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Strategic Consulting Services for Large Business

The Internet Can Be Unfriendly To Major Corporations. Knowledge Matters. Get Digital Strategy To Win.

● Section One - DigitalPlayBook™

DigitalPlayBook™ DigitalPlayBook™ is a strategy consulting service for large business. Our team deploys it to determine how to fit specific technology initiatives into a client’s larger process of creating organic growth. Our consulting approach has been effective in driving competition in a diverse set of complex projects.









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The Importance of Digital Consulting The Internet Can Be Unfriendly. Large digital enterprises need assistance executing strategy, as the Internet challenges every business. How so? Just consider Borders, once a top retailer. It was predicted that Amazon would topple Borders, but in our view Apple’s glossy iProducts suite changed the mass media game completely. Movies, music, books became popcorn and devices are “the show”. The new standard of must-have technology finally pushed Borders aside. Today, the importance of digital consulting lies in business survival. Get strategy to win, because each industry has its own battles. What Does It Mean? Management has a responsibility to seek sound digital business advisory. If your firm is similar to Borders, which was too slow and indecisive to remain solvent, what’s your play? Neither Barnes & Noble nor Amazon are responsible for Borders demise. Respectfully, their management failed to defend them against market forces. They missed what it all meant to their business. The game changed and they had no plan. Without prudent digital strategy, you may become the prey, not the hunter when new rules get written. It could all be dismissed as B-school rhetoric - if shareholders weren’t affected. Design. We design user interfaces for social, video, web, email and mobile apps. We transform digital applications and platforms technologies to improve usability, and create more visual appeal. Design is what we do best. Driven by client expectation to create exceptional user experiences, we refresh interfaces with sleek functions users will embrace. Select an experience. We’re ready to impress. Development. We architect, prototype, build, test, deploy and support software applications. To do this well, we reach beyond basic standards when it comes to information architecture. As experts in rapid application prototyping, we write functional requirements that push software code as far as it can go. We use experienced teams and create quality software. Select a platform. We’re ready to develop. Ideation. We incubate and ideate new ideas launched by entrepreneurs and companies. We saw the need for an affordable platform to help upstart ideas become stable operations and we created open environments for people to collaborate and work together. We provide structure for ambitious talent and clear new paths for their ideas. Select an idea. We’re ready to innovate. Intelligence. We provide business intelligence and development for digital teams. Leaders and candidates are expected to be thoroughly prepared to make complex, digital decisions. This requires advanced, applied knowledge and competitive data. As a practical method of developing digital information and talent, we utilize a case approach to expand web capabilities. Select a career. We’re ready to train. Media. We create media content for digital publishers and platforms. To be authentic with their user groups, organizations need to have relevant social connections. More than ever, digital media and social networking exposes vulnerabilities. Consider the cautionary tales of many people, employees and brands who’ve played their new media hand poorly. Select a platform. We’re ready to inform. Process. We analyze client business processes to increase output and reduce costs. By using our managed services model to improve productivity, clients receive affordable solutions with high performance. When cost cutting is a necessity, client decisions must result in real savings. We excel because we’re capable of realizing a cost saving for our clients. Select a function. We’re ready to save. Product. We drive brand lifecycle processes for digital products and services. To connect with web customers, we believe it’s less about novelty and more about basic functionality. Digital product offerings must perform as advertised or risk customers voicing the displeasure. We help product teams create loyalty by applying our unique experiences. Select a vertical . We’re ready to promote. Strategy. We provide strategic planning, business assessment and digital advisory. In a global market exceeding 6 billion people, we believe any digital organization is vulnerable if they fail to fully leverage strategic partnerships. As markets evolve and competitive pressures intensify, top organizations will increasingly view digital partners as indispensible. Select a topic. We’re ready to advise.

