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Heart of Activism, Beacon of Conscience

Remembering the Legacy of By Mike Thompson  


enry Marsh’s recent passing at age 89 caused recollections of my conversations through the years with the former Saginaw mayor and civil rights leader.     It always struck me, through Mr. Marsh’s later years, how historical accounts would always emphasize that he kindly worked with people of all colors.       This was ultimately true, of course, but the exchanges regarding white racism weren’t always so kind and accommodating, especially in the old days.       I first learned this when I asked him once to forget the highly publicized 1960s for a moment and to describe what Saginaw was like for black people earlier, during the supposedly quiet 1950s. He had arrived in 1954 from Nashville’s Fisk University to begin his law practice.       The normally genteel gentleman didn’t hesitate to unload. “At most, there was one white restaurant where blacks could eat,” Mr. Marsh declared. (I always called him Mr. Marsh because he was 34 years my elder, and because it simply seemed properly respectful.)       “There wasn’t a single bar that was integrated,” he continued. “You could not stay at The Bancroft Hotel or any other hotel that was white-owned. You could not buy a home outside of the black neighborhoods. There were stores where you could not try on clothes. No black had ever been elected to any office of any sort. To the best of my recollection, there were no white-collar or supervisory black employees at General Motors or in any of the other plants. Black teachers were strictly confined to the black neighborhoods.”       He wryly concluded, as if issuing a challenge, “I could go on and on.”       Whew, I responded to Mr. Marsh. I had thought this was Saginaw, not Selma.

A Hurtful Learning Experience   

1955 marked the first time Mr. Marsh attended City Hall to watch election results arrive. His new friend and African American labor leader Harry W. Browne had a big lead for a City Council seat. It looked like Browne would become the council’s first black member. Then a boatload of votes arrived from the outer West Side precincts, overwhelmingly for white candidates, and Browne was denied the seat by 79 ballots.    There was joyful bedlam on one side of the room, and despair on the other. Needless to say, the two groups of observers were virtually segregated.     Whites had been told by some (not all) civic leaders that Saginaw “was not ready for a Negro councilman,” and that’s how they responded.     Marsh temporarily decided at the time that grassroots action was more important than holding elective office. He laughed when he recalled in his lawyerly lingo, “I immediately commenced to begin running my mouth.” But he was laughing through the pain of hurtful past memories, as many of us do.       His first step was to form a group that challenged the level of law enforcement in black neighborhoods by an almost all-white police force. He wasn’t so soft-spoken, as per his later reputation, when he declared that some corrupt cops permitted “open prostitution and thinly-cloaked gambling.”       Then, in 1958, Mr. Marsh became the first chairman of the city’s now-defunct Human Relations Commission. Again he minced no words in declaring, “A public opinion poll of 250 people from all sections of town reveals the general public is not really willing to accept Negroes and Mexicans into their social, religious and educational groups.”     He raised an arched eyebrow when he reached into a box and showed me a yellowed clipping of a survey that a predominantly white Northeast Saginaw church had conducted during the late 1950s.       Whites that would have been considered liberal at the time compiled the survey. It clumsily asked whether respondents would approve of a church that became “25 percent colored, 50 percent

Henry Marsh

colored or 75 percent colored.” Mr. Marsh sarcastically wrote, “What percentage of me did Christ die for? Or what percentage of the world? (He was a Jew, and very dark.)” He added a devastating footnote that stated, in part: “If the racial composition of a group of people who worship the same God is of such significance, I feel that not only should the church not consider any expansion plans, but that the doors of the present church should be closed, for it can serve no useful purpose where its life is premised upon the assumption that the color of a man is of any importance to God.”   He wouldn’t name the church. He also wouldn’t name the banker who showed him a Saginaw map with red felt-pen lines that designated borders for refusing to sell homes to African American families. Believe it or not, much of the East Side – not just the West Side – was redlined at the time.

Criminal Defense Attorney

Over 30 Years Experience! Handling Criminal Defense Cases in both State & Federal Courts 803 Court St. • 989-791-1813

Elective Career Began in 1961  

Mr. Marsh became more diplomatic, but certainly not an appeaser, when he won the City Council seat in 1961 that Harry Browne should have received six years earlier. He probably could have become mayor sooner, achieving “first black American urban mayor” status. However, he felt it would be better that G. Stewart Francke, whom he highly respected, should serve as a then-rare twoterm mayor during the difficult early ‘60s. Thus Henry Marsh selflessly waited until 1967 to receive his mayor designation.     In many historical accounts, he is known for making peace in Saginaw after the tragic 1967 race riots in Detroit threatened to spill northward up I-75. In fact, many young black activists were resentful that he ordered the raising of the Genesee Bridge (at the time a drawbridge) to block flows of potentially destructive downtown traffic from both directions. He was concerned not just about the possibility of blacks crossing the bridge to wreak havoc, but also about what whites might do.    From then on, Mr. Marsh was known as a sort of compromising black political conservative, similar in a sense nowadays to Juan Williams on FOX News. But folks should have known better. Shortly after the racial “disturbances,” he spent considerable political capital on passage of an antidiscriminatory fair housing ordinance in a quest to thwart the mortgage red-liners. After he quit the council in 1969 and ended his career in elective politics, he also championed various justice issues and performed voluntary legal work on behalf of many of them.    As time wore on, Mr. Marsh was hardly a conservative. He was locally displeased starting in the mid-1980s when Saginaw’s Mayoral office became a multi-term plum, demonstrating that he certainly was capable of being objectively critical among his fellow and sister African Americans, who for a time claimed the majority of council seats. But he also was disturbed nationally by Richard Nixon’s politically race-based Southern strategy, later followed to the utmost by Ronald Reagan and then somewhat by George H.W. Bush, and he was dismayed by the rhetoric of assorted local white politicians and leaders.    When Barack Obama campaigned for president, an aging Mr. Marsh sadly took note of the campaign claims that Obama was actually a Kenyan Muslim terrorist. He virtually predicted the intense friction and hatefulness that was reaching a peak at the time of his merciful passing from congestive heart failure. He had predicted that Obama would face ongoing bias that most national pundits failed to anticipate. He was uncommonly wise right up until the end.    Other historical accounts may portray Henry Marsh as a gentle diplomat in Saginaw civil rights. I see this, but more. I also see him as a lion for fairness and justice. His history of activism is underestimated. He became far more than a kind old fellow who served on various boards and committees. A fire burned inside that in this day and age, will be sorely missed.

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25th Annual Review Music Awards Nominees & Winners

A Night to Remember: Steve Armstrong of the 25 Cent Beer Band • Sharrie Williams - pure bliss • Snakes - Top DC • Soul Xpress - Best Funk Band • All photos by Kay McEntee

The staff of Review Magazine welcomed and celebrated with over 350 nominees, fans, and patrons of the musical and performing arts on Thursday, May 5th, as winners were announced at the Review’s 25th Annual Music Awards Ceremony & Celebration, held at the newly rebuilt Golden Glow Ballroom. Below is a list of all divisions and top nominees, with the winner and total number of nominees listed at the top of each category. This was a two-tiered voting process, with nominees solicited over a six week period and the total number of nominees in each division listed benath each title. The top five nominees in each category were voted upon during a second stage of balloting, which resulted in a total of 7,247 votes being cast - almoust double that of previous years. Congratulations to all nominees and winners!


Best Producer

Best DJ

Hip Hop Artist of the Year

M20 PRODUCTIONS - 1st Place

DJ Snakes - 1st Place

(Total Nominees:25)

Astray – 1st Place DJ Snakes Seth Patrick Klass Witta K OJ The King M20 Productions Alphabetics

Best Performer

(Total Nominees:23)

SKE3M - 1st Place Keef Courage M20 Alphabetics EST

(Total Nominees:11) Poindexter M80 Michael Pruitt Adam Santoya

Best Mixtape / Release (Total Nominees:16)

Phe McWright Passport Dreams - 1st Place w989Radio mixtape vol 1 Boarding 1st Klass OJ - Superstar Status M20 THE MIXTAPE AK Dope Boi

(Total Nominees:12)

DJ Prince DJ SchafTown DJ Spliff DJ Baby D with the recipe DJ Odie DJ Juice from Juicebox Productions DJ KO


Best New Artist of the Year (Total Nominees:15)

Life Size Ghost – 1st Place Mountains For Clouds Phe McWright All for the Cause

Failed Society Finding Clyde Finding Bliss

Best Band Website (Total Nominees:9)

Finding Clyde http://www. - 1st Place EST Last Resort Campouts Temporary Kicks http:// Scott Baker and UE http://www.

Best Duo

(Total Nominees:14)

Melissa May and Josh Jekel - 1st Place Mark Gomez and Kyle Zieroff

“What we play is life.”

Louis Armstrong

At HealthSource Saginaw we believe in the healing power of music, and salute all the talented artists and musicians that nurture and foster the creative climate in our community. Congratulations to all nominees in the 25th Review Music Awards!

