easiest way to describe it,” reflects Wendy. “People comment to me how they see friends, neighbors, church members, old high school classmates, past co-workers, so in many ways this event functions like a large ‘community reunion’l” As for the most challenging component involved with bringing a festival of this magnitude together, Wendy cites the ability to offer a great weekend of national entertainment, food and family fun, while keeping the pricing at $5.00. “This challenge is overcome by the great sponsors that step forward to keep this fun and affordable,” she notes. “The Labadie Family has been instrumental in helping to pay the costs of the event, along with State Farm, Covenant Health Care, John P. O’Sullivan and Meijer, the many local sponsors that contribute are the reasons that families have this festival here in Bay City.” While the Pig Gig is certainly focused upon satiating one’s appetite for a divergent range of fine barbecued ribs, another key component of its success and impact is centered upon the wide range of innovative family activities that it provides and develops, coupled with world-class live musical entertainment. As for the entertainment lineup, the excitement begins on Thursday, Aug. 4th with Rumors, a Fleetwood Mac Tribute band, which gives fans of such classic songs as Rhiannon and Go Your Own Way one of the few chances to hear them performed live and in a faithful manner to the originals. On Friday, Aug. 5th, Country Music star Phil Vassar will take to the stage, with nine Top 10 hits that include Just Another Day in Paradise, Love is a Beautiful Thing, and Carlene; while on Saturday, Aug. 6th new rock will be showcased with Saving Abel, who’s hits include 18 Days, Addicted, Drowning, and many more.

Drover: I honestly can’t say what’s in the future. Everything is contingent on the new record’s release. Who knows? Maybe we will do a Gigantour for that album’s tour. Anything is possible in the future. Review: Besides the Big 4 shows and the Mayhem tour Closing out the live performances will be the incomparable Southern Rock Legends, Georgia Satellites, with a string of hits that include Keep Your Hands to Yourself, Hippy Hippy Shake, and Don’t Pass Me By. All performances are at 7:11 PM, with the exception of Saturday, which features shows at 6:00 & 7:11 PM and Sunday, with performances at 4:30 & 7:11 PM. Saganing Eagles Landing Casino and Soaring Eagle Casino will again provide a covered area to meet and greet the entertainment and get an autograph. Plus they will be hosting some fun games for everyone to win and this year they will also provide a booth during the daytime activities. The Catholic Federal Credit Union 5K Race will be held on Saturday, August 6th as part of the event. It is a true test of commitment, not only to finish the race but to the charities as well. The event is open to all runners and walkers. The Catholic Federal race is also part of the Element Series. The race begins at Vets Park and travels over both bridges to return to the Labadie Pig Gig festival grounds at Vet’s Park. It’s a great place to show your speed, endurance, and your support of our local charities. You can log on to for more information. Great Lakes Harley Davidson will once again sponsor the Teddy Bear Run to Covenant Health Care. New stuffed animal or teddy bear donations can be dropped off at Great Lakes Harley Davidson on M-13 in Bay City. These teddy bears and animals will be strapped on the motorcycles of a caring group of riders that will take them from Great Lakes Harley to Covenant HealthCare’s Pediatric Center. Having a warm cuddly stuffed animal greet a sick or injured child is always a comfort; plus after the riders leave Covenant HealthCare they will ride back to the Labadie Pig Gig and park in Hog Heaven…. a special parking area for motorcycles.

