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Alexandra Ribeiro Alexandra Ribeiro originally is from a small town but has a great imagination. She lives in Lisbon where she studies Communication Design in the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon. Between September 2012 and January 2013 she collaborated with Milena Giordando, Carolina Prata and JosĂŠ Canizares in this Revido Edition in Istanbul. She always needs to eat chocolate before doing something important and gets a really weird voice when talking to animals.

Carolina Prata Carolina Prata was born in Lisbon. She’s in her last year of Multimedia Art in the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon. Thanks to Erasmus Programme together with her friend Alexandre she came to Istanbul where they got to know Milena. She’s interested in photography, live music and drawing and illustration.

Milena Giordano Born in a smaller town in the northeast of Switzerland Milena moved to Zurich in 2010 to study Art Education. During her exchange semester in Istanbul she was mostly working in the field of Graphic Design and Photography. She’s an enthusiastic person and sometimes a little bit on the edge.

Revido Experimental Magazine  

Revido Experimental Magazine

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