Page 4 • Review Magazine • May 19 - June 8, 2011

G Rockwell and Poindexter Honesty and Dean Boneyard Grin

Best Solo Artist

(Total Nominees:25)

Tim Avram – 1st Place John Krogman Elisabeth Blair Amelia Jo Megan Seard Alphabetics Bob Hausler

Best Variety Band (Total Nominees:20)

The Sinclairs - 1st Place The Shaydes The Thunder Chickens Jimmy and the Growlers Burnaround

Best CD Release

(Total Nominees:18)

Falling Apart at the Seams – Brett Mitchell & the Giant Ghost – 1st Place Arts of Life Arts of Death ImproperGanda - 2nd System M20 THE MIXTAPE The Tosspints Finding Clyde

(Total Nominees:32)

Thick as Thieves – 1st Place John Vasquez and The Bearinger Boys Thick As Thieves The 2nd System The Thunder Chickens Finding Clyde Severe Head Drama

Best Metal Band

(Total Nominees:9)

The 2nd System – 1st Place Hokori All for the Cause Neighborhood Muscle Burnaround OMINOUS

Best Folk Band or Duo

(Total Nominees:12)

Marsac and Grim The Last Josh Jekel & Melissa May Scott Baker & Pete Socha

Best Alternative Band (Total Nominees:15)

Failed Society – 1st Place Mountains for Clouds Failed Society The Mongrels The ThunderChickens Finding Bliss

Best Tejano Band (Total Nominees:3)

Grupo Estilo – 1st Place Los Carnales Mad Caliente

Tim Boychuck Agent

Strez - Hamilton Street Pub Katie Whites Bar Luanne Bemos Sara from Whites Cassandra from Bemos

FreeMusic Fest – 1st Place

w989 radio Ske3m Urban Exchange Central The Joe FM SiriusXM The Spectrum WUCX Delta

The Barn Intimate Acoustic Gatherings ImproperGanda from The 2nd System Altered Skin Revolution Silverspork Silverspork

Most Innovative Artist

Life Size Ghost – 1st Place The Bearinger Boys – 1st Place

(Total Nominees:15)

Best Radio Station

(Total Nominees:12)

Best Original Band

Best Bartender

Best Concert/Album or Project (Total Nominees:10)

Newcovers Failed Society got the nod as Best Alternative Band for 2011

Katie - Whites bar

Thick As Thieves John Vasquez & Bearinger Boys SKE3M Bryan Rombalski

Best Soundman

(Total Nominees:6)

Al Limberg – 1st Place Art Bissonnette Don Lajiness John LaCross Joe Christiansen Mike Mitchell

Best Waitress

(Total Nominees:13)

Luanne - Bemo’s – 1st Place Erika Willew Lounge Kristi from Hamilton Street Pub Laura from Whites Bar

(Total Nominees:11)

WKQZ – Z-93 – 1st Place

Todd Zimmerman Dan Thorp John Rickert Kyle Mayer Stacey Hill

Blues Songwriter (Total Nominees:7)

Kyle Mayer - Thick As Thieves – 1st Place Matt Besey Jesse Lee Maier Bob Hausler Scott Baker of SBUE Timothy Jay Ross Tim Ross

Blues Instrumentalist

Blues Awards

(Total Nominees:11)

Best Funk Band

Bob Hausler John Grundner Mark Dault Danny Dottery Bryan Rombalski Drew Pentkowski Kedree Young

(Total Nominees:3)

SOUL XPRESS BAND – 1st Place Phunk Shway Rev Right Time

Best Blues Band (Total Nominees:6)

Thick as Thieves – 1st Place Matt Besey Jimmy and the Growlers Blues Creators TNT Blues

Female Blues Vocalist (Total Nominees:3)

Melissa Curry – 1st Place

Erik Ryden of Life Size Ghost – 1st Place

Favorite Blues Club (Total Nominees:4)

Whites Bar – 1st Place Bemos The Stables Stein Haus

Jazz Awards

Caitlyn Berry Sharrie Williams

Best Big Band

Male Blues Vocalist

Northwoods Improvisers

(Total Nominees:2)

The Baytones – 1st Place

(Total Nominees:7)

Matt Besey – 1st Place

Congratulations Bob Martin & Review Magazine on 25 "Note"able Years!

967 S. Saginaw Road • Midland, MI 48640 • 989-832-2665 • May 19 - June 8, 2011 • Review Magazine • Page 5

Al Limberg (left) accepts ‘Best Soundman’ award from Tim Boychuck & Mel Curry, who picked up an award for Best Female Blues Vocalist. 2nd System (pictured at right) got the nod as Top Metal Band, while Mike McMann and Tyler Johhson won Best Rock bassist and Rock drummer honors.

25th RMA nominees and winners continued . . . Best Small Combo (Total Nominees:5)

Brush Street – 1st Place

Paul Vanston Trio Northwoods Improvisers Trio Bryan Rombalski and Three Worlds Brush Street Darin Scott Combo

Female Jazz Vocalist

Jim Fulkerson Archie Sawyer Nick Pichet Eddie Garcia Joe Balbaugh Trombone Bob Hausler

Jodi Sasse Laurie Middlebrook Pepper Jones Brenda Loomis Jamie Sue Seal

Favorite Jazz Club (Total Nominees:3)

Spencer’s Route 46 – 1st Place

Country Awards

Mike Brush – 1st Place

Best Country Band

Jazz Songwriter

Steve Armstrong and the 25 Cent Beer Band – 1st Place

(Total Nominees:6)

Bryan Rombalski – 1st Place Mike Brush Mike Johnston of Northwoods Improvisers Timothy Jay Ross Bob Hausler Darin Scott

Best Jazz Musician (Total Nominees:13)

Bryan Rombalski – 1st Place

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May 21 • Phunk Sway May 28 • Burnaround June 4 • Trippy Ramble June 11 • Never Mind

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Best Country Musician (Keyboards, Bass, Percussion, Horns, Guitarist) Levi Goodwin – 1st Place

Nick Pichet Bob Hausler Jeff Schrems Charlie Klein of Honky Tonk Zeros

Happy Hour 4-6 PM • Mon - Fri!

Nick Pichet Charlie of The Honky Tonk Zeros Bob Hausler Lonny Ray Jeff Walikangas

(Total Nominees:12)

(Total Nominees:10)

2734 Bay Road • Saginaw • (989) 790-9901

Ryden - Life Size Ghost – 1st Place

Steve Armstrong – 1st Place

Country Songwriter


(Total Nominees:38)

(Total Nominees:11)

The Honky Tonk Zeros Steel Wheels Cornpone Lonny Ray

Lonny Ray – 1st Place

Rock Guitarist

Country Male Vocalist

(Total Nominees:11)

Jeff Walikangas

Kyle Mayer Mark Gomez Tim Avram of The Mongrels Shawn Brown Melissa May and Josh Jekel

Mandi Layne – 1st Place

Male Jazz Vocalist (Total Nominees:2)

John Vasquez – 1st Place

(Total Nominees:6)

Noel Howland – 1st Place Julie Mulady

(Total Nominees:20)

Country Female Vocalist

Whites Bar Spencers Espresso Milano

(Total Nominees:2)

Best Rock Songwriter

Dale Micheals Mandi Layne & The Lost Highway

Mark Metiva Baby D Shawn Brown Josh Jekel Jack Neymeiyer of Finding Clyde Aaron Johnson Tony Furlo Burnaround Josh Corrion of The Triple Aces

Rock Keyboardist (Total Nominees:15)

Tali Snowden – 1st Place

Nick Pichet Bob Hausler Jon Potrykus Scott VanDell

King Rey Chingman Russel of Doogie Bob Hausler Noel Howland Joe Balbaugh from The Automatics

(Total Nominees:7)

Favorite Country Club Willew Lounge – 1st Place Whites Bar The Bighouse Silverderby the Stables Cowboy Up

The 2nd System – 1st Place Aaron of The Bearinger Boys Jeff Poirier Ryan Fitzgerald Rayce Ribble – The Triple Aces

Rock Drummer

(Total Nominees:31)

Tyler Johnson - 1st Place Wes of The Bearinger Boys Terry Poirier Jake Smith of Act As One Marc Scott Matt Johnston Burnaround Nick Starr of The Triple Aces

Male Vocalist

(Total Nominees:28)

John Vasquez – 1st Place

Kyle Mayer Kyle Zieroff Taylor Nagel of Act As One Dan Ardouin of Jedi Mind Trip Josh Corrion of The Triple Aces

Female Vocalist

(Total Nominees: 10)

Tali Snowden - Life Size Ghost – 1st Place Melissa May Angela Dodge Shar Molina Melissa Curry Noel Howland Honesty Elliott

Favorite Rock Club (Total Nominees:10)

Hamilton Street Pub – 1st Place Whites Bar Bemos The Vault The Machine Shop

GREEN HUT Irish Saying: ‘A Friend’s Eye Is a Good Mirror’

Best Rock Band

(Total Nominees:39)

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Brett Mitchell and the Giant Ghost – 1st Place The 2nd System The Thunder Chickens Act As One The Triple Aces


Our Giant Deck Is Now Open

Good Times Flow at

(Total Nominees:35) Mike McMann –


Rock Awards

Great Specials Every Day!