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â—? Section Two - Consulting Services

● Design ● Development ● Ideation ● Intelligence ● Media ● Process ● Products ● Strategy

● Design

UserCandy™ is a foundation service for Interface Design, Technology Usability, and Information Architecture. Instead of submerging users in poor design, we allow them to emerge - with visual feel and functionality that’s pleasing to use. Do you appreciate the enjoyment of a great visual experience? In our practice, we work to create memorable design every time. Just imagine melted chunks of chocolate chips neatly arranged in a batch of fresh, baked cookies. Still warm from the oven, the cookies cover a grey-mesh oven tray, and look ready to enjoy with your favorite drink. It’s a treat that you’d consider extremely inviting. It’s a visual that creates a desire to grab and consume. Well friends, that’s UserCandy™. It’s the kind of visual design experience we aspire to create with every digital interface we create. When we undertake design projects, we begin to craft interfaces with the same goal in mind every time. We work to build to a creatively smart and well designed user experience. One that is functionally clean, visually inviting and easy to navigate. Design that’s worthy of users to willingly share with friends. This symbolism of fresh design is present in each batch of UI we output from scratch. From a strategic point, blending usability with smart navigation is a great method for directing users to important information. We believe users are prone to respond to a call for action. A satisfied, visual confidence is the credibility your brand and product offering needs to “deliver the goods” online. It’s important to note that UI strategy should always reflect the uniqueness of your user groups. One look doesn’t fit all groups. Continuing to “feed” an old lineup of user interfaces is a risky oversight. It comes with an expensive downside to your overall strategy. Using today’s analytic tools and resources, it’s not difficult to measure the cost of losing customers because of poor design and usability. This mismanagement often results in lowered revenue, reduced valuations and a lack of competitiveness in your business. Our overarching strategy is to deploy integrated design work along with solid information architecture. This approach ensures that your data, applications and networks all operate within a secure digital environment. We allow users to emerge online.

We drive client design processes. Our work provides data on the competitive landscape. We create UI improvement our clients need to execute their goals.

● Competitive Website Analysis ● Design Creative & Product Modification ● Enterprise Applications & Portal Design ● Mobile, Social, Video & Web Design ● System Information Architecture ● Usability, Heuristics & Visualization ● User Data & Platform Integration

● Development

StructuredCode™ is our formal process for Rapid Application Development, Prototype Software and Deployment of Corporate Technology. We help control IT costs and support key IT initiatives, while clients maintain data functions. Information Technology can be a strategic maze in large business. Consider this scenario. The new CFO enters your office. You’re informed there will be an increased scrutiny of all spending. This decision is effective now. You’re already in the midst of current development projects. And now, you’re being tasked with managing IT under a tighter budget. A new reality is here. Existing and new projects are subject to approval or suspension by Finance. Your team is under pressure. Product and Marketing are pushing you for the completion of their projects. You have outsourcing relationships, so IT costs are at their lowest. What are your strategic options going forward? StructuredCode™ is designed to navigate the complex scenarios that IT and business leaders deal with in large businesses every day. We want you to consider a new approach to realizing cost savings - before you begin your shelving IT projects. Our approach creates options. It’s based on many factors, including your firm’s cost and competitive environment. Development is a key component of the DigitalPlayBook™ suite. It works to simplify solutions. It applies a new framework to managing your current development cycles. It’s designed to deliver benefits you’ll need to strategically move forward. We advise clients on IT strategy. Our experience with real issues - and our value to clients - is not solely in cutting costs. We become aligned with your existing strategy. We work to boost output and measure wins by tangible units. Our metrics include customers retained, time saved, growth achieved and productivity realized. This, and more, is all a result of improving IT performance. Our clients receive real value. When it’s clear that external solutions are needed, StructuredCode™ advances your IT strategy. It’s accomplished in a way that allows clients to achieve strategic goals for all the business functions they support - especially your new CFO.

We help IT groups support digital users. Partners, management and CXO’s now require new options when required to manage unexpected change online.