you guys also have a 25th anniversary edition of Peace Sells but Who’s’ Buying coming out soon. Are there any plans to do some shows where you do that tour in its entirety? Drover: We did that with Rust in Peace. We did one leg of a tour with that. I’m open to the idea, but I can’t predict if we will or not. We are in a good position right now, with so many options. We have the Big 4, the new album and the re-issue of Peace Sells. Anything is possible! Review: Thank you Shawn for taking the time out to talk to us. We look forward to seeing you this summer on the Rockstar Energy Mayhem Tour. Drover: Thank you! Hopefully we will see you there! Check out Shawn Drover and the rest of Megadeth on this year’s Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival, as well as Godsmack, Disturbed, In Flames, Machine Head, Trivium and Saginaw’s own Tension Head! The Festival happens on August 6th at DTE Energy Music Theatre in Clarkston. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster. The Labadie Pig Gig will also again this year host a “Celebrity Rib Challenge” in which local media personalities compete against each other with their own “secret recipe” to win “The Best Celebrity Ribs” (an honor this writer was proud to have received five years ago!) Proceeds generated during this competition will be donated to worthwhile charities in the area. The general public can try the ribs specially prepared by their favorite local celebrity and vote for their favorite. The first 100 people voting will receive a special goody bag compliments of The Bay City Mall. With advance tickets at only $5.00, two additional things are being done to keep prices affordable for families. Kids 12 and Under are Free and advance discount Half Price tickets are available through August 2nd. After that date, daily admission at the gate will be only $10.00 with weekend passes available for $18.00. Tickets are on sale at both Labadie locations, participating State Farm agencies and on-line at” For more information, please log on to

July 21 - August 10, , 2011 • Review Magazine • Page 13

SRC’s Ray Goodman: Penetrating the Dharma and the Awakening of a Great Band

By Bo White

Ray Goodman is one of the unsung heroes of the Michigan Rock era of the late sixties and early seventies. He joined SRC in 1969 for their last great album Traveler’s Tale. The band was so far ahead of the curve in terms of business and technology. They built their own equipment and made PA’s for other artists. They constructed their own recording studio and promoted Rock Festivals in Saugatuck and Petoskey. Along the way Goodman had stints with Mitch Ryder & Detroit, Dick Wagner, Cub Koda, and Paul Randolph. It seems that Goodman has flexed his ample chops with just about every notable player in the Midwest and beyond. Ray worked on commercials and various sessions including work with Gladys Knight and Detroit featuring Rusty Day. He played guitar on Luther Allison’s Bad News is Coming, the last LP recorded at Motown before it shut down. He was a staff guitarist for Holland, Dozier & Holland after they left Motown and created the Invictus label. Goodman toured with such Invictus acts as the Chairmen of the Board and Ruth Copeland. They would open for Sly & the Family Stone and Three Dog Night as well as other great seventies acts. Goodman is a seasoned minstrel who’s experienced great success and lifelong friendships as well as gut wrenching disappointments. He is a seeker that never gives up his quest to divine the perfect note. Goodman is a tough businessman who has a sentimental side that forgives the past and embraces the future. He is responsible for making the SRC Reunion happen - wonderful thing.

arrangements and everyone sang except me. I got to stay in the control room and run the machines, an early education in engineering that still serves me to this day. I believe that everyone sang the same part and then overdubbed the next note ala Crosby Stills and Nash. How would you describe SRC music? Classically based and harmonically sophisticated, very different for the time.

How did SRC’s technical skills i.e. making their own equipment affect the sound? Who was the engineering genius in the band? Not everyone knows that SRC built PA’s that were among the largest in the world at that time. Kurt Andrews was the man behind that and went on to do sound at a lot of major concerts and festivals. Glenn did most of the engineering on the albums. Did you have a communal life in SRC? Well, we all lived in the same house but I wouldn’t call it a commune, it was more of an economic arrangement... How would you rate Scott as a singer? Frontman? Scott was wonderful at both and also as a lyricist, (he is a poet you know). He was absolutely fearless on stage and his live performances were one of the driving forces behind our popularity. How would you characterize your guitar work in general? with SRC? Mitch Ryder? Dick Wagner?

The secret to using 3 guitars is to lay back and play as little as possible; otherwise it can really muddy the waters so to speak. Gary and I share solos and are working out some guitar harmonies, but he’s doing the lion’s share of the signature guitar lines because he played them on the original recordings. Steve Lyman is a great rhythm guitarist and back-up singer - he has a near photographic memory of the arrangements and parts that most of us had long forgotten after 40 years, this is something that came in very handy during our long and brutal rehearsals. How did you decide on a set list?