Rock Bassist

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Best Rock Band & Best CD Release

Brett Mitchell & the Giant Ghost

By Bo White Brett Mitchell and his band The Giant Ghost garnered two of the biggest honors at the 25th Review Music Awards ceremony: Best Rock Band and Best CD Release for their excellent Falling Apart at the Seams, which was produced by Andy Reed. Brett can rock with the best of them, but he’s more of a pop rocker like Eric Carmen than say, Arcade Fire. Mitchell can write big ballads and pop songs but then add layers of hard rockin’ guitar courtesy of the incredibly gifted Rick Manges. Brett is no slouch either. He not only fronts the band on guitar and vocals but he will take his turn on the drums, laying it down while he works the harp. It’s a dynamic stage show that can never quite be captured in the studio. The band’s stellar musicianship and professionalism are wrapped around Brett like a warm coat. These cats are gonna make sure Mitchell sounds good. If not, manager Jan Hecht will whip them into shape. In an era where most local bands do not hire managers and agents, Mitchell was savvy enough to land Hecht. She makes a difference and her efforts to advance Mitchell have yielded spectacular results. When asked about the awards, bassist Bill Hall commented, “To win both Best Rock Band and CD Release was a real surprise. There was stiff competition and we play out of town a lot, so I had never seen many of the bands we were up against. We are real busy and thanks to Jan we do over 100 dates a year. I did see Thick As Thieves and they’re great. I was happy for Brett, I’m just trying to back him any way I can.” Brett Mitchell was surprised as well. “We were playing Diamond Jim’s in Midland when Jan came in after leaving the Review Awards show. She never said anything at first so I thought ‘oh, well, we didn’t win’ and then she walked up to the microphone and told everyone we got Best CD and Best Rock Band. It was sweet. I was surprised ‘cos there’s a lot of great rock bands out there. Bill would say we’re not

rock, we are medium rock. It reminds me of a phrase used on the television show Futurama, in which they labeled certain forms of modern music as vaguely focused alternative rock.” As for the bands mounting popularity, Hall feels that the band has developed its true identity. It’s about our tightness and dynamics within the band. We’ve been together for over three years and we can read each other’s minds. We know what the others are going to do next by a facial expression, a nod, word or flick of a hand. Brett’s diversity is a big plus. He can play several different instruments, all at the same time. But I have to give kudos to our manager Jan; she paves the road ahead of us, deals with all the logistics and makes it all work. She is the glue that holds it all together.” Mitchell has another view, “The Internet has really helped. I always thought I had the same 10 fans until I opened up a Facebook page. I’d like to think our new album had something to do with it. Andy (Reed) and I put a lot of work into it. I think playing 10 times a month and spreading the gigs out to all four corners of Michigan and beyond is going to help spread the word.” Hall is reflective about the future. “There are a lot of possibilities. I hope Brett sells one of his songs and makes the big time. Anything can happen at this point. We are looking for that lucky break.” Mitchell agrees, “We are trying to place our music into commercials or the Indie Movie scene. It’s a strategy that has promise…a number of bands we know are moving in that direction. Internet radio is emerging as a force. Recently I interviewed with a station out of New York. We came close a couple of times. Gone are the days of signing a three record deal and getting major label financing and support. I’ll never be the flavor of the month but I hope to get some songs placed. I’d also like to get involved with Michigan’s Festival circuit.”

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Best Original Band, Best Blues Band, & Best Songwriter

by Gina Myers

Thick as Thieves

After bursting onto the local music scene in January 2009, Thick As Thieves

has come a long way. Vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist, Kyle Mayer is pleased with the progress he’s seen the band make. “We put in a lot more work this year and it shows,” he says. After being nominated for several awards last year but going home empty-handed, Thick As Thieves left this year’s show with the Best Original Band and Best Blues Band Awards, and Mayer took home the award for Best Songwriter. And if things continue the way Mayer hopes, Thick As Thieves will continue to progress in the year to come. He’s hoping to play more shows out of town and connect with more bands on the west side of the state to help bridge the gap between the east and west side music scenes. He’s also hoping to break out of Michigan, by playing shows first in large Midwestern cities and seeing where things go from there. “We have a lot of good support behind us,” Mayer explains. “It’s time to branch out.” David Jacinto Herrera, who emcees/raps in Thick As Thieves, agrees with Mayer and likes their chances of getting out there. He says, “Our sound isn’t easily categorized, and we don’t sound like we’re from a specific place. We have a fresh, different, original sound that people respond to wherever we’ve gone so far. Now it’s just a matter of getting it out there.” When asked to describe their sound, Mayer says it is difficult to do so. “I tend to say it’s blues, soul, funk and hip-hop with a Motown vibe and a touch of reggae, but not necessarily in that order.” He clarifies, “It’s not fused together. We do a bit of each style.” Mayer draws his inspiration for songwriting mostly from the blues. “I like to listen to all the old blues and write like that, but with the new language. The emotions haven’t changed but the language has.” Mayer was especially excited to take home the Best Songwriter Award because he considers himself a songwriter before he considers himself a musician. “The guys I play with are ten times better musicians than I am. I’m blessed that they let me take the controls with the

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“I like to listen to all the old blues and write like that, but with the new language. The emotions haven’t changed but the language has. “ - Kyle Mayer - Thick as Thieves songwriting.” Joining Mayer and Herrera in the band are Kedree Young on lead guitar and vocals, Erik Friday on drums, Scottie Green on bass, Ricky Brandt on percussion, and Beni Schlatter on vibraphone. Toward the end of summer the band will be releasing a new cd titled Any One of Us and they are in the works of planning their release party. Once the new album is out, they will be playing a number of shows in support of it. In the meantime, people interested in checking out Thick as Thieves can catch them at The Vault on Saturday, July 30th with Third Coast Kings and Galactic Sherpas. In preparation for the next step, the band has rented a new office space to rehearse and run the business end of things. Mayer says, “[When we started] we just played shows. We never rehearsed. Now we’re really working hard.”

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a n d

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COTY’S LANDING, 777 Midland Rd. Saginaw, Mi. Daily Lunch & Dinner Specials: Monday; Open Pool All Day and $1.00 12 oz. Drafts After 8 PM; Tuesday, $2.00 bottles, well drinks, Captain Morgan & 22.oz drafts; Wednesday, Tim & Jim from 6-9 pm; Karaoke w/Red Dog; $5.00 pitchers & $3.00 Johnny Vegas; `Thursday, Honesty & Dean from 6-9 pm. DJ/Karaoke w/Lynn Q, starts at 9 PM. $3.00 Jager Bombs, Jello Shots, and $5.00 pitchers plus Happy Hour All Night! Entertainment Line-up & Special Events: May 20-21, Burnaround; May 27-28 & June 3-4, DJ Bill Humes ‘Searchin’ for a Star Karaoke. Call 989-790-9430 for more information. THE CREEK GRILL, 1259 S. Poseyville, Midland. 2 miles south of Dow Diamond. Happy Hour

Every Day from 3-6 PM! Band Line-up: May 29 & June 2, Peg & Deb; Open Mic Night Every Tuesday with Peg & Deb. May 20-21, Honesty & Dean; May 27-28, Tyler Short; June 3-4, Gabe Couch. Our giant deck is now open and we will have beach volleyball and two professional horse shoe pits! Good Times Flow at the Creek! 486-3717. MIXX NIGHTCLUB & METRO GRILL.   Located at 115 N. Hamilton St. Saginaw, 989-498-4022                                   Your Heart Beats...   Your Breath Quickens...  And You Haven’t hit The Dancefloor Yet!                                           Walking into the Mixx, is like walking into a “Big City” Nightclub, but with a small town friendly attitude.  The Mixx has a very Mixed Cosmopolitan Straight & Gay Crowd. The Dance Bar is open Fri. and Sat. nights at

10pm, featuring high energy sounds from Chicago and New York spun by local DJs. The Mixx’s VIP ROOM is Very popular for bachelorette, birthday, & other parties. The “Ball Room” is available for rentals for luncheons and private parties. The Mixx’s Video Bar “The Metro Grille”, offers Great Burgers served up in a comfortable metropolitan atmosphere, open Weds. Thru Sun., appetizers are served until 1am. Happy Hour till 9pm with $1.00 off drinks and .50 cents off drafts.  The Metro features KARAOKE Wednesday Thru Sunday Nights at 10pm, with over 20,000 songs to choose from!   The Mixx Of The People, The Mixx Of The Drink, The Mixx Of The Music, You Can Find It All At The Mixx Nightclub and Metro Grille. www.TheMixxNightclub.Com MORT’S NORTHERN BAR, 353 State Park Drive, Bay City. Phone 989-684-084. WIN on our NEW NUDGEMASTERS. EVERYD AY BEER SPECIAL: $1.00 Cans ‘til 6 pm. Sundays: Peanuts! Mondays: Wii Bowling Contest 7-11 PM. High Score. Tuesdays: Euchre 7 PM. Wednesdays: Free Grilled Dogs 7 PM. Fridays: DJ Dancing & Karaoke. Saturdays Live! (No cover): May 21: Screaming Casanovas; May 28, Flashback; June 4, Tuff Cookie; June 11, Day 8. June 18, Phunk Shway. GET MORTIFIED!! NORTHERN LANES RECREATION. 1129 E. Saginaw Rd. Sanford. 989-687-5562. Appearing Friday & Saturday, May 20-21, Cygnus; May 27-28, DJ Dance Party; June 3-4, 689. Plus, Every Wednesday – DJ Red Karaoke & Dance Party! THE OLD TYME ROADHOUSE, 9620 Gratiot, Saginaw, 781-3707. MONDAY: $2.00 Domestic Bottles & $5.00 Pitchers after 9 PM. TUESDAY: Outdoor Volleyball Starting in June! Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – Outdoor BBQ Grill! WEDNESDAY: Bike Night with Beer & Drink Specials and Live music with Mel & Chris from 7-10 PM. THURSDAY: Live music with Tim & Jim from 6 pm – 8 pm. $3.00 shot specials. Karaoke DJ starting at 9 PM. FRIDAY: $3.00 Shot Specials! Live Entertainment Every Friday & Saturday. Happy Hour All Day Sunday with

