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“I am proud to serve as an independent voice on City Council, standing up for safe neighborhoods, new jobs and economic development, improved housing, and modernizing our infrastructure. Your vote can help us have the new, positive leadership our community clearly wants. Isn’t it time?”


Councilman Brian J. Cummins

Councilman Brian Cummins - A Leader in Our Government For jobs and economic development • Winning 700 new jobs for the Metrohealth Senior Health & Wellness Center • Supported the Medical Mart-Convention Facility, while challenging the process, a $495,000,000 million project that will create hundreds of new jobs and oer some hope for a change • Facilitated a $500,000 loan for All Seasons Contracting, creating 65 new jobs • Helping small businesses to facilitate growth and compliance with city laws, including Edgewood Village Childcare Center, and Terrace Construction. For safer neighborhoods • Initiated security patrols for neighborhood commercial districts, parks and schools. • Helped close 3 bars and 2 stores that were magnets for illegal activities • Active in promoting block and civic associations and building stronger relations with the Police • Active Member, Second District Police Community Relations Committee • Helped to keep Hook and Ladder Fire Station No. 42 open For better neighborhoods and housing • $11,000,000 million development of Denison Ave. senior housing, with NRP • Active in passing City’s new curbside recycling program • Winning funds to reduce brown elds in the area and $1,500,000 million in sewer improvements to x chronic infrastructure problems • Securing $550,000 for neighborhood planning including a land use study of W. 25th Street corridor from the West Side Market to Brookpark Road


For additional information or to volunteer, call or email 216-661-6821 or visit

He puts people first…for a change.

Paid for by CITIZENS FOR CUMMINS Committee . Treasurer Gayle Cummins . 3104 Mapledale Ave. Cleveland, OH 44109


Councilman Brian Cummins - A Leader in Our Government “I am proud to serve as an independent voice on City Council, standing up for safe nei...

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