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TAKE CHARGE. KEEP OUR MONEY IN OHIO. CREATE NEW JOBS. VOTE YES ON ISSUE 3. The election is an important one for you and Ohio. You can do something to get Ohio moving again. Issue 3 creates four first-class casinos, which will bring 34,000 new jobs for Ohio workers and keep $1 billion right here in Ohio. But you have to vote. Take Charge. Vote Yes on Issue 3. ISSUE 3 IS ENDORSED BY THE OHIO HISPANIC CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE

WHAT ISSUE 3 MEANS TO OHIO: Keep $1 billion1 working in Ohio’s economy and create jobs here instead of in neighboring states. Create 34,000 new jobs for Ohio workers.2 Provide $221 million in new revenue for local public schools1 $364 million in new annual revenue for Ohio cities and counties.1 $2.6 billion in immediate economic impact.2


TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 3 For more detailed information, visit (1) Analysis of The Innovation Group Study, May 2009; (2) University of Cincinnati Economics Center for Education & Research Economic Study, June 2009

Paid for by The Ohio Jobs & Growth Committee, Bill Curlis, Treasurer. 865 Macon Alley, Columbus, OH 43206