● Network Application Development ● Mobile, Social, Video & Web Applications ● Product Application Development ● Software Architecture & Design ● Software Requirement Documents ● Software Review & Maintenance ● Technology Project Management

● Ideation

AmplifyThought™ is an ideation process for Idea Incubation, Innovative Concepts and Breakthrough Initiatives. We help you facilitate and inspire early development of new products and services into commercial business opportunities. How do firms assess future growth? How do new products and services impact business today? How do you create value? This is the essence of “ideation”. In our process, we establish metrics to measure the current rate of growth. We look at revenues from existing customers. We consider approaches to gain market share. We use models to review options for acquiring new customers. Our process aligns with your capacity to internally develop future product solutions. We supplement your resources by incubating and ideating new concepts. Whether it’s in our work environment or on your site, we fill the void to advance concept development. Ultimately, we create a new set of business processes. We crystallize this potential into formal business units for clients. We ask clients to think about current organizational processes. We want you to compare and contrast your operations, culture and resources to an industry leader with a model ideation process. This is important because your ideated business concept will be returned to the client environment. Once its formally advanced, it will require the client to be prepared to develop it even further. AmplifyThought™ condenses the basic ingredients of a healthy ecosystem. We localize the development process. We believe smart people are capable of transforming great ideas into commercial businesses - without having your own Stanford or Berkeley campus in your backyard. We think idea ecosystems can exist in every U.S. market that is committed to offering support, capital, talent and a strong demand for innovation. A high tolerance for failure is key. Whether it’s time, talent or money, smart risk capital considers prior failure as a healthy function that informs future success. In our ideation process, clients are provided with an environment for calculated, controlled risk taking. Our program is designed to help clients reinvent business thinking. The goal is to successfully create new commercial ideas they can monetize in the future.

Practical thinking supports companies who reach out to the public for product ideas. We consider the new science of crowd creativity as a great social event.

● Application Prototyping & Personas ● Brainstorm Concept Development ● Customer Councils & Idea Submissions ● Digital Modeling & Business Rules ● Digital Market Entry Strategies ● Technology Process Visualization ● Use Case Definitions and Scenarios

● Intelligence

LeaderCore™ is business intelligence and training for Competitor Profiles, Business Analytics and Talent Development. We form business theory so digital skills can be used to achieve a clear, competitive edge in diverse markets. Business intelligence and training can provide a decisive edge. Our program centers on the collection and analysis of information from markets, industries and competitors, so we can provide training, development and exposure to case topics. We help digital leaders track trends that are emerging online. LeaderCore™ is designed to inform people and business decisions. It’s clear that a business can’t survive without customers. What’s not so clear is most make imprudent decisions without informative data. From a strategic point, this revelation is often forgotten - especially when revenue is an immediate consideration. The “live for today” motto is bad for business in the long term. When you’re focused on driving near term sales in the, the entire process of maintaining “knowledge efficiency” in your business gets largely overlooked. Successful customer acquisition is driven by informed, trained professionals. Actionable business intelligence can help them achieve planned outcomes. Our intent is to increase knowledge of new technologies and key competitors. We primarily use market and competitive data. We adapt business analytics to inform complex decisions - whether it’s allocating new business capital, launching new products, managing market pressure or adjusting corporate pricing policies. Our goal is to use business intelligence to gain advantages. With so many ways to collect disparate data, we help clients determine the most appropriate way to inform the decision making process in their firm. Competitor data helps identify which strategies they are using to potentially lure customers away from your business. Key economic data helps determine the effects of market downturns and upturns. Consumer data assesses the potential impact that your customer’s financial health can have on your business. In this case, it really is what you know.

We model future scenarios. By tracking current trends, capabilities and demand, we improve business and translate data into clear, defined decision information.