30-cent wings and Open Pool! ROG’S BAR, 2350 S. Michigan, Saginaw. 989-791-4409. New Owner! New Bartenders! New Attitudes! Three New HD Flat Screens with Premier Sports Package. New Security Inside & Out. Beer on Ice 24/7. Mondays: 16 oz. Drafts $1.00; Tuesdays – Bike Night (Owner Rides) $1.75 Domestic Bottle Beer; Wednesdays: Happy Hour All Day; Thursdays: Domestic Beer $1.75; Fridays – Ladies $2.00 Well Drinks; Sunday – Bloody Mary’s $3.00. NASCAR Specials. Happy Hour 4-8, Seven Days a Week! Check us out on Facebook! Good Times, Good People, Great Service. ROG’S IS BACK! STEIN HAUS, 1108 N. Water Street, Bay City, 891-BEER. Join us to see why the Stein Haus is Bay City’s ‘Gathering Place!’ Live music Thursday & Sunday evenings. Voted Best Beer Selection in the Tri City Area! Appearing Thursdays, Derringer from 7:30 PM – 11:30 PM; Sundays, Marty Viers & the Music Doctors from 7-11 PM. WHITES BAR, 2609 State St., Saginaw, Phone 792-2631. Happy Hour Mon – Fri 7 – 11 AM & 4-7 PM. Every Sunday, Excalibur at 9 PM. Bloody Mary Mondays from 4-8 pm with Cornpone; Server Appreciation – Show Uniform or ID and Get 50 cents off your favorite drink! Thur. May 19, Brody & the Busch Rd. Trip; Fri. May 20, The Scott Hozzle Band; Sat. May 21, Smith’s United wsg Phil Garno; Mon. May 23, Jim Perkins; Tues May 24, Musicians’ Night; Weds. May 25, Mel & Chris; Thur. May 26, Honky Tonk Zeros; Fri. May 27, The Banana Convention; Sat. May 28, Sinister Footwear; Mon. May 30, Don Zuzula; Tues. May 31, Musicians’ Night; Weds. June 1, Severe Head Drama; Thur. June 2, Brody & the Busch Rd. Trio; Fri & Sat. June 3-4, TBA; Mon June 6, Jim Perkins; Tues. June 7, Tim Avram wsg Mel & Chris; Weds. June 8, Jekel & Mel; Thur. June 9, Honky Tonk Zeros; Fri. June 10, Galactic Sherpa & MEGA skyfish; Sat. June 11, Cash O’Riley. For more info go to

May 21: MMA Fight Night at TheDow - Bring the family out to see boxing at its best. Held at TheDow Event Center, 303 Johnson, Saginaw. To purchase tickets and for more information, please contact (989) 759-1330 or (989) 497-7747 or visit www.doweventcenter. com. Jun. 4: Dow Run/Walk - The Midland Community Center will hold its Run/Walk on June 4th at the Community Center of Midland. An event for the whole family! There will be: 10-K Run, 5-K Run, 5-K Walk, and 1-Mile Run, (Chip timed age 5-14-FREE ENTRY). Free Tot Trot for kids 3-5; MidMichigan Medical Center’s Health & Fitness Fair, music, demos, games, prizes and more available during the morning’s event. PICK UP YOUR RUN/WALK EXPO & PACKET ON JUNE 3RD!! For more information regarding times, please contact their website at, or contact Jeffifer Adamcik at 989.832.7937, ext. 2221.

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Chris Botti June 18, 2011 8 pm Co-sponsored by

Chris Botti has transformed the world of contemporary jazz with his signature style – a fusion of pop, jazz and classical melodies

TICKETS: • 800-523-7649 • 989-631-8250 Festival sponsors:

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The Dow Chemical Company Dow Corning Corporation MidMichigan Medical Center - Midland William Blair & Company Morley Companies, Inc. Tri-Star Trust Bank

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River into the residential district. By the time the fire was brought under control, more than 257 buildings had been destroyed. Recently, the Castle Museum’s archaeology team discovered what appears to be the remains of a home that was destroyed in the great fire. On this one-mile walking tour along Jefferson Avenue, you will learn more about one of the most significant events in Saginaw’s history and you will visit the site of our archaeological dig! This historic walking tour will be held from 2-3:30 PM on May 20th, the anniversary of the fire. Admission will be $10 per person and free for Historical Society members. This event is held by the Castle Museum, 500 Federal, Saginaw. Please call them to find out about meeting spot and more information at (989) 752-2861, ext. 315 or visit May 19 : “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” - Struggling writer, Paul Varjak, moves into a New York apartment building and becomes intrigued by his pretty, quirky neighbor, Holly Golightly. Holly’s lifestyle confuses and fascinates Paul; in public she flits through parties with a sexy, sophisticated air, but when they’re alone she changes into a sweetly, vulnerable bundle of neuroses. This classic film, written by Truman Capote, will be held on Thursday, May 19th, 12:45 PM, at the historical Temple Theatre, 203 N. Washington, Saginaw. Admission will be $7 per person. For tickets and more information, please contact (989) 754-7469 or visit

May 20: The Great Fire of 1893 - On the afternoon of May 20, 1893, a fire started on what is known today as Ojibway Island, Saginaw. A strong wind quickly spread the fire to the east bank of the Saginaw

May 21: Roethke Writing Workshop - In honor of Theodore Roethke, Saginaw’s own “Poet’s Poet”, birthday celebration, there will be a proposed writing workshop with TESS GALLAGHER. Tess is a Roethke Honorary Board Member and birthday party poet-in residence. The workshop will be held on Saturday, May 21st, in Roethke’s House backyard, located at 1805 Gratiot, Saginaw, from 10 AM to Noon. The cost of the workshop is yet to be determined. For more information, please call (989) 928-0430 or visit May 24: “Lunch & Learn” featuring the History of Bonsai Trees - At this “Lunch & Learn”, Al Fassezke, owner of Fassezke Glass, will speak on “The History of Bonsai Trees and How They Are Created”. Learn about this Japanese art form using miniature trees grown in containers, including a mini demonstration. Held at the Castle Museum, 500 Federal, Saginaw. This program starts at Noon and is free with Museum admission. Dessert and beverage will be provided. For more

It’s been nine challenging years since Stewart Francke released a new CD of original material, but with the May 17th release of ‘Heartless World’, Stew’s specific blend of poignant lyricism, melody, and fondness for R&B blossom with the assistance of guest appearances by Bruce Springsteen and Mitch Ryder. In addition to opening slots with Bob Seger and Earth Wind & Fire this summer, Stewart was recently featued in People Magazine and will be returning to Saginaw for a CD Release Party at Pit & Balcony Theatre on June 17th. Look for a review and in-depth interview with Stewart in the next edition of The Review. information, please contact (989) 752-2861 or visit May 25: MATRIX:Midland-The Guy Fieri Food Show - The 33rd Annual MATRIX:MIDLAND season opens with “The Guy Fieri Food Show”, an unscripted evening mixing the best elements of a live cooking show, the fun of a variety revue, and the non-stop adrenaline rush of a rock concert! Host of NBC’s “Minute to Win It” and three hit Food Network shows, Guy will mix food, fun and Rock n’ Roll on the MATRIX:MIDLAND stage. It’s a wildly unscripted evening complete with interactive cooking stations, secret tips and dishes from his forthcoming cookbook, as well as behind-the-scenes stories from the road, and much more! The show will be held on May 25th at 7:30 PM in the Auditorium of the Midland Center for the Arts, 1801 W. St. Andrews Road, Midland. Tickets are $25, $35 and $50. There are also TWO SPECIAL SEATING OPPORTUNITIES: a $252 “Off Do Hook” package and a $152 “Kulinary Krew” package, featuring special seating, Fieri’s new book, a “Meet & Greet”, and more! For tickets and more information, please contact (989) 631-8250 or (800) 523-7649. You may also visit May 28 - Jun 25: Wetland Tours - Take a guided wetland/wildlife tour through various habitats and groomed trails at Pinconning Park. Open to ALL AGES AND ABILITIES! BARRIER FREE! This event will be open on May 28th and will run through September 3rd from 11 AM-2 PM. Location will be Pinconning Park, 3041 E. Pinconning Road, Pinconning. Their Website is You may contact Sr. Park Ranger Steve Humphry at his Email, or phone him at (989) 879-5050.

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Jun 4: Legends of the Saginaw Sail - Learn the fascinating history of the Saginaw River as the Appledore sails from Downtown Bay City out to the Saginaw Bay. Once out on the open water, help the crew set the sails or relax and enjoy the view. A hearty lunch is served underway. Narration by local historians. CALL FOR RESERVATIONS at 989.895.5193. Cost is $37 adults, $27 students and free for those 5 years and under. Meet in Wenonah Park, Bay City, by 2pm. For much more information, please visit or Email at info@ Jun 4 : “Learn to Row” Days - Learn basic sweep rowing and safety instructions that includes machine rowing and rowing on permitting. There will be two sessions-10 AM or 1 PM. For people ages 14 and up. Location will be the Bay City Rowing Club, 350 W. Lafayette Ave., Bay City. Please contact Jun 05: Legends of the Saginaw Sail - Please see June 5th description for all of the information you will need. The only thing that is changed is the time of the sail, which will be from 11 AM to 2 PM. Jun 08: MATRIX:MIDLAND presents Sir Ken Robinson - Sir Ken Robinson:”The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything”, will take place on June 8th at 7:30 PM, in the Little Theatre of the Midland Center for the Arts, 1801 W. St. Andrews Road, Midland. His breakthrough book about talent, passion, and achievement provides a real platform for our futures. It is essential information for anyone with children, unfulfilled dreams or a life still to live. Be prepared to be inspired by one of the most

forward thinkers of out time. His video of his famous 2006 TED Conference talk has been seen by an estimated 200 million people in over 150 countries, and is currently listed on the TED website a the most favored video of all time! For more information about Sir Ken Robinson, please visit www.sirkenrobinson. com. Tickets for this show at the MCFTA are $30 adults and $18 for students. For more information, please contact the Ticket Office at (989) 631-8250 or (800) 523-7649 or visit Jun 15: MATRIX:MIDLAND presents Stacy Schiff: “Cleopatra’s Leadership Secrets” Held on Wednesday, June 15th at 7:30 PM, in the Ballroom of the Midland Country Club, Midland, Cleopatra’s name alone casts a spell. Author Stacy Schiff will present her story of “Cleopatra’s” Leadership Secrets. History remembers her as an irresistible seductress, but she was also a canny political strategist, a brilliant manager, and a tough negotiator. She knew how to build a fleet, control a currency, and quiet an insurrection. Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer Stacy Schiff uncovers the life of the legendary historic figure-and individual who stood at one of the most dangerous intersections in history: that of women and power! Refreshments and a book signing immediately follow the lecture. For more information on Stacy Schiff, please visit Tickets for the show are $28 per person, available by calling the MCFTA Ticket Office at (989) 631-8250 or (800) 523-7649. You may also visit www.

