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Take a Beauty Break Chronicle Issue 1

November 14, 2011

Nail Edition

Using color on nails has been around for centuries, and there are differently claims between the Chinese and the Egyptians to who was the first to invent the idea. However the first time nail polish was introduced as we see it now is in the 1920’s. The 20’s are infamous for being a time when women began to come out of their homemaker shells and become their version of scandalous. Red lips, short skirts, and short hair became the norm and nail polish came along into the spot light with these other cosmetic advances. Overall nail polish has not changed a dramatic amount since the lacquer derived from car paint was perfected. Small advances such as quick drying and hardening solutions have come out but over all the same ideas for nail colors have stayed in place. Recently however new products have come out that significantly change the way we think of how nail polish works, a few of these being Nutra Nail Instant Smudge Repair, Shellac, Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects, and a few other product that are not quite as progressive, but very intesting still.

Nutra Nails Instant Smudge Repair Just as the title announces Nutra Nail’s newest product is setting out to satisfy women everywhere and fix those little smudges that happen to your freshly painted manicure. For around $4 at drug stores this little bottle is a quick fix for mostly smudges made directly after painting. However it does have some affect on dry smudges as well.

Shellac Nail Polish This new method of creating chip free nails is sweeping the nation. Shellac nails have been referred to as ‘glorified car paint’ and live up to that name as well as it’s own boasts of being chip free for at least two weeks. This manicure is rather pricey however, it costs anywhere from $25 onward. One negative thing about this new method is the use of the UV light to dry the nails completely. No one needs more of those bad rays sinking into their skin.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects These design and glitter laden strips are actually real nail polish that is easy applied and will stay on your nails looking great for up to two weeks. While most boxes cost around $10 you can find sales at your local Walgreens on select designs for half off this weekend. See more about this great product on pg. 4.

Notable Mentions Some other intriguing styles have come into play recently such as the newspaper nails, seen left. Blogs all over the net have various tutorials on how to achieve this look. Another notable mention is the us of Konad Stamp kits which allow you to have flexibility with a lot of designs to chose from however it is somewhat pricey to acquire all you need to start.

Salon Effects, without the Salon

After research, the most preferred product of these new inventions is Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects. These nails strips having a great punch for you buck and last anywhere from one to two weeks. Here is a tutorial with some tips to make this application easy and last long enough to enjoy them.

Have the following tools: Sally Hansen Salon Effect Cuticle clippers Clear nail polish File and shape your nails to your desired style.

Quick tip

Size up each strip and find the best for you nails. If you would like to stretch your use of these strips to two times cut them to size before peeling off the outer cover and save the stub for next time.

To make these lovely nail strips last long for you, save the cut off portions and extras in a plastic bag that can seal out any air. Otherwise your polish will dry up.

Peel off the plastic layer of the selected nail strip and carefully apply the nail polish to each nail. Avoid stretching them so the designs do not distort. Afterwards apply a couple coats of clear polish to help keep the strip in tact. Finally, enjoy this stylish substitution to the normal manicure that is easy on the pocket book.

Take a Beauty Break Nail Edition  

New inventions with nail care and a quick tutorial.

Take a Beauty Break Nail Edition  

New inventions with nail care and a quick tutorial.