● Competitor Competitive Business SiteAnalysis Analysis ● Customer CreativeData, & Product Polling &Modification Surveys ● Collaborative Enterprise Product Apps &Development Portal Design ● Emerging Mobile, Trends Social, & Corporate Video &Development Web Design ● Joint System Partners Information & Strategic Alliances Architecture ● Market Usability, Research Heuristics & Data Gathering & Visualization ● Vertical User Data Category & Platform & Competitor Integration Monitoring

● Media

OrganicText™ is content development. It delivers fresh Original Media, Niche Content and Social Community building. We help create authentic content and diverse corporate messaging to inform user groups in local and global markets. If your business goal is building an informed audience online, then you should deliver unique content to users everyday. It will require a healthy stream of interesting topics, and an authentic approach to expand them. Opining about topics related to your business should be done with an open invitation to your online community. Your product interests must not simply appear to be their interests. The two should be as closely aligned as possible. A recent section of Apple’s Latest News was populated with Apple product information, but there were also anecdotes and blog tidbits from mainstream news like the San Jose Mercury News and the New York Times. Even the most recent Oscar ceremony was mentioned. We suggest providing topical content for a small segment of your customer base. We measure interest and interaction by monitoring reader comments, page views and shared content transactions. OrganicText™ is our new media strategy for content development. Our team specializes in niche verticals, industry topics and specific audiences. We employ the right tone and clearly develop topics that connect with your users. Our advantage is simple. We’re not distracted by your business. We focus on communicating with your community. We develop your media and content to fully engage readers. You want them to learn more about your business. We cover a full range of issues that you provide to achieve that goal in context. Clients should participate in the flow of user comments. They need to understand the exchanges that impact their business. It’s prudent to know the core reasons users support your business. It’s more important to know why users are avoiding your brand or products. You miss what customers and competitors see everyday when you are an outsider to active conversations about your brand and products. The message here is simple. Stay connected.

Writing your own content is ill-advised, especially when operating a large scale business. Fresh viewpoints deliver the right message every time - every day.

● Advertising Content for Mobile & Web ● Annual Reports & Corporate Media ● Article & Editorial Content for Blogs ● Email News & Marketing Campaigns ● Enterprise Portal Content Planning ● Topical Development & Serial Plans ● Video & Audio Content & Media

● Process

CostCompress™ is a business process improvement service that’s designed to Increase Output, Engage Expertise and Realize Productivity. We work to provide workflow efficiencies for the core functions in digital units of large businesses. Process drives organizations. Profitability improves when the work processes behind core functions are properly controlled. Businesses generally welcome the ability to manage their highest expense category with maximum flexibility. It’s easy to make a case for cost control in a large business. The two obvious choices are 1) acquire needed professional talent on a contract basis or 2) consider staff reductions to lower HR expense. We offer you a third option. We provide clients with findings they can implement in-house. Our program is designed to detail the cost drivers behind each job process in your business . CostCompress™ is a business process improvement service for large business. In this service, we help clients learn more about how to create a viable option to costly staff reductions. All large businesses have some form of work alternatives to staffing full-time employees. The issue for clients is to understand where improvement opportunity are. When we find excess process, you find savings opportunities. HR professionals refer to inactive workers as “unengaged” staff. An indirect and variable administrative cost is actually an employee who needs a better understanding of how to increase output. We work to compress these costs. Direct employee costs are easily quantified. Their actual expense is reflected in compensation and benefits received from full-time employment. Hidden costs are in activities they perform during the work period. That is where we focus. We look beyond the clear financial expense of full time employees. We analyze indirect costs in the form of slowed efficiency and unmeasured output. These are hidden costs that, in financial terms, work to stifle profitability. Gallup recently estimated disengaged employees cost employer organizations more than $300B within the U.S. workforce. Our approach translates into actual results that improve the bottom line.

In our process, you receive the learning you need to improve business processes and net profit. Its subject expertise you can trust to guide your resource plan.

● Accounting Process Optimization ● Design Process Optimization ● Finance Process Optimization ● Marketing Process Optimization ● Partner Process Optimization ● Product Process Optimization ● Sales Process Optimization

● Products

BrandBuggy™ is an organized program for Product Process, User Experience and Integrated Messaging. We create viable, advanced frameworks for launching, managing and localizing new digital products and services for our clients. Attracting customers is the goal of product marketing. Fulfillment of product needs and requirements are achieved when clients place heavy emphasis on a family of brands. Many consumers gravitate to a suite of product offerings. The goal is “recognition”. We focus on how the process of marketing works in your business. You focus on creating memorable experiences, while we analyze how you deliver and support your products, services and customers. It’s one reason why large companies offer a broad mix of products. Apple’s iPod was the home run that paved the way for the iPhone. And those products created captive markets for the iPad. We believe rich diversity in a branded line up indicates higher value in the mind of consumers. Offering many welldesigned products under one brand is smart marketing strategy. BrandBuggy™ carries digital products and services through each phase of their lifecycle. We enhance marketing messages using targeted data sets demographic data, customer-stated preferences, user feedback and online market segmentation. We define effective marketing as a series of product exercises that inform customers about the distinct value clients offer. Since the decision to purchase is often more emotional than rational, customers develop a perception of value based on the motivation they receive from the brand. If the brand delivers a coherent product message that resonates with the customer, the product will increasingly stand out when the consumer is looking for best or highest value. We also focus on the competitive landscape. We look for product options that distract the attention of your target customer. Loyalty campaigns connect with customers. The goal is to seed new products and concepts to consumers who are familiar with your brand. For new prospects, we help you develop online creative that offers a real incentive for new consumers to buy for the first time.

Successful products have strong value identities. Great product marketing is reliant on a positive recall in consumer minds. Brand is attitude. Attitude works.

● Product Branding & Iconography ● Product Concepts & Feasibility ● Product Gap & Competitive Analysis ● Product Marketing & Loyalty Programs ● Product Package Design & Brochures ● Product Pricing Strategies ● Product Requirements Definition

● Strategy

OpenBoxes™ is our code name for Digital Strategic Alignment, Integrated Business Plans and Best-in-Class Performance. We coordinate open-ended business models, financial planning and new technology execution for online competitiveness. What do you think of when you see a leaf change position in the wind? How does such a common occurrence relate to natural change in business? Such vagueness illustrates differences in how people interpret events - or if they see change at all. Leading firms see change. Other firms waver. Many often fail. The importance of digital consulting is rooted in business survival. The need for strategic advice helps you positively deal with competition and barriers to seeing change. Some clients may be a need to clarify vision. Some need support pursuing partner opportunities. For others, it may be defining products. Maintaining a competitive edge requires clients to find expertise not present in their business. With each scenarios above, the role of the digital strategist is to help clients understand what to do, why they should be doing it, and where to find the resources to manage it all. Details get muddied in the process. Our role is to help you see clearly, and to be a catalyst for maximizing strategy. OpenBoxes™ is a strategic service designed to help clients focus on improving competitiveness, digital dexterity and decision making. Whether it’s capital budgeting or gaining insight to customer wants before allocating any funds at all, the objective is to prepare clients to think and act on all fronts - capable of thinking in an open box and being fully prepared for any material change. Decisions matter, so we measure return and strategic fit for each digital action our clients consider undertaking. Online success is extremely tactical. The momentum of one domino, or major business decision, impacting the next one is not easy to retract. Poor decisions cause uncertainty about direction. We start with one core initiative. We model it through to its impact on financial forecasts, marketing plans and user policy guidelines, for example. Next, we establish key business measures. As market changes occur, our clients are aware of their current position. We align multiple decision paths that must be executed. We help clients remain competitive in the real world.

We assess your mix of digital assets, plans and capabilities to form a new framework based on structured fact finding, clear plans and informed goals.

● Competitor Benchmarking ● Cost Analysis & Capital Reviews ● Digital Content & Platform Strategy ● Expansion & Growth Strategy ● Profitability Focus & Planning ● Revenue Strategy & Planning ● Social Media Crisis Management

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DigitalPlayBook is a strategy consulting service for large business.