May 20 - May 21: World Expo of Beer - A festival for beer tasting enthusiasts! Enjoy sampling worldwide varieties of beer, plus food vendors, live entertainment and marketplace. Held on Friday & Saturday, May 20 & 21. Location will be Heritage Park, 601 Weiss Street in Frankenmuth. There will be an admission charge. For more information, please contact (800) FUN-FEST or visit www. May 20: Traveling Rouse for Roethke Throughout this issue of The Review, you will see many events in honor of Theodore Roethke’s Birthday celebration. The people of Saginaw plan to honor him as a “poet’s poet” by the people of Saginaw, Michigan, his hometown, and well beyond his backyard. “Traveling Rouse for Roethke”, is based on earlier informal Rouses, planned by Al Hellus, in which participants take part in reading entire Collected Poems. This will be a FREE EVENT with donations welcome. The schedule is: Meet from 1-4pm at the Roethke House backyard @ 1805 Gratiot Ave., Saginaw. 4:30-5 PM will be a Roethke House tour. 5:30-6:30 PM, you will visit the Oakwood Cemetery, and from 7 PM until ???, you will be able to visit Hamilton Street establishments including Jake’s Old City Grill, Red Eye Coffee House, the Schuch, and more! Before the tour begins, you will receive tote bags filled with Roethke poems to read on the spot in oral tradition and chalk to write your favorite lines of Roethke’s poetry on the sidewalk. For more information, contact the Roethke House at (989) 928-0430 or visit May 21: Fundraising Event for Roethke Birthday Celebration - The Montague Inn Historic Bed & Breakfast is holding rooms for guests attending the Roethke Birthday Party on May 21st. The Montague Inn is located at 1581 S. Washington Ave., Saginaw. Contact www.montagueinn.comor (989) 752-3939 to make reservations. The fundraising event on May 21st will cost $75 per person and WILL HAVE TO BE MADE BEFORE MAY 11TH!! Dinner and open bar, ($50), and donation to the Roethke House is $25. Please contact info@ or call (989) 280-6499 or (989) 928-0430 to make reservations. “Friends of Theodore Roethke” takes great pleasure

Katy Perry • June 28th • The Palace to introduce the Roethke Honorary Board, Roethke Board and special guests, Beatrice Roethke Lushington and Stephen Lushington and Tess Gallagher, birthday party poetin-residence. The Birthday Party schedule: 1-3:45 PM-Michigan poets reading their work invited by planning committee from Michigan State University and Grand Valley State University. The confirmed list of reading poets will be Patricia Clark, Lia Greenwell, William Olsen, Arra Lynn Ross, and Keith Taylor to date. From 4-5:30 PM, Poets and Publishers Book Fair. From 5-8 PM, Open Bar. At 5:30 PM-Buffet Dinner. 7 PM, A reading by Tess Gallagher, Roethke Birthday Party, poetin-residence. Please call any of the above numbers or web site for menu and more information. May 21: Frankenmuth Farmers Market Pancake Breakfast - Rise and shine for the Frankenmuth Farmers Market’s first day with an all-you-can-eat breakfast of pancakes, sausage, orange juice & coffee for only $7!! As seen on the Food Network, Guinness world record holder for making the most pancakes in an hour, Chris Cakes of Clare, MI, will have you flipping as he flips your flapjacks skyhigh! Be sure to check out you flipping as he flips your flapjacks sky-high! Location the Frankenmuth Farmers Market, 618 S. Main Street, Frankenmuth. Hours will be 8 AM-11 AM. For more information, please contact (989) 295-9766 or visit Laurajeanne Kehn at may also visit May 21: Parade Your Pet Pageant - “Strut Your Mutt” and other family pets at the 7th Annual “Parade Your Pet” Pageant on Saturday, May 21st at the Farmer’s Market, near the Tridge, in Midland. Pets will assemble and register at Noon with the pageant starting at 12:30 PM. Cost is FREE! Live pets only! There will be prizes for Best Costume, Best Trick, Most Unusual Pet, Smallest Pet, Largest Pet, Cutest Pet, Most-Looks-Like-Their-Owner, and Best of Show! So, parade your pet from Noon-2 PM at the Farmer’s Market, near the Tridge area in Midland. For more information on this special event, please contact Denise Hufford at (989) 837-3330 or visit www. or Email Denise at May 22: Roethke Breakfast w/Tess Gallagher - In conjunction with the Roethke Birthday Party Celebration for Theodore Roethke, poet-in-residence Tess Gallagher will speak during breakfast at the Montague Inn, 1581 S. Washington, Saginaw. Cost and time will be determined. Please call the Montague Inn at (989) 752-3939 for more information. May 22: Roethke Birthday Party Grand Finale! - This will be the Grand Finale of the Theodore Roethke Birthday Party Celebration to be held at the Andersen Enrichment Center of Saginaw. This will be a FREE CELEBRATION WITH DONATIONS GREATLY WELCOME! The schedule will be: 1-3:30 PM, Invited local poets reading their work planned by Roethke Board Members. A confirmed list of reading poets to date are: Jean Anaport-Eastman, Robert Fanning, Jason Kahler, Judith Kerman, Rosie King, Gina Myers, Jodi Ann Stevenson and Qiana Towns. During the poetry reading inside and outside the Andersen Center,

there will be poets and publisher Book Fair, “Dirty Dinky” illustration exhibit in the Rose Garden by Saginaw students, a video room showing Roethke videos, ice cream and cake for $1.03 for Roethke’s 103 years, a tote bag filled with Roethke poems to read on the spot or in the oral tradition, and chalk to write favorite lines on the sidewalk! The FINAL EVENT will be at 4 PM, at the Court Street Bridge in Saginaw, where there will be an open bridge walk with open microphone for anyone to read their favorite Roethke poem at apex of bridge to Roethke’s Saginaw River and hometown. Join in for the finale of Theodore Roethke’s 103rd Birthday Celebration-a poet’s poet right in Saginaw’s backyard. For ANY information regarding any of the events scheduled, please call the Roethke House at (989) 928-0430, (989) 2806499 or visit May 27- 28: Chesaning Town-Wide Attic Sales - Michigan’s largest community-wide garage and yard sales...over 85 sites in a square mile! Shop downtown merchants sidewalk sales for closeout, discontinued, slightly damaged and personal items. Held from May 27th-28th in the Village of Chesaning, 18 miles west of I-75 off of exit #131, on M-57. For more details, call (989) 845-3055 or (800) 255-3055. You may also visit www.chesaningchamber. org.

Jun 2 : 1st Thursdays - Galleries and businesses host artists, live music and offer specials at selected sites for this FREE monthly event-the 1st Thursday in Downtown Bay City. The event will be held at various locations in downtown Bay City

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701 S. Madison Ave. Bay City

Daily Happy Hour!

May 28-29: Bark, Bike & Balloons - See Dock Dog Diving and Disc Dog Bowl events like Wiener Dog races, Dock Diving and Animal Olympics, hot-air balloon launches and nightly glows, Tour de Frankenmuth Road Race, and fireworks on Sunday! Held on May 28th & May 29th at Frankenmuth’s River Place, 925 S. Main Street, Frankenmuth. For more information regarding times and events, please call (989) 652-9043 or (989) 9053. May 28 - Jun 25 : Frankenmuth Farmers Market - With the mission to entertain, enrich, and educate growers and consumers, the Frankenmuth Farmers Market will run from 8 AM to 2 PM, now through OCTOBER 15!! Free parking is behind the Market, near Cass and Main Streets. Billed as one of ten “must see” markets in Michigan by Michigan Travel Ideas, the FFM, (Frankenmuth Farmers Market), features fresh locally grown produce, value-added goods, live music sponsored by Frankenmuth Credit Union, adult and children events, and artists for a festival of community each market day! For a full schedule of special events, concerts, market days, please contact www. frankenmuthfarmersmarket. org or visit Laurajeanne Kehn’s Email at kehn@speednetllc. com. You may also call (989) 295-9766. Keep reading The Review Magazine for all special weekly events at the Frankenmuth Farmers Market! May 30 Memorial Day Parade - Head to downtown Midland to enjoy the floats and the bands while paying tribute to our fallen heroes. The Memorial Day Parade starts at 10 AM and follows down Main Street, ending approximately at 1 PM. For more information, please contact www.

Live Music & No Cover Charge! MONDAYS Electric Open Mic Nite Hosted by Bruce Lafrance!