Scott and Glenn put together the original set list and it kind of evolved during rehearsals. Are you using and modern techno or unusual instrumentation? No, a lot of our gear is older than many of the people in the audience. I saw a marching band in New Delhi many years ago that included a bunch of guys playing their own armpits - talk about unusual instrumentation! Both Scott and Glenn steadfastly oppose that idea despite my best efforts; ditto my suggestion that we should all wear matching Speedos - there’s just no pleasing some people...  Back in the day SRC produced several “Rock Festivals”, the most prominent being Saugatuck and Petoskey. Can you talk about your efforts in putting it together, memories of the bands and the spirit of the crowd? Was it well attended?

What is the story around you joining SRC?

Well, you’re always your own worst critic, but I’ve always tried to do my best in any musical situation. I’ve never phoned in a performance in my life, ever! Hopefully, my best performance is still ahead of me...

After the original Detroit Wheels broke up I was playing in a band called Blueberry Jam with Johnny Bee Badanjek. He was trying to get a record deal for us but by 1969 it seemed unlikely that the band would be signed. When I read that SRC was looking for a guitar player I contacted Alan Sussman at Pioneer Recording who arranged an audition for me through John Rhys who was their producer at the time.

Did you have a mentor? Who influenced your guitar style? Chet Atkins said, “be a nice guy and steal from the best”. Starting with him, there’s a very long list of people who have let me stand on their shoulders when I was too little to see over the wall so to speak. I’ve learned from everybody, particularly all of the greats in Blues, R&B and Jazz. I got my first slide lesson from Mike Bloomfield...

How did you influence the SRC sound on Traveler’s Tale?

What is your favorite story about your time in SRC and your career?

My playing was a bit more informed by Motown and Stax Volt than your average garage rocker of the day. I think that the Funk Brothers were my Beatles at the time. Prior to working with Johnny Bee I’d been playing with an R&B band called the “Famous Brothers” with Bobby Franklin and Hubie Crawford. We used to play for teen shows hosted by Ernie Duram at the world famous 20 Grand nightclub in Detroit. I got to see some of the greats from the golden age of soul music there. It was a real musical and cultural education for this little white kid from the suburbs and I’m thankful for it to this day. 

Our manager Pete Andrews was an astute businessman. We produced and financed many concerts that featured some of the biggest stars of the day; including a festival in Northern Michigan where I saw Muddy Waters perform live for the first time. Career wise, I’d have to say opening the show for Gary Moore’s Still Got The Blues Tour in 1990. We did 78 dates in Europe and I became close friends with Albert Collins who is one of my heroes.

Can you recall your most memorable and satisfying performance with SRC?

In the reorganized SRC are band decisions reached by consensus or synthesis (accommodating multiple truths and a middle path)?

Any surprises as you put together the SRC Reunion shows?

Did your technique evolve during your tenure with SRC? Yes, and I hope it still is, I don’t ever want to stop growing and improving as a musician. What are you favorite moments on Traveler’s Tale? Favorite songs? The writing and recording process comes to mind, as well as working with Bob Boury, the amazing classical composer from U of M who orchestrated the Offering. As far as favorites, I’d have to include Midnight Fever and Street Without a Name.

That’s a very Zen like question and I’m tempted to give you a philosophical answer, but in reality, SRC (or most any other band) isn’t a Democracy, most business decisions are discussed between Scott, Glenn and myself. How are you utilizing the three-guitar attack? Do you and Gary trade off leads? What is s Steve Lyman’s role?

The only festival that SRC produced during my tenure was at Petoskey in 1969 and I had little to do with it as far as the planning, etc. It was most memorable to me because Muddy Waters was on the show and it was the first time I saw him live. A truly life changing experience for me! I recall that we had some electrical issues because the power company was lowering the voltage to the grid causing an intentional rolling brown out - devil’s music corrupting their kids and all that sort of stuff. This was 1969 after all and a lot of people weren’t ready for the vast changes that were sweeping through society at the time. I think it was our least successful festival - we had to rush back to A2 to secure the loan to buy our first used 8 track tape machine from Motown before our banker saw the losses on the books.

