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Large Business Strategic Consulting Solutions By Revenue Garden

Several Key Business Industries Remain Troubled. Corporate Bankruptcies Fall And Prospects Improve. Performance Matters. Get More Strategic and Productive.

Global is the new local for major U.S. corporations. While leading the world in brand equity and revenue, U.S. firms also recently posted the highest rate of corporate bankruptcies.

Why Lar ge Business Failure Is A Matter Of Critical Insight We Focus On Online Competitiveness - from Design to Strategy

There Is A Recovery Taking Place

We Help Corporate Competition

In January 2011, USA Today reported corporate bankruptcies showed a clear drop-off comparatively, avoiding the widespread demise predicted in 2010 - when credit tightened, employment failed to return and more industries had U.S. based firms at immediate risk. Recovery is underway. This means many corporations are now planning market rebounds. This growing strength of firms pulling out of the Great Recession is a positive metric.

At Yahoo, the signal to top talent is different than at Wal-Mart. Talent will leave when bureaucracy, lack of challenging work, no career plans or whimsical strategy drives them out. We help clients with strategy to retain top talent. Execution is the essence of great strategy, so we help clients stay the course on accountability. Results are constantly measured to get ahead of all their competitors.

Concentration Of Pain Is Limited.

Getting The Mission Thing Right

Financial improvement in large firms signals insolvency is further behind them. Yet, conditions and markets can change quickly - so concern remains. We have interest in companies who understand how they fell victim to the brink of such a global catastrophe.

We examine and document how clients have reached their current position. And we determine if the company’s mission is mislaligned. Strategic plans should focus on being competitive and define what this looks like in your organization.

A Theory On Why Top Firms Flirt With Failure

Becoming A Design Lead Business

Talent. Execution. Competition. Too much of one, and not enough of the others, is a recipe for corporate struggles. Trouble continues to brew in Media, Oil & Gas, Financial, Chemicals and Utility industries. One would think their business models are faulty in today’s market - but consider other leaders like Yahoo! and GE vs. Wal-Mart. Y! is shedding assets and also top talent. Wal-Mart is growing global. Is discount retailing really more attractive than global technology? Strategy is the key.

Digital units of large businesses must have a professionally designed portfolio establishing them as category leaders. They should exude the best practices they want other firms want to model. We focus on Design, Development, Ideation, Intelligence, Media, Process, Products and Strategy as the pillars of competitive strategy. We advocate for the design lead, digital business. Of course functionality and innovation are important. But it pails in comparison to visually locking out competitors.

By Business Industry Category

● Business Services ● Consumer Products ● Education ● Entertainment ● Financial Services ● Government ● Healthcare ● Internet ● Manufacturing ● News & Media ● Non-Profit ● Real Estate ● Transportation ● Utilities & Energy

Business Services

We help business service providers be more business competitive.

Consumer Goods

We help consumer products realize more value and savings for customers.


We help educators use technology to prepare students for the future.


We help entertainment content providers deliver smart, digital solutions.


We help financial service providers create personalized content.


We help government support public users with speed and accuracy.


We help providers deliver digital solutions to improve patient care.


We help Internet businesses architect desktop and mobile apps.


We help manufacturers and equipment leverage digital technology.

News & Media

We help news, radio, book and magazine publishers create digital revenue.


We help non-profits use the Internet to do good for others.

Real Estate

We help real estate innovate home, office and retail environments.


We help transportation be efficient getting you from here to there.

Utilities & Energy

We help utility providers deliver consumer media and content.

Revenue Garden provides strategic and productivity services to the digital units of large business. Competitiveness and efficiency are essential online.

About Revenue Garden Revenue Garden is a digital consulting provider based in Atlanta, Georgia. We are a place where talented people seed, nurture, and grow new business. Our mission is to help small business be global and drive large business to act local. We do eight things really well: design interfaces, build apps, develop ideas, analyze data, create media, improve process, define products and create strategy. We believe working online is the best job you can find. Our core value is collaboration in everything we do. We’re a team that pursues excellence and has fun along the way. We are Revenue Garden. Who are you?

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Several Key Business Industries Remain Troubled. Corporate Bankruptcies Fall And Prospects Improve. Performance Matters. Get More Strategic...


Several Key Business Industries Remain Troubled. Corporate Bankruptcies Fall And Prospects Improve. Performance Matters. Get More Strategic...