May 24 • Tommy Grant May 31 • Open Mic w/ Amelia Jo June 7 • Brad Goodwin


May 25 • Big Dreams June 1 • Phunk Shway June 8 • The Triple Aces


May 19 • Maybe August May 26 • Phun Haus June 2 • Michelle O’Neal


May 20 • Day 8 May 27 • Strip District w/ Katazi & Round’s International Garbagemen June 3 • The KMJ Band


May 21 • 3 BANDS! • Slumlord Radio -

Dead Evolution - Arts of Life, Arts of Death

May 28 • Blues Creators June 4 • Soul X-Press


May 22 & June 5 • Grupo Sensible May 29 • Jypcie James & The Pickpockets Come for the music, Stay for the Party! For Info Call


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on the screen porch at the Alden B. Dow Home, 315 Post Street, Midland, enjoying summertime treats. Tour times are 10 AM and 2 PM. The charge per person is $12 adults and $7 students. Tickets and more information available by calling (866) 3157678.

from 5-8 PM. For additional details please visit Keep reading The Review Magazine or go to our website calendar for special listings for the 1st Thursdays in Downtown Bay City! Jun 08: “Bark in the Park” - Join Midland Parks and Recreation, SOS Animal Rescue, other dogs and owners for an evening of fun and friendship. There will be prizes, games, and a doggone good time in Chippewassee Park, across the Tridge, near the doggie run. This event WILL RUN EVERY 2ND AND 4TH WEDNESDAY FROM JUNE 8TH TO AUGUST 24. Time is from 6:30 PM to 8 PM. For more information, please contact www. or contact Denise Hufford at or call 989.837.3330. Jun 09 - Jun 12: Annual Bavarian Festival - Held at Heritage Park, 601 Weiss St., Frankenmuth. Sing and dance to Bavarian music, enjoy traditional German foods and beverages as well as fun activities. The Festival will run from June 9-12. Jun 11: Alden B. Dow Home Special Tour Event - “Lemonade and Cookies” Tours is a special Saturday tour that includes time

May 21 - Jul 21: “Bittersweet Harvest: The Bracero Program” - Begun in 1942 as a temporary war measure to address labor needs in agriculture and the railroads, the bracero program, which refers to farm hands or labor for hire, is a moving bilingual exhibition examining the experiences of bracero workers and their families, providing a rich insight into Mexican American history. The story told in “Bittersweet Harvest” is one that impacted the lives of many Saginawarea families. Through oral history interviews and the creation of scrapbook-like memory displays, the local component will tell the stories of area families who participated in the Bracero program. This exhibit will run from May 21st through July 21st at the Castle Museum of Saginaw County History, 500 Federal, Saginaw. The exhibit is from the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Services. For more information, please contact the Museum at (989) 752-2861 or visit Jun 2-30 : Artist’s Market - Join the fun as the Midland Farmers Market is transformed into the Artist’s Market. Local artists will be on-hand to sell their artwork and demonstrate their techniques-from pottery to painting to jewelry to photography and more! Buy original artwork at bargain prices! Held from 5-9 PM every Thursday

of the month beginning on June 2nd until August 4th. Location will be the Farmers Market, by the Tridge, in Midland. Sponsored by the Midland Artists Guild,, Creative 360,, and Downtown Midland, You may also contact them by calling (989) 837-3330. THIS IS A FREE EVENT! Jun 3-30: Art by Charles McGee - “2 Centuries, 3 Decades, 28 Works” by artist Charles McGee will on exhibit at Saginaw Valley State University, 7400 Bay Rd., University Center, from Noon to 5 PM. In 2008, Charles McGee received the Kresge Foundation’s first “Eminent Artist” award, a cash prize of $50,000. His work is in major museums and collections, including The Detroit Institute of Arts. Admission is free! Jun 4: Bus Trip to Vigland Ceramic Studios - See artist Alan Vigland at work and purchase unique, signed pieces. The bus trip will take you to Benzonia, Michigan. For more info., contact the Alden B. Dow Home & Studio at, or call Mary Aurand at (866) 315-7678. You may also email her at Jun 4-6: Alden B. Dow Museum Art Fair - Join us at the Alden B. Dow Museum’s 45th Summer Art Fair from 10 AM to 5 PM, with over 150 artists, featuring a Children’s Corner and local entertainers on the streets surrounding the Midland Center for the Arts, 1801 W. St. Andrews. The Art Fair will run June 4,5,6. Free admission and held rain or shine! For more information, contact www.

Thru May 22: The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee - This hilarious audience participation musical comedy tells the story of six young people supervised by childish adults. They learn that winning isn’t everything and losing doesn’t make you a loser. A spelling bee is one place where they can stand out and fit in at the same time. Appropriate for audiences 13 and older. A winner of 2 Tony awards. Held at Pit & Balcony Community Theatre. 805 N. Hamilton St., Saginaw. Phone 754-6587 for more info. May 22: Brian Regan - Live comedy show that will take place at TheDow Event Center, 303 Johnson Street, Saginaw. The show will begin at 7 p.m. with tickets on sale now at TheDow Event Center box office, All Ticketmaster outletscharge by phone at (800) 745-3000 and by May 27 “Weird” Al Yankovic-Comedy Watch out!! “Weird” Al is coming to your town for his off-beat brand of comedy/ concert show to promote his new album, “Alpocalypse”. He considers this the first leg of the tour and expects later shows to incorporate more of the new material. Yankovic will appear on May 27th at Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort in Mt. Pleasant. For tickets, please visit www. htm. keep his fans updated on upcoming “Weird” events, please visit his official website at, or Twitter at Jun 9: Jerry Seinfeld - Jerry is back for a new comedy show, set at the DeVoss Performing Hall. For tickets and more information on this hysterical show, please contact www. Jun 10: MATRIX:MIDLAND presents The StepCrew - Fall into step with the international dance sensation from Canada! The StepCrew will perform at this year’s MATRIX:MIDLAND Celebration. Held on Friday, June 10th at 8 PM, this show will Page 14 • Review Magazine • May 19 - June 8, 2011

be seen in the Auditorium of the Midland Center for the Arts, 1801 W. St. Andrews Road, Midland. The fusion of fancy footwork stars the world’s top talents in three captivating dance styles-Irish Step, Ottawa Valley Step and Modern Tap-and three world-class fiddlers backed by an amazing five-piece ensemble comprised of some of the most talented and respected musicians in the Celtic music scene today! For more information on The StepCrew, please visit their website at Tickets are $27 & $30 for adults, and $18 for students-available by calling the Ticket Office at (989) 631-8250 or (800) 523-7649. For more information, please visit www.

May 19 - May 21: Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band - The Palace of Auburn Hills. Tickets available by visiting www.thepalace. net. May 21: The Glengarry Boys - The Glengarry Boys will perform at The State Theatre, 913 S. Washington Ave., Bay City, on May 21st. For more information on tickets and times, please call (989) 892-2660 or visit www. May 21: Saginaw River Log Jam - Come on down and sing along with the Saginaw River Log Jam as they perform many of your favorite songs! Held on May 21st, Noon to 1:30 PM at the Mid-Michigan Children’s Museum, 315 W. Genesee Ave., Saginaw. There will be an admission charge. For tickets and more information, please contact (989) 399-6626 or visit www. May 25: The Doobie Brothers - The Brothers are back! See them perform at DTE Energy Music Theatre, Clarkston. For more information on tickets and times, please visit May 26: New Kids on the Block & The Backstreet Boys - Van Andel Arena, Grand Rapids. For tickets, please visit www. May 26: Arctic Monkeys - The Fillmore in Detroit. Ticketmaster outlets. May 26: Robin Trower - Royal Oak Music Theatre. Tickets at 800-919-6272. May 27: Eddy Money - Eddy Money is back for one of the opening shows at DTE Energy Music Theatre, Clarkston, on May 27th. For information on tickets and times, please visit May 27: She Wants Revenge - She Wants Revenge will appear at St. Andrews Hall, Detroit, on May 27th. Jun 2 & 9: “Tunes by the Tridge” - This popular concert series will coincide with the Artists Market of Midland and held every Thursday evening starting at 7 PM and ending about 9 PM. Jun 3: Phish - Taking to the stage will be Phish at the DTE Energy Music Theatre, Ferndale. Jun 4: The Music of Led Zepplin - A Rock Symphony featuring the music of one of the greatest bands of all time! The Symphony will be held at DTE Energy Music Theatre, Clarkston. For tickets and more information, please contact Jun 10: George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic wsg MC Hammer & Morris Day and the Time - DTE Energy Music Theatre, Jun 12: Huey Lewis & the News t The Palace of Auburn Hills. For tickets and times, please visit

Bryan Rombalski –

Jazz Songwriter & Jazz Musician


Variety Band 2609 State St. • Saginaw • 989-792-2631 Happy Hour Monday - Friday 7-11 AM & 4-7 PM!

Every Tuesday 5-9 pm • Mel Curry & Chris Mohn Every Wed. 5-9 pm • Mel Curry & Chris Mohn

Thur. May 19 • Brody & the Busch Rd. Trio

by GIna Myers “It’s all about craftsmanship, intuition, and playing with heart,” explains Bryan Rombalski, this year’s Best Jazz Songwriter and Best Jazz Musician Award winner at the 2011 Review Music Awards. “The music is an analogy— it’s about unity, how different styles, different music can relate.” The success Rombalski has had, both solo and with his band Three Worlds, who combined have taken 15 Review Music Awards over the past five years, shows this is a winning formula. Rombalski first expressed interest in the visual arts at the age of three, and it was at the age of eleven that he began to play guitar. To this day he credits the two years of music theory he had at Saginaw’s Eisenhower High School for giving him a solid musical foundation, and he continues to be an advocate for music classes in the schools. In addition to playing music, he also teaches it at Jim Fulkerson’s Music Studio in Midland. Though Rombalski grew up in Saginaw, he spent 16 years in Toledo, OH, and one year in Chicago, IL, before returning to Mid-Michigan where he’s been a resident of Midland for the past 10 years. It’s there that he met the drummer Mike McHenry and the two began playing together. McHenry brought in Ed Carney, whom McHenry knew from playing in past bands. Ryan Fitzgerald joins them on bass and John Talbert on keyboards to make up the present line-up. Over the years there have been some other members and occasionally other musicians may sit in too. Working with the same people for about six years now has been a great experience for Rombalski. “There’s a real band energy now,” he explains. “A lot of people don’t realize when we play how much improvisation is going on. We can read each other. When I start a song, I don’t have to call it out, I can just start playing something and they pick it up.” With Three Worlds and through his solo work, Rombalski is able to explore the things that interest him: “It’s not just jazz. I love pop music, really good pop music like The Beatles, mixed with funk and jazz, and world music, especially the music of West Africa.” He also loves spoken word poetry, visual art, mythology, and studying other cultures. For him, music is an extension of all that. In just few weeks, Two Steps Closer to Zen, Rombalski’s fifth solo album will be available. He describes it as very Latin-influenced. Eddie Garcia, who did work on the Bryan Rombalski and Three Worlds album, co-produced Two Steps Closer to Zen, and Rombalski is extremely excited about how it turned out. In the meantime, people can check Bryan Rombalski and Three Worlds out every first and third Wednesday of the month starting at 8 p.m. at Espresso Milano in Midland. They also often play at Diamond Jim’s and in Traverse City. However, Rombalski likes the coffeehouse shows so that kids can come out. He says, “When I was young, we had dances. And they weren’t like what you have now with DJs. It was the one place where we would go to see bands up close, and you don’t really have that for young people anymore.” For more information, check out http://www.

by Robert E. Martin When it comes to performing live in clubs and festivals throughout the area, variety is indeed the spice of life; which is why so many people going out for an evening of dancing or entertainment often seek bands that perform music they are familiar with. This year the honor for Best Variety Band of 2011 at the Review Music Awards went to the formidable musical outfit known as The Sinclairs, a long-standing group that has witnessed several personnel changes over the years, but has always remained consistent and steadfast towards their dedication to strong vocal harmonies and solid musicianship. Consisting of Jim Beschoner on lead guitar, Jeff Ott on Keyboards, Andy Scott on drums, Jeff Poirier on bass guitar, and long time vocalist Dennis Beson, the original group started in 1997 with Greg Bever, Ken Gloss and Rod Loomis, with Beson shortly joining after responding to an ad for a keyboardist and singer. Over the years, a storied line-up of musicians have come and gone; but with the latest line-up, The Sinclairs seems to have hit Gold and fully reached their stride. As for their reaction to being selected Best Variety Band in one of the strongest balloting seasons ever conducted for an Awards Ceremony, both Dennis Beson & Jeff Poirier were appreciative. “My reaction to receiving this award is one of true gratitude to the people of the Great Lakes Bay region,” states Dennis. “We have been making music for approximately 15 years now, and this is the first Review award we have received. It means a great deal to be considered the best of the best in this area, where there are so many great bands and musicians.” “I’m thrilled and also very happy that a true Variety Band won the award,” interjects Jeff. “We play Rock, Funk, Country, and Ballads from many decades and many times the winning band in year’s past was not my idea of a variety band.” Regarding short and long-range plans for The Sinclairs, Dennis notes it will be a busy summer. “We have appearances at The Holy Trinity, The Sugar & Pickle Festivals, as well as stops at a few of our favorite places in Bay City – The Stables and The Wil-Lew Lounge. Long term is always under consideration and we hope to keep expanding and growing to new places around the state to see if we can bring The Sinclairs’ brand of feel good, fun time to others around the state.” Additionally, Jeff would like to continue to build the set list with many genres. “Over the past year with the new lineup of players, we’ve expanded our range.” What do Dennis & Jeff feel it is about their group that distinguishes it from other bands on the circuit that focus on Variety, Classic, and Top-40 music? “I think the number one thing is that we try to have fun,”

Fri. May 20 • The Scott Hozzle Band Sat. May 21 • Smith's United wsg Phil Garno Sundays • Excalibur Mon. May 23 • Jim Perkins Tues. May 24 • Musician's Nite Weds. May 25 • Mel & Chris Thur. May 26 • Honky Tonk Zeros Fri. May 27 • The Banana Convention Sat. May 28 • Sinister Footwear Mon. May 30 • Don Zuzula Tues. May 31 • Musician's Nite Weds. June 1 • Severe Head Drama Thur. June 2 • Brody & the Busch Rd. Trio Fri. & Sat. June 3-4 • TBA Mon. June 6 • Jim Perkins Tues. June 7 • Tim Avram wsg Mel & Chris Weds. June 8 • Jekel & Mel Thurs. June 9 • Honky Tonk Zeros Fri. June 10 • Galactic Sherpa & MEGA skyfish Sat. June 11 • Cash O'RIley Server Appreciation: 50 Cents Off showing uniform or ID!

WEBSITE • states Dennis. “The comments I get from a lot of people that come to see us is that we truly look like we are enjoying ourselves. I try to engage the crowd by getting them to sing along and more importantly, smile. If I see a particularly somber face in the crowd, I strive to get a smile out of that person. After all, we are entertainers.” “I’m proud to say we present a family-friendly show,” adds Jeff. “OK, in all fairness, the bar gigs, not so much. And that’s the beauty. We know our role and present the band in the proper manner, depending upon the venue.” “As for goals in the upcoming year, they’re the same that we set several years ago, reflects Dennis. “Those are to be the most professional, entertaining, and musical group that we can possibly be. The goal is always to give the crowd 100 percent effort, no matter the venue, the size of the crowd, or how stressful life may be outside of the band.” “We’ll continue on our course and strive to be a professional unit that people can hire with confidence,” confirms Jeff. “I also want to thank all the people that took the time to vote for us and feel that The Sinclairs are the best Variety band in the area,” concludes Dennis. “We couldn’t do any of what we do if we didn’t have tremendous fans that support us by following us around the area to concerts and bars. You are why we make music and you are why music in the Great Lakes Bay region is so great. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!” “The Sinclairs band has a long history,” sums up Jeff. “It’s like family with the alumni. The band saw major line-up changes over the last year and as one of the new guys, I’m so proud when people tell us they’ve watched the band for 10 years and this is the best lineup yet.” Obviously, based upon readers and fans that voted, truth rings loud in those words. May 19 - June 8, 2011 • Review Magazine • Page 15

Stewart Francke

Best New Artist Most Innovative


Heartless World CD Release June 17th at Pit & Balcony By Robert E. Martin


tewart Francke has been through the mill and over the hill and survived both personal and professional pitfalls and challenges that often have a tendency to distract us from realizing our true potential. Only through the profound strength of a romantic vision that seeks to transcend the vortex of negative obstacles that life has a tendency to deal our way can we hope to aspire towards greatness; and only through a consciousness that appreciates the fragility of life can we hope to reinforce the gates and comforts of whatever Shrangi-la we strive to build and find solace, peace, and security from. These have been consistent themes through much of Stewart’s musical career, but on Heartless World, his first new CD release since 2002, the convergence between Stewart’s gift for melody, fondness for R&B, and lyrical urgency for summoning an existence built upon higher ground have never been more lushly, nor passionately, rendered. Hot on the heels of his appearance at the 25th Annual Review Music Awards, Stewart was recently featured in People Magazine, and with opening tour slots for Bob Seger and Earth Wind & Fire this summer, coupled with a guest appearance by Bruce Springsteen on the cut Summer Soldier (Holler If Ya Hear Me the release of Heartless World on May 17th promises to jettison Stew to an entirely new level of critical, and hopefully popular, acclaim. Regarding the Springsteen collaboration, Stewart says, “This is a tremendously cool thing for Bruce to do, and of course a real honor. It was always his voice I heard on the call & response part of the track, but figured it would remain just a wish. But he found something in it compelling enough to join me, and I’m still a bit knocked out by it all.” Much of the material on Heartless World summarizes a span of time where Stewart says he experienced great sadness, change, and personal challenge, having lost his parents in a four-year period, as well as two friends he’d grown close to. Plus he says the songs were colored by the tremendously tumultuous period of time this country has gone through in recent years. “This whole album is about trying to find a place to make a stand in the world after all of your foundational pillars have gone to dust. It’s through these songs that I’m trying to construct a world that I want to live in – a world where I remember the best things about the people who are gone, a world where we look out for each other, and where the only currency that matters is being real, finding hope, common ground, and having faith in each other. These are the things I was thinking about while writing these songs.” You can see Stewart perform at his CD release party at Pit & Balcony in Saginaw on June 17th.

By Robert E. Martin

One of the big surprises and major showings at the 25

Annual Review Music Awards centered around the major wins by Talitha Snowden and her rock band Life Size Ghost, whose debut single, Where We Started is featured on Block Starz Music’s upcoming all female She Got Next 2011 compilation, which will be in stores on June 21st. th

This Lansing based band has performed at several venues in the Great Lakes Bay Area, including The Vault and Hamilton St. Pub, and Talitha and her band were voted winners for Best New Artist of the Year and Most Innovative Artist; while Snowden secured top honors for Rock Keyboardist and Female Rock Vocalist, with band mate Erik Ryden winning for Rock Guitarist and Blues Instrumentalist. Additional members of the band consist of Curtis Hendershott on guitar; Brian Thomas on drums; Dan Pavlovich on bass; and Reese Gall on vibraphone & percussion. According to Talitha, Life Size Ghost originally formed in 2007, based out of Mt. Pleasant. “Curtis and I were looking to form a band to fill in some dates we had booked and received the number of our drummer, Brian,” she explains. “He introduced us to the rest of the guys that attended Alma College with him at the time. We had a few jam sessions and went from there. Now we all live in the Western Michigan area, Grand Rapids & Kalamazoo.” For those unfamiliar with the group, how would Talitha describe their sound? “It’s a type of Alternative & Indie Rock with a vibraphone and female vocals,” she responds. “We love playing at The Hamilton St. Pub because there is always a great crowd of people that genuinely love listening to music.” When asked about the reaction to their success at this year’s Review Music Awards, Talitha says the band was “surprised, excited, and very grateful for the people that voted for us. It was our first year being nominated for anything, so it was nice to walk away with some awards.” As for what people can expect from the band in the future, Life Size Ghost will be performing at The Hamilton St. Pub on May 20th & June 24th. Plus on June 25th they will perform at the White’s Bar Summer Music Fest A-Go-Go. “We recently released a 3-song EP called The RealVerb Sessions that was recorded at Random Awesome! Studio and is available at all our live shows. You can also download our album titled Where We Started at” Page 16 • Review Magazine • May 19 - June 8, 2011

Watch for profiles on more winners of the 25th Review Music Awards in Our Next Edition!

Best Radio Station

WKQZ - Z93

Thank You for Voting Us the Best Rock Club of 2011!

Thumbs Up for the ‘Rock Station’

4 Live Bands Every Weds!

Mark Wayne accepts Best Radio Station award for Z-93 from Tim Boychuck & Mel Curry • Pictured at right - Lynn Roberts

By Robert E. Martin

Out of a field that contained some stiff competition

from Delta Public Broadcasting and The Joe FM along with several Internet radio stations, coupled with vigorous voting from the public at large, the top selection for Best Radio Station at the 25th Review Music Awards Ceremony went to none other than WKQZ-Z93 – the ‘Rock’ Station and then some. For decades Z-93 has held a pivotal roll in local

broadcasting, thanks largely to innovative DJ’s such as Joe Vogt whom is never afraid to push the boundaries of local and national culture; and Lynn Roberts, whom consistently keeps her play-lists current and varied with her ever-popular Lynn’s Lunchbox.

honored to be voted Best Radio Station by the readers.”

In accepting this award, Citadel Broadcasting Sales Manager thanked the voting public by noting, “We appreciate all that The Review does for the community and for the local music scene. We’re

“This is the best kind of pat on the back that we can receive! Everyone on our staff loves what we do and it’s really great to find out that others appreciate it as well.”

Added Lynn Roberts: “I think it is a complete honor to be chosen top radio station by Review Magazine readers, mostly because these are people that are involved with and care about music in our area.”

Best Country Band • Male Vocalist • Country Musician

Steve Armstrong & the 25 Cent Beer Band By Robert E. Martin Once again, Steve Armstrong & the 25 Cent Beer Band secured top honors at the 25th Review Music Awards ceremony by winning the honor of top Country Band for 2011. Additionally, Armstrong won for Male Country Vocalist and band-mate Levi Goodwin won for Best Country Musician. Consisting of Steve Armstrong on lead vocals & guitar; Steve Hornak on lead guitar & vocals; Zach Brunett on drums & percussion, John ‘Wayne’ Gannon on rhythm guitar & vocals, Bruce Rupp on keyboards, and Levi Goodwin on bass guitar, this plugged in collective reflects every note they play through a radiant joy on their faces, and obviously through their growing fan base and schedule, people and audiences respond.

there that might want to work with us, we’d love to hear from you. As for long-term goals, who really knows? We just want to keep improving our show and see how far it takes us!”

rotation down at Toby Keith’s bar in Auburn Hills and we have done that! So now we are looking at next year and trying to figure out how to top this year!”

For Steve Armstrong, lead singer and principle ringleader of the 25 Cent Beer Band, he notes that the group was “surprised and honored to receive these awards. As always there were some great bands, musicians, and singers nominated. Our friends must have really got out the vote!”

When asked what he feels sets the 25 Cent Beer Band apart from other country artists in the area, Steve is both deferential and respectful. “I don’t want to take anything away from the other bands in the area, because they are all great. I think we just try to focus on doing what we do and somehow it works. One thing I will say, though, is that we feel a real connection to those that come out to see us. We feel as if they are friends and not fans.”

“We really do look forward to playing out this summer,’ concludes Steve. “From the festivals to the bars, from the private parties to Toby Keith’s, we’re just really excited to be able to get out there and entertain and have some fun. We’ve met a lot of great people over the past couple of years and music has brought it all together. There is nothing better than that!”

In terms of upcoming plans for the remainder of the year, Steve says the band intends to start performing original material. “If there are any songwriters out

With a schedule that is pretty much full for the year, the group did manage to achieve one significant goal in 2011. “One of our goals was to get into the

With influences and artists they like ranging from Jason Aidean, Kenny Chesney, George Strait and Johnny Cash to fellow local brethren like Mandi Layne & Lost Highway, 2011 has already marked a major year of activity for the band.

To find out more about the 25 Cent Beer Band check out their facebook page and ‘friend’ Steve Armstrong & the 25 Cent Beer Band. May 19 - June 8, 2011 • Review Magazine • Page 17

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Best Concert or Project


Free Music Festival by Bo White Ben Cohen is a Music Freak who talks the talk and backs it up with action. Cohen is not content to sit on his laurels while popular music is co-opted and recycled by evil empires such as Disney or anyone who owns a piece of Justin Bieber. Music and the Arts are relegated to dumps and landfills of our broken dreams and recycled to an indifferent and uninformed public. It’s as if all that is original and truly creative is lost in space and imploding like a bright star disappearing into black hole. It’s people like Ben Cohen and the folks at DStreet Entertainment that care enough to preserve our cultural heritage and pass it down to our children; and Cohen and his tribe are like Zen warriors pulling back the arrow that cannot be sent, ego-less free spirits giving away music. It’s a labor of love. This year Cohen was finally honored for his efforts with the annual FreeMusic Festival by being selected at the 25th Review Music Awards as producing the Best Concert or Project. Consequently, we checked in with Cohen to glean some insight into his thoughts.

Ben Cohen (left) accepts the FreeMusic Fest award from Kimberly Megoran

This is the 4rh Annual Free Music Fest coming up in June. Have you been part of this event since its inception? How did you get involved? I’ve been a part of FreeMusic since 2007, the very beginning. Basically, the original idea behind FreeMusic Fest was just to get a bunch of our friend’s bands together on a stage for one day. We had no idea it was going to turn into the event that we have now!

and the incredible Maybe August. This represents a world-class body of music for the people. How did you choose the acts? We’ve had some great bands on the FreeMusic stage over the years, and this year is no different! I actually get a lot of emails from bands interested in playing and it’s pretty difficult to narrow it down to the 10-15 that that we have each year. Michigan really has a lot of great original music to choose from! I’m amazed every year by the caliber of talent that we’re able to get together for the festival and it seems like it just keeps getting better and better! This year’s lineup is non-stop awesome from start to finish! I encourage everyone to make it out to FreeMusic Fest early this year so they don’t miss a minute of these great performances

You are part of D Street Entertainment Foundation. Can you tell me about it? Joining D-Street was probably one of the best things I’ve ever done. I’ve really learned a lot working with them. D-Street’s mission is to improve the quality of life through the support of the musical arts. We focus on education, community service, and the art of entertainment. You can find us backstage at the Pig Gig, Relay for Life, plus we organize our own community events, such as Parkapalooza.

Besides 15 musical performances, the event includes over 50 vendors with food, an Art Fair and a Kids Corner. This gives the event an exciting cultural diversity that is also family friendly. Is this your intent? Is it any wonder that Billboard Magazine listed the Fest as one of the top 5 free music events in Michigan? We want to be sure that FreeMusic Fest offers something for everyone. We also want to make sure that there’s enough for everyone to do all day!

What was the inspiration for the Free Music Fest? Free music. Original music. There really aren’t a lot of events in our area that celebrate original music on the scale that we hope to reach. It’s amazing to me just how many talented musicians are in our area, and it seems like they only have opportunities to perform in a bar or club. I’m hoping that through FreeMusic Fest we can help these musicians reach a wider audience than they would be able to reach under other circumstances.

FreeMusic Fest takes place this year on Saturday, June 11th at Tittabawassee Park in Freeland from 10 am to Dusk. For more information go to

What is your mission? Your purpose? My mission and the mission of Phoenix Productions is to provide Mid-Michigan with the finest in live entertainment available. Through FreeMusic Fest we’re able to provide the community with an all age’s original music event unlike anything else our area has to offer. We provide the bands a venue that exposes them to hundreds of potential new fans, plus we’re able to structure the event in a way that allows us to give back to the community, this year through the Just for Kids Foundation. Is anything really free? Absolutely! Some of the best things in life are free, right? A warm summer day, a great park, spending time with your friends or family…and at FreeMusic Fest you get all of that plus some of the best live music around! You have some great support for the event - State Farm Insurance, Graff Chevrolet, 360 Mainstreet, Pats Food Center in Freeland, The Joe 97.3 and Phoenix Productions, Magic Bean Café and Family First Credit Union - how were you able to get such a great team of sponsors? We’ve been really lucky to get all the support that we have. The concept of FreeMusic is something that’s pretty easy to get behind and as a team we’re able to offer an event on a much larger level than I would be able to do on my own. Over the years some of our sponsors have changed but they all have had one thing in common, community awareness. We all understand that FreeMusic Fest is more than just a concert, it’s an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to be a part of something bigger than all of us. To give back to the community that has given so much to us The event will raise funds through Disc Golf Tournament. How did you choose the Just for Kids Foundation? The Disc Golf Tournament has added a whole new dimension to the festival. Its two rounds of 18 holes and the prize packages we’ve assembled this year are just amazing! Tittabawassee Park has one of the best courses in the area and you can hear the bands throughout the entire park so you don’t miss a minute of the music! Being involved with a couple non-profit organizations myself (Dstreet Entertainment and Creative 360); I always keep an eye on what other organizations are doing for the community. I stumbled upon Just for Kids online one day and thought, “I really like what these guys are doing!” I attended one of their events, met members of their board and made my decision. Last year’s tournament raised funds and food for both The Shelterhouse and Open Door of Midland. Through the Just for Kids Foundation we will be able to impact children and their families from all over the Great Lakes Bay Region! You have a great afternoon lineup for the event from singer/songwriters such as Amelia Jo, Jeff Yantz, Dan Vaillancourt and Bob Hausler to great bands that pop and rock such as the Banana Convention, The Hand-Me-Downs, Jimmy & the Growlers and Empty Canvas and those ever lovin’ jazzmasters the Chromatic Effect. And the evening lineup is “take me home and make me like it” outstanding - Finding Clyde, Dave Kellan Galactic Sherpas May 19 - June 8, 2011 • Review Magazine • Page 19

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