The Black Arts Festival at Olympia Stadium on October 31 1969. We rocked as did Arthur Brown, The Frost, Savage Grace, The Stooges, The Amboy Dukes, Bob Seger, The Pleasure Seekers, Alice Cooper, Teegarden and Van Winkle, Dr. Timothy Leary and many others who I can’t recall. Tickets were a whole five dollars!

Too many to mention and they’ve mostly been pleasant ones; it’s been a gratifying experience for us all. We can’t wait to play Saginaw again! The SRC Reunion will be taking place at White’s Bar on Saturday, July 30th. Advance tickets are available at White’s.

Was it a good fit? That depends on whom you ask. When I first joined it was supposed to be both me and Gary as a guitar duo. When he left it put me in the position of having to emulate all of those amazing signature lines and pioneering use of feedback that he had come up with on the first two records. A daunting task indeed, controversy was inevitable because my style of playing was totally different. Where did all those gorgeous 3 part harmonies come from? Who sang? Was there a designation of lead tenor, second tenor and so on? As far as I can remember, Glenn and Scott did the vocal Page 14 • Review Magazine • July 21 - August 10, 2011

From the ‘Traveler’s Tale’ period: Ray Goodman, pictured second from right.

FRANCKE continued from page 5 Review: Has your sense of what music represents in your life and your role in the canon of the Michigan Music scene changed over the years, and if so, how? Do you hope to retire some day or is this something you see yourself doing until ‘the End’ – in the Jim Morrison sense of the word. Francke: Retire!?! Artists just die, they don’t get to quit. And I have two kids going into college soon so I’ll be working for at least another 30 years. But I still love the music a lot, although the ancillary bullshit has gotten old. And my situation as far as quality of records, shows played, sales, career opportunities – all these things keep improving, so I don’t question; I just do. I’m not wealthy but I am healthy. I feel 29, not 52, and could keep playing really high-energy shows for a long time to come. I really truly do feel I’m getting better at everything, not standing still or going through the motion. And when I look at the last ten years—leukemia, bone marrow transplant, personal issues, death of younger parents—I feel lucky to even be standing, let alone making music that might matter to someone.

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Review: ‘Heartless World’ was funded entirely by fans. Can you tell me about that?

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Francke: That was the most interesting part of doing this record—because we used the online crowd funding tool Kickstarter, and rose about $17,000 just to record it. I felt this immense pressure to make the songs so they mattered deeply to everyone else—way more to them than to me. And the beauty of the cd booklet, and the lyrics—it wasn’t for me at all—it was for my fans that supported me. I wanted to do nothing other than please them, make them feel a part of this creative entity, have a part of themselves invested in what these songs mean and how they sound. But I guess I’m like 88% of the rest of all the everybodies out there—scared shitless part of the day, feeling strong a smaller part of the day, relying on hope and trying to find a place to put my faith the rest of the day. And then try to sleep through at least one night a week. This is a rough business, life. Things hit you that you didn’t even see comin.’ Review: Well, that’s about it my friend. I’m glad you’re still moving forward and showing us how the pursuit of a dream can still be a viable endeavor in this day and age. Francke: Well, for you to have held Review together for 30 plus years and done the Music Awards for 25 is a mind blowing testimonial to one guy’s sense of duty and civic perseverance. I’m very proud to know you; I honor you and consider you one of my living heroes because there’s been a hell of a lot of sacrifice for you. Whenever I think of my own commitment to cancer care or other things I’m involved in I have a simple question: What are you gonna do about it?” There’s endless problems, endless fear, endless trials. What are you gonna do about it? And you’ve answered the bell every day, year in and year out. Review: Thanks, Stewart. Such words mean a lot coming from somebody that I respect so deeply. To purchase tickets for Stewart Francke’s CD Release Show for Heartless World at Pit & Balcony on August 12th, please call 989-754-2085 or visit


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MISCELLANEOUS Vendors Wanted - The Crispy Music Fest is looking Vendors for this years event is scheduled for August 19th and 20th in the parking of Whites Bar in Saginaw. The 10X10 spots start out at $50.00. If you are interested please contact us at chrispalmer@ SAGINAW WRITER’S GROUP meets 1st Wednesday of every month at Barnes & Noble at 7:00 PM. Looking for new writers. Come join in. O GLORIOUS APOSTLE, St. Jude Thaddeus, true relative of Jesus & Mary, I salute thee through the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus! Through this heart, I praise and thank God for the graces he has bestowed upon thee. Humbly prostrate before thee, I implore thee through this heart to look down upon me with compassion. Oh, despise not my poor prayers; let not my trust be confounded! To thee God has granted the privilege of aiding mankind in the most desperate cases. Oh, come to my aid, that I may praise the mercies of God! All my life I will be grateful to thee and will be thy faithful client until I can thank thee in Heaven. Amen. SEEKS FEMALE PHOTO SUBJECT, Hope to find someone who can enjoy being photographed. I do this for fun, not a pro, no studio, will take outside. Want to make you look good in various summer outfits such as swimsuits. Would need good figure and tanned! We can recreate and make up various poses. I may use for Summer Photo Contests if I find them. Let’s make you look great! Can pay $65 for your time. If you’re serious call 989-790-5958, leave name and description of yourself and phone number. Call now! Will take between June 15 - August 15.

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WHITE FEMALE, NICE HAIR & EYES, PROPORTIONED. 68 Years, Non-Smoker, Social Drinker. Own home, Like flowers, movies, theatre, dining, long drives out of town, casinos, bus trips. In search of 65-72 years young White Male. Sent me a note please. Thanks! #6086 DIVORCED WHITE CHRISTIAN MALE, 61, HAZEL EYES, 5’10” and 175 pounds, non-smoker, nondrinker. Brown hair, loves God, good income, own home, animals. Enjoy movies, camping, candlelight dinners, holding hands. Looking for a slim White Christian Female, 35-65 for long term romance. Call 989642-2878. OPTION 2 AD DWF, 49, 5’10” (in heels), LONG HAIR, PROPORTIONATE. Curvy figure, occasional social drinker, conservative/independent politics. Seeking healthy man for LTR. He will be employed or retired, active, enjoy art/music/dancing, History/Discovery channels, non-gambler, kind, passionate, patient, spontaneous, Christian. No children at home. Please send photo if possible, letter and contact information. Time waits for no man...#6877

honest, kind, retired from G.M. Faithful. Sense of humor, Christ, a Homeowner, healthy. I enjoy travel, up north, movies, dining out, oldies music, Florida, rides and walking. Looking for Long Term Romance. If intersted please send a letter. Thanks! #6082 SWF, 58, 5’6”, 180 LBS., SHORT BLONDISH HAIR, LOOKING FOR a SWM 5060, retired or employed. Occasional drinker, non-smoker for companionship who likes to dine out, go to movies, rides, and walks in the park. Good conversation. If interested please write and send photo. Midland area. #6880.

DWM, 6’2”, 203 LBS., PHYSICALLY FIT, UNIVERSITYGRADUATE, Non-Smoker, Occasional Social Drinker, Conservative/ Independent Politics, Hard Worker, but Healthy Balance of Fun...Many interests... art,music, theatre, dancing, History Channel, Basically a ‘People Person’. I’m patient, spontaneous, easy going, HELLO, YOUNG 69-WF, BROWN HAIR AND EYES. WW. OWN home. Christian, no children at home, Likes dining in or out, travel, movies, passionate, glass of wine, casinos, etc. N/S. Social drinker. ISO candles type of person. I’m far from perfect but I’m very WM, caring, young at heart, 65-70. Seeking a good companion. Waiting financially secure, honest, and enjoy learning new things. for your note! #6083 I’m seeking an active woman, SWF, 65, 5’6”, LOOKING FOR A roughly between 40-55 years of COMPANION 55-65. I LIKE early age for LTR. Child/Children are morning walks, country music. I like okay. Life is short. Time waits to eat in or out. If interested please for no one! Take a chance! Send send letter. #6085 photo if possible, note and phone number. Summer Fun is Waiting! SWM, 65, 5’8”, 180 LBS. HAZEL EYES, NON SMOKER, NON drinker